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Estos son los Requisitos para Examen Psicológico VMT

Recently, in El Salvador, a new psychological test was approved as part of the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. This examination created confusion in Salvadorans. So, if you are one of them, go ahead and discover the Requirements for psychological test VMT.

presentation of psychological test VMT

The psychological examination of the Vice Ministry of Transport (VMT) Its legal basis is Article 65 of the Land Transport, Traffic and Road Safety Law. It orders that «every driver must pass an exam to determine the quality of possessing the physical and mental aptitudes to qualify for a driver’s license.»

Requirements for the VMT psychological exam

The VMT psychological test is part of the procedures for obtaining a driver’s license in El Salvador. At the facilities of Servicios de Tránsito Centroamericanos SA de CV (SERTRACEN) you must follow the following steps:

  1. Present your original Tax Identification Number (NIT) and a readable copy enlarged 150% front and back on a single front of the page.
  2. Also present your birth certificate. (original and copy) (valid for less than 6 months).
  3. You must also bring your valid Unique Personal Identity Document (DUI) and a readable copy enlarged to 150% front and back on a single front of the page.
  4. Proof of blood group from clinical laboratory, with signature, seal and registration number in original and legible copy enlarged to 150% on the front and back on a single front of the page. If the blood type is listed on the DUI, you can meet this requirement by providing a photocopy of it.
  5. Have passed a psychological examination by the Vice-Ministry of Transport (VMT). In addition to passing the visual, theoretical and practical exams, in any Examining VMT authorized school.
  6. Pass the theoretical exam of the Vice-Ministry of Transport.

To process the exam presentation, you must meet the following requirements:

The date

  • First schedule an appointment showing the application’s payment invoice, DUI and NIT, in copy and original.
  • After that, the exam is performed according to the programmed list, showing the invoice, DUI and NIT again.
  • After data collection, colleagues assign a team, a computer, where the tests will be performed via the system.

ApprovesSteps to obtain a driver's license in El Salvador

  • The test consists of a series of questions with 4 possible answers. Each answer has a specific score and the end result is to determine whether or not the person is able to drive according to their mental state.
  • Whoever takes the test will have 45 minutes to complete it. After this lapse, the system will stop and immediately return the results.


  • If the psychic test is approved, the future driver must go to an exam company to carry out the exams, visual, theoretical and practical.
  • Then, it must undergo a theoretical re-evaluation at the VMT.
  • After all these steps are completed, the person will have the right to obtain a driver’s license at Sertracen’s premises.

Remember that it is a personal procedure, so nobody can accompany you in the rooms. If you have any questions, you can do the Formalities Consultation by emailing 917: info@mop.gob.sv.

How to order the VMT psychological exam?

To request the exam, the corresponding payment must be made at the Vice-Ministry of Transport. And it will be there, where they will indicate the date for the presentation of their exam.

What is the VMT Psychological Exam for?

The purpose of this test is to establish control in drivers, measuring tolerance levels, stress management, among others, with the objective of having the driver emotionally and mentally able to drive a vehicle.

VMT’s General Director of Traffic Edwin Flores guarantees that the objective is not only to reduce the rate of road accidents, but also those killed and injured as a result of a road accident.

direct from the Vice-Ministry of Transport

What questions are asked in the exam?

The computers where the tests will be performed are of the latest generation and have a touch screen that facilitates the execution of the evaluation. The candidate must answer 57 questions in 40 minutes or less.

The psychiatrist Miguel Fortín Magaña, when referring to one of the questions, which says: When am I in a hurry ?, And the options to answer are:

  • a) I am not very correct with other drivers;
  • b) I don’t pay much attention to the signs;
  • c) I am more impatient;
  • d) insulting other drivers, even if they don’t listen.

Which of these answers is correct? the psychiatrist asks, then thinks that none because none is suitable.

«Which answer exemplifies you if all possible answers are incorrect,» he said.

In addition, he referred to another question similar to the previous one that the applicant must answer, which says: When am I in a hurry? The response options are:

  • a) I am in a bad mood with the actions of traffic managers;
  • b) I get nervous and impatient when I see the traffic light;
  • c) I don’t pay much attention to the signs;
  • d) None of the above usually happens to me.

These are some examples of what you will be asked during the VMT psychological test.

Psychologist Carlos Flores, when speaking at the time of exam design, assesses the behavioral predispositions of future candidates. However, psychological tests confront «social desirability». Which consists in responding, not to reality, «but with what you think it is desirable to answer,» he said.

If I fail the exam, will I not have a license?

If you fail the exam, you will not be able to continue with the process of obtaining your license. Therefore, you should try again at the next opportunity indicated.

know the requirements for taking the VMT psychological testTest cost

The test will have the value of R $ 5.65, which must be paid only at the Vice-Ministry of Transport.

Do all types of licenses take the exam?

In principle, the test is done for candidates for the first time and for those who process the homologation and homologation with exchange of foreign license. Although it is expected that in the future it will be for all types of licenses.

Can I take the exam again?

If the test does not pass, candidates will have the opportunity to undergo a new assessment after one month.

«After a month you can rate it again, if you stop the test again, after three months you can rate it again, if you leave it again, after three months in the same way, you can rate it as many times as you want and until you pass it, you will not be able to continue with the process ”(General Director of Traffic at VMT Edwin Flores)

How long should you wait?

One would think that such an easy process shouldn’t take too long. But this is not the case.

It appears that in reality the hours that Salvadorans must wait in line to perform this procedure are long. If a person pretends to be the first to pay, they must arrive in line outside the VMT before six in the morning. That is if others did not arrive before her.

The problem occurs because the procedure must be paid in the institution’s collection and there are only three cashiers working.

They don’t leave the date for me to do in two or three days. Although it is a long time considering that procedures such as obtaining the DUI, passport, among others, are delivered on the same day.

A young woman, who is aiming for a license, came to pay for the exam on July 25, in addition to taking three hours, the date she was told she should come to take her license is August 31, that is, 38 days after she canceled.

The complaints that are heard, among all those who come to make the long lines, is that the payment must be made at a bank branch, where the procedures are in less time.

meet driver's license requirements

Race time

The payment receipt establishes the time when the candidate must arrive for the psychological test. Although they suggest that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

If the appointment is at 1 pm, you must join the queue (sitting in a chair). They ask for DUI and NIT and then take a picture of you (similar to what they do at Immigration to obtain a passport).

After that, wait a few minutes for the candidate to pass the exam on one of the 15 computers in the cubicles.

The time granted to the subject is 40 minutes. The questions are not difficult, only in total there are 57.

At the end of the last, the same machine reports whether the person passed or failed the psychological test.

The candidate was already in the queue for three hours to pay and then be able to take the test in 25 or 38 days. And if you are solvent, this is just a prerequisite to undergo the theoretical exam at the same offices as VMT.

perform a VMT psychological test

Many who even cancel for the test consider it a waste of time.

Sites to take the exam

The psychological test will be carried out only at the Vice-Ministry of Transport.

This examination has caused great confusion to citizens seeking to obtain a license. But, as part of all government measures to protect drivers, it is mandatory. So remember the Requirements for psychological test VMT And take your exam now!

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