Estos son los Requisitos para inscribirse en Fonasa

Fonasa is an entity that is in charge of providing a benefit to people at some point in their life, in short, Fonasa medical and retirement insurance very useful for people. To benefit from Fonasa you must have requirements to enroll in Fonasa


Requirements to sign up for Fonasa

As the beneficiaries of Fonasa A vary according to the conditions in which people find themselves, here you can see the requirements to enroll in Fonasa that each one needs according to their condition.

Dependent worker with fixed-term or indefinite contract:

People who have dependent jobs must have these requirements to enroll in Fonasa

  • Last INP-AFP quotation sheet.
  • Photocopy of the employment contract
  • ID card
  • Certificate of achievement of full health credential signed by the holder and the employer.
  • Document that proves the right to family allowance for its legal charges (includes minors under 18 years old and up to 24 years old as long as they study) and issued by the INP or Compensation Fund, if applicable.
  • Isapre unsubscription letter, if applicable: FUN type 2 and 7 unsubscription form for legal expenses.

Independent worker:

O requirements to enroll in Fonasa if the worker is self-employed:work 3

  • Quote for forecast and health of the last month.
  • Photocopy of 5 pension payments corresponding to the period of the last 12 months prior to enrollment.
  • ID card.
  • Certificate of achievement of full Sanitary Credential signed by the holder.
  • Simple statement that the spouse and children have no income and live on their own.
  • Book or marriage certificate or birth certificate to prove your legal charges (includes children under 18 and up to 24 years old, provided they study) for which you must present a regular student certificate.
  • Isapre’s registration cancellation letter, if applicable: FUN type 2 and type 7 cancellation form for legal expenses.

Contract for days or for a specific job or task:

Those hired for days, works or tasks must have these requirements to enroll in Fonasa

  • Photocopy of the INP-AFP contribution sheet.
  • Photocopy of the employment contract either «for days» (shifts or days) or for work or completed work.
  • ID card.
  • Certificate of attainment of complete Health Credential, signed by the holder and the employer.
  • Document that proves the right to family allowance for your legal charges (includes minors under 18 years old and up to 24 years old as long as they study) issued by the INP or Compensation Fund, if applicable.


Retirees need it requirements to enroll in Fonasa

weighted fonasa

  • Last draft pension payment.
  • ID card.
  • Certificate of obtaining the Health Credential, duly completed by the entity paying the pension.
  • Document that proves the right to family allowance for your legal charges (includes children aged 18 to 24, provided they study) issued by the INP or Compensation Fund, if applicable.
  • Isapre registration cancellation letter: if applicable: FUN type 2 and type 7 registration cancellation form for legal expenses.

Dismissed workers:

Unemployed workers with these requirements to enroll in Fonasa, they will enjoy the Fonasa benefit

  • Proof of the last payment of unemployment benefit or unemployment insurance.
  • ID card.
  • Certificate of Achievement of full Sanitary Credential, signed by the holder.
  • Isapre’s subscription cancellation letter, if applicable: FUN type 2 and type 7 subscription cancellation form for legal expenses.

How to enroll in Fonasa

There are two ways to apply for Fonasa to apply for the benefits of this national health fund

  • If you use the Institutional assistance modality, the payment to be made will depend on the income group in which it is classified (groups B, C or D). The cost of attending primary care clinics is free.
  • If you use the Free Choice Mode, the amount of care will depend on the level of registration of the health professional or institution with FONASA.

Section A lacking resources:

  • Your accreditation is done at the office where you are registered, using the forms provided for such purposes.

Single family allowance (SUF):


  • Whoever benefits from this subsidy is accredited and automatically registered in the Fonasa database (section A). If this does not happen, the person must present the following documentation at any of the branches:
    Original and current identity card.
    • Form of classification of lack of resources, which can be requested at the nearest health center.
    • Last payment stub for Single Family Allowance.

Basic Solidarity Pension (PBS) for Disability and Old Age:

  • Whoever receives the Basic Solidary Pension will be automatically credited and registered in the Fonasa database in section B. If this does not happen, they must present the following documentation at any agency:
    Basic form of the insured, which can be filled out at the agency.
    • Original identity card.
    • Last payment receipt for the Basic Solidary Pension.

Pregnant women and children up to six years old:

phonase of pregnancy

  • Adherence to Fonasa for pregnant women and children (up to six years old) becomes effective when they register at the service station corresponding to their home, a process that allows access to free medical care.

