Formulario 1648: Solicitud de Compensación

Form 1648, is one of the documents that refers to the claim for compensation from the tax units, in which each of the forms of payment can take different forms.

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Form 1648

Form 1648

As some people will not know the form 1648, it is one of the documents in spreadsheet format, where people can generate a claim for compensation from each of the tax units, for this each individual must follow a series of steps in advance.

Form 1648 is one of the simplest for filling out personal data, the same form is in charge of assisting each person in paying the tax, this can be done after a partial payment, financed, by penalties or simply by tax credits, among others.

It should be noted that the form can be requested by anyone, as long as it is necessary and so it is. Those people who, in turn, cannot perform any type of proof or any type of document that proves their financial stability for their processing.

In another instance, the current body in charge of carrying out each of these activities is its SUNAT. It is the governmental entity in charge of carrying out each and every one of the collection processes of the tax units in its different modalities.

Form 1648

However, it is also this body that is responsible for keeping a record of both claims that enter as damages (Form 2046), or is simply responsible for collecting any type of information that constitutes each revenue from the same governmental entity.

Some of the general rules for making this request are as follows:

  • Legal provisions for party compensation and office compensation
  • Single Ordered Text of the Tax Code DS No. 135-99-EF, and amendment regulations.
  • Superintendence Resolution No. 175-2007 / SUNAT published on 19/09/2007. «They dictate rules for part compensation and job compensation»

It should be noted that each of the rules is extremely important for both people and the government entity of SUNAT. Because each of them has to do with the different types of compensation.

How to complete the form

Form 1648 is one of the simplest forms, you just need to have the documents that correspond to it, for that you just need to fill the form correctly.

The steps that must be followed when filling out the form are as follows:

  1. The person must enter the SUNAT page and register, if not.
  2. After entering you have to look for the option of companies.
  3. Look for the option of other statements and requests.
  4. A list will be divided and the option that says claim for compensation.
  5. Once the previous step has been performed, you must enter the Form 1648, Compensation Request.
  6. On the form, an option will appear that says select the credit concept, Well, then the person will have to choose between 4 options that appear.
  7. As soon as the person selects one of the 4 options, other lines will appear that must be filled out as they are. taxes, payment slip number, payment order number and amount to be cleared.
  8. Then you have to select a type of debt, in which case it would be debt for value.
  9. We proceed to fill in the value number.
  10. If it is another type of debt, you must inform the debt code and the date on which it will be paid.
  11. After all the steps are completed, the final process must be carried out, which would be to register the request, press the button register.
  12. Proof of registration must be generated with each data and must be printed.
  13. Check that the request has been accepted.

Each of the steps to carry out this application process must be strictly followed so that you do not recline. Each person responsible for the request will be pending to verify that each step has been placed perfectly on form 1648.

Similarly It is recommended to download the spreadsheet in advance, in case the page presents some type of problem.

What is it for?

Form 1648, as mentioned above, is one of the main forms on which people can pay the tax units that they must pay.

Likewise, it can be said that this is a type of form that has several functions, including:

  • Automatic compensation

This is defined as one of the processes in which only people can apply for any type of compensation provided for by law. In the same way, it can be said that the compensation is the balance in favor of the income tax that has to do with each of the payments.

These same taxes can be due to the same tax, where each one is divided into different quotas that will always benefit the consumer.

SUNAT can find out if the person who is going to perform another procedure owes some type of payment in tax units. Ex officio compensation has to do with a person’s stock of credit.

In general, according to each of the documents present in the SUNAT database, there is a register of payments, where the organization can check whether it has exceeded its capacity, or whether, on the contrary, each of the current limits is maintained.

Finally