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Do you need to fill out Form 1611 and don’t know how? Keep reading! Find out how to get yours Form 161 for SUNAT payments.

virtual form

Form 1611

Form 1611 also called the New Simplified Single Regime (NRUS) It is a virtual form created so that the affiliate can make their declarations and / or payments online, which makes the tax collection process more efficient, that transaction costs can be reduced and greater facilities are provided to taxpayers.

To access the form, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. To begin you must enter the official website of SUNAT, To do this, click on the following link to go directly to the page:
  2. Enter the data requested to login (RUC, username and password).
  3. As soon as the session starts, we look at the options on the right side and click on the option «New RUS».
  4. Then, you must select the virtual form you want to fill, in this case it would be the Form 1611.

FORM 1611

How to fill out form 6011?


The process of completing this form is simple and comfortable for the taxpayer, below we will show you the steps to follow so that you can complete it successfully.

  1. After accessing the system, login and choose the form 1611, the page will show us the initial form, where we start filling in the period, we must put the date of the tax period, select the option YES or NOT, depending on the case, whether or not it is a rectifying statement. NEW RUS
  2. Next, we must indicate the total gross revenue and the total acquisitions or purchases.
  3. The form asks you to write the category that corresponds to you, you only have two options that depend on the monthly income and the acquisitions we had, this is used to determine the fixed monthly fee that we must pay SUNAT.CATEGORY FORM 1611
  4. We select the category we have according to our gross revenue or purchases.
  5. We must indicate the amount of the monthly installment, interest on late payments, then record the compensation for VAT perceptions and place the amount payable.
  6. To finish filling out the form we must check the option YES or NOT depending on whether it is frequently used or not.
  7. It is important that after filling this form correctly, it is added to the tray.
  8. Then we will click where it says «Gift / Pay / NPS».
  9. We will continue to make the payment, for that we will select one of the available payment methods, you can use Bank Account Collection, which must be affiliated with the same bank, you also have the option to pay with Visa card, either debit or
  10. After payment, the system will grant you the proof of presentation.

It is important to mention that for the New RUS it is not possible to generate the sunat number paid

To know the uses of this form, we should know a little more about what the New RUS is.

Which is?

New Rus or also known as New Simplified Single Regime is a regime established by SUNAT, which covers different taxes (IR, IGV and IMP) that are charged to individuals or undivided properties that provide services to the final consumer or make sales of goods.SUNAT

For the year 2017 changes were made in the New Simplified Single Regime, as well as the reduction of categories. As of that year, there are only two categories to belong to the New Rus They depend on the taxpayer’s monthly income and purchases.


Likewise, monthly installments have also been modified and reduced to two options.

monthly fees


Form 1611 known as New RUS or New Simplified Single Regime, was created with the objective of paying the fixed monthly payment of the taxpayers of the New Simplified Single Regime (RUS).

Advantages or benefits

Its main advantage or benefit is that the fee for this scheme can now be presented and paid more easily, efficiently and comfortably through the Internet through the virtual payment system. SUNAT.


Another facility is that the taxpayer has two options for making the payment, you can do it using Visa credit or debit cards or charged to a bank account previously affiliated with the bank of your choice, in this case the service is only available to customers of the Credit Bank, Interbank, Scotiabank and Continental.

For more information on this, you can enter the Official SUNAT web portal or you can contact the Telephone Consultation Center at 0-801-12-100.

New Virtual Forms System

SUNAT established a system of virtual forms to streamline the deposit and payment process, both for the taxpayer and for SUNAT, since the process for them thanks to this invention is faster and more efficient.

My statements and payments

SUNAT based on that, he created the virtual portal «My Declarations and Payments» on its official website. This portal is a computerized system developed to make the tax collection process more efficient, reduce transaction costs and offer taxpayers more statements and payments

Across «My Declarations and Payments» The registration and presentation of the Legal Statements, that is, the forms, as well as the payment of the respective taxes and concepts is made available easily, with the help of online calculations that help to validate all the information in formation.

SOL switch

You must have your key SOL (Online Operations System) have access to online operations, within the web portal SUNAT. Below, we will explain how to obtain it:

If your SOL switch do this yourself, follow these steps:

  1. You must display your Original identity document and present a photocopy of it.
  2. You will receive a sealed envelope, containing your user code and the SOL switch in immediate way
  3. You must sign the receipt and that’s it.

If the procedure is performed by someone else, you must follow the following guidelines:

  1. The person responsible for the procedure must present the Request for access to the SOL code with Items I and II of the form duly completed and signed by you. The following link is for Download the SOL Key Access application.
  2. He must also have his signature on the Item II «Procedure performed by a third party», which must be notarized.
  3. In addition, the third party must sign the Item II of that order and display your Identity original and present a copy of it, if it does not correspond to DNI.
  4. Finally, the authorized person must sign the receipt.

Once your SOL switch It is recommended that you personalize your username and your Key Sol. You can grant several alternative keys or secondary keys that allow full or partial access to other people who access your account, whether to make inquiries, transactions or any other online operation.

key sun

If you forgot your username or password, the system will ask you a security question that you defined, and then you will be given the option to recover your SOL switch.

Don’t forget to close your session by pressing the «EXIT» button to protect your account

Recommendations for use

To make the declaration and / or payment you need, select and access the form corresponding to the taxes to be declared and / or payable, fill in all the necessary data with your data and click on for «Add tray», then «Gift / Pay / NPS», and voila, you will get your proof of the statement made. You can also pay your taxes, fines, amounts, which you have outstanding.

Remember to protect and keep your Sol Clave data secret so that no one can access your session without your permission.

It is important that we are responsible for the fees that correspond to us, established in the New RUS, gross income cannot exceed S / 96,000 throughout each year, the maximum is S / 8,000.

Likewise, the value of fixed assets must not exceed S / 70,000, and the purchases and purchases that are affected by the activity must not exceed S / 96,000, can only reach S / 8,000.

Simplified declarations and payments are some of the products that SUNAT was developed to benefit its taxpayers, making the process of processing paperwork over the Internet more efficient.

O Virtual formulas created by this entity, can be used only when the taxpayer has the SOL key.

SUNAT offers the following forms:

  • Form 1683: To pay taxes and get the rent or lease receipt.
  • 616: For the declaration and monthly payment of the income calculated for self-employed workers.
  • 1611: New Simplified Single Scheme for the payment and declarations of entities.
  • Virtual 1676: Payments and extracts from domestic workers.
  • 1665: For electronic filing and payment of Second Category Income Tax.
  • 621: For IGV-Renta’s monthly statements.

Now you know everything you need to start performing procedures with SUNAT. This entity has created the easiest, most comfortable and efficient ways to make our declarations and payments.

If you want to know more about Form 6012, follow this link.

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