Comprehensive Rights and Health Care and Reparations Program (PRAIS):

  • Beneficiaries will be classified in Fonasa, centrally, without affecting their provisional status. That is, they will continue with their share, according to their revenue. The requested documentation will be in accordance with your condition of dependent, independent, retired or without resources.

What is Fonasa?

The National Health Fund (Fonasa) is a public service, with legal personality and its own assets.

It is the public financial entity in charge of collecting, administering and distributing State money destined for health, according to the policies, plans and rules that determine the Ministry of Health, for which it depends, through the Secretariat of Health Public, in the normative and health policy aspects, while in relation to the beneficiaries’ rights, especially the Regime of Explicit Guarantees in Health, is regulated by the Health Superintendence.

phone 2

Fonasa operates with a pay-as-you-go system, where all taxpayer beneficiaries contribute 7% of their taxable income and have access to a Single Health Plan, regardless of the taxpayer contribution and health conditions.

This solidarity insurance is organized on the basis of a mandatory contribution proportional to the income of active workers, with which a fund is formed, where solidarity in distribution prevails, according to needs.

Fonasa branches

Fonasa’s branches in Chile have several branches, of which 7 are main offices and operate from 8:40 am to 2:00 pm, in addition, each main branch has several offices in each state of the Chilean territory throughout the country

Fonasa registration cost

There is no cost

How long does Fonasa registration last?

The registration lasts the time it takes you to fill out the forms on the page and after submitting the registration, you must wait 24 hours for an email to arrive to find out if it was approved or not.

History of Fonasa beneficiaries

To check the background provided by the future beneficiary, Fonasa may additionally request the following:


  • To confirm the signature: a photocopy of your Identity Card or Driver’s License; and in the case of foreigners, the passport.
  • To certify the identity and RUT of your beneficiaries: An Identity Card, Driver’s License, photocopy of the Family Book or Birth Certificate can be used.
  • To verify the income or taxable remuneration of the dependent active worker, including those hired by shifts or days, work or work, self-employed or pensioner: photocopy of the last payment of remuneration or pensions; the photocopy of the employment contract; or a photocopy of the last payroll for contributions to AFP or INP; or an income certificate issued by your employer.
  • To check if a person is an unemployed worker: Photocopy of the unemployment benefit payment granted by the municipality according to your address.
  • Confirm the Health Institution of origin and its affiliation, in the case of Isapres affiliates: copy of the issued cancellation letter or photocopy of the Type 2 Single Notification Form (FUN).

Registration process

  1. Click on «go to the online procedure» on the Fonasa website.
  2. Once on the institution’s website, write your RUN, your ID serial number and captcha code and click «enter».
  3. Indicate if you have dependents (and how many) and your date of birth, and click «enter».
  4. Review and complete the registration form data.
  5. Attach the necessary documents. (When selecting an insured type, a list will appear with the information you must attach).
  6. If you have dependents, enter them on the same form, attaching your boarding authorization, delivered by IPS or the compensation fund (if your company is linked to one of them), and click on “send”.
  7. As a result of the process, you will have applied for membership, the answer of which can be obtained by email within a maximum of 24 working hours.

Does a Fonasa member lose benefits if their employment contract is terminated?

No, after the termination of employment, the member may continue with the Fonasa benefits, provided that he / she provides the information that proves that he / she has unemployment benefits and / or unemployment insurance.

work two

The unemployed who receive unemployment benefits can have access, along with their charges, to the benefits of Fonasa through two types of care: Free Choice and Institutional Modality.

In the case of the unemployed who do not receive the Unemployment Insurance or Unemployment Benefit, they may have access, together with the respective charges, to FONASA benefits through the Institutional modality (Public Establishments, in common room), presenting the Health Credential issued by Fonasa or its Free Card, if still valid, before the Health Establishment

Difference between Isapre and Fonasa

The National Health Fund, Fonasa, is the public agency responsible for granting health coverage. The Health Institution Isaopre they are private health insurers.

I can be affiliated with Isapre and Fonasa at the same time?

Can not to be affiliated with a Isapre is for Fonasa simultaneously, since only one of them must be listed. AN Isapre adopt all measures to avoid double affiliation, whether between Isapre it’s him Fonasa, or, between two or more Isapres.

We hope you follow the steps and Requirements to enroll in Fonasa.

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