Estos son los Requisitos para Empadronarse en Madrid

If you intend to live in Spain, know that anyone who lives in Madrid for more than six months a year must register in this city.


We leave here all the information you need about the Requirements to register in Madrid.

Requirements to register in Madrid

The persons who can apply for registration in Madrid are the following:

  • Elderly people, who can apply for registration of themselves and members of their household.
  • They can also apply for registration of their partner and common children, provided they come from the same municipality.
  • Legal representatives of minors or legally disabled.

Documentation for registering in Madrid


The documents are as follows:

  • Registration application (with the basic data of the people, such as names, surnames, DNI or NIE, date of birth, level of studies, signature, etc. to be registered).
  • Registration sheet duly completed and signed by all persons of legal age included in it.
  • This form has a capacity for 4 people, and if there is more, fill out as many sheets as needed (for example: if a family is made up of 5 people, you should fill in 2 sheets, with 4 members in the first and 1 in the second).
  • This form can be obtained from any CAB or downloaded directly from the Munimadrid.

To certify the identity of the candidates

In order to certify the identity of the candidates, the following must be attached to the application form:

  • The original and current documentation of each member of the family unit. (It can be the DNI, the Residence Permit or the NIE).
  • For younger children (who do not yet have ID), it is necessary to present the family book.
  • In the case of newborns, they are automatically registered at the parents’ address after completing the process in the civil registry, but it takes about two months to appear at the registry office.

If you are Spanish citizen features the following:

  • The valid DNI or passport. It is necessary to bring the original of the person who attends in person and a photocopy of the rest of the registrants. (Applies to people over 14)
  • Family book or original birth certificate, along with ID or passport, if you already have one. (Applies to children under 14).

Yes are you a foreigner, you must present:


  • The NIE together with the original passport or valid national identity document. (If you are a citizen of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).
  • If they are Romanian nationals, they will have to present their passport, if they do not appear in person and the signature does not appear in a previous registration application.
  • People of other nationalities must present an original and valid passport or residence permit.
  • The valid foreign card, issued in Spain, has priority and must always be presented.
  • For foreign minors born in Spain, up to three months of age, it will be necessary to present the family book or birth certificate, residence card or birth certificate and, if they have a passport, they must also be presented.
  • In the case of the same foreign minors, but after three months, the same documents must be presented as for the largest foreigners.
  • For foreign minors not born in Spain, the same documents must be presented as for foreign adults.

To authenticate the impersonation

If you act as a representative, you must prove your representation with the following documents:

  • Written document proving the representation that allows acting on behalf of the interested party, duly signed by him.
  • If both people are going to register at the same address, just sign the registration form of the represented and the representative.
  • Both must present documentation that proves their identity.
  • If the represented is a minor, it will be necessary to present the family book or the birth certificate and the registration application, if registered in both parents. If you do this with just one of them, other documents can be submitted.

To have the house certified

Documents proving the use of the house:


The following documents must be presented in all cases, except for the registration of non-emancipated minors.

  • Last invoice from the landline, electricity or gas company or the supply contract formalized in the previous year.
  • The deed or the sales contract, or the lease in effect.
  • Depending on the case, other documents may be required.

How to process the registration process?

The application process can vary depending on the municipality to which it belongs and Madrid is divided into 21 districts, each with its own Council.

For some time now, citizen service has been developed largely from CABs (Citizen Service Offices) instead of directly from Councils.

match process

Within the scope of this service, Madrileños can carry out their procedures from any of these offices, without the need to travel to what corresponds to them by district.

However, with the advent of new technologies, systems have been developed to make the process as simple as possible.

There are many procedures that can be performed directly online from the official website of the Madrid City Council.

These include:

  • Make an appointment for any of the procedures that require it (among which is the registration);
  • Download a registration flyer (the latter through a digital certificate previously installed on the computer).
  • Download the registration form, among others.

If you want to do the PERSONAL FORM PROCESS, here we leave several paths, in order to facilitate the process:


  • Directly at the Citizen Service Offices -Línea Madrid.
  • Through the telephone number 010 (915298210, if calling from outside the municipality of Madrid)
  • On the Munimadrid

The latter is the fastest and also offers the option of checking which office is best for you (either by proximity or by having space before).

Once the prior consultation is scheduled, you must proceed with the corresponding request, which will accompany the rest of the documentation.


Regarding commitments:

  • Appointments are made at 10 minute intervals.
  • In theory, they should serve you on your schedule (if you have an appointment at 12:10 pm, they will serve you until 12:20 pm).
  • Sometimes there are delays, as is normal in any office of this style.
  • The opening hours of these offices are from 09:00 to 17:00 (except on Friday when they are only until 14:00).
  • In case of doubts about the registration process, you can seek information from the City Hall.

If you want to do the procedure BY ORDINARY MAIL:

mail record

  • It is done at the address indicated in the application download process. On here you can access this request.

Once the procedure is complete, a registration form is sent to the address of the person who requested it.

What is registration?

The Municipal Register of Inhabitants is an administrative register where all residents of the municipality are reflected. The fact that you are registered is legal proof that you are resident in the municipality.

Therefore, it is a certification that has the character of a public document, such as the DNI or the birth certificate.

Each locality has its own municipal register of inhabitants, which is a register of the people who live in it.

Those who live in Madrid for more than six months a year are required to register in this city.


The pattern is used for many different types of uses. The National Statistics Institute presents the data with it, and it is also used to calculate the Income Statement.

On the other hand, the delivery of orders or some administrative procedures depend on this type of document.

It should be noted that, since the beginning of time, municipalities have used the registration system as a way of recording the number of citizens residing in a given geographical location.

The objective of this system is to be able to invest more fairly the money collected from taxes in the areas where there are more inhabitants.

Benefits of registering

Registration has many advantages and no disadvantages (except for the time you invest in registration).

Whether you’re in Madrid on business or spending a season, it’s worth it.


Here, we show some of its benefits:

  • You will have access to municipal services
  • Ensures health care.
  • It can help you show how long you’ve lived in Spain.
  • Allows access to the City Council’s Social Services.
  • It allows participating in the programs that each municipality develops to improve the living conditions of its neighbors in the areas of housing, education, employment, health, culture, sport or leisure.
  • It allows to benefit from the actions that the social services of each municipality carry out to inform, guide and meet the specific needs of the most disadvantaged people, facilitating their social integration.

Can you join a single website?

You should know that if you are renting, as if you were the owner of the apartment where you live, you have the obligation to register with the municipal registry. Regardless of nationality or legal status, duty is to register at the address where we live.

Spanish houses

To appear in the register of your place of residence, you must first go to the Municipality of your locality and present a document that proves that you really reside where you claim, then fill out the application and, finally, you will receive the registration notice address where you reside.

Record validity time

Registration must be renewed every two years, except for Spanish citizens or citizens of another State of the European Union.

If you lose your renewal time, it can be canceled automatically.


Sometimes, the City Council usually sends a letter reminding you that you must renew the registration, but do not trust yourself.

It is very important to keep your document up-to-date, as many people access other procedures and papers in Spain through a procedure known as Arraigo Social (Temporary Residence Authorization in Exceptional Circumstances).

There, the foreigner must prove his permanence in Spain for a minimum period of three years before the date of submission of the application and the best evidence before the Administration (Ministry of Foreigners), is the certificate of historical registration.

We hope that information about the Requirements to register in Madrid. Don’t waste any more time, register now!

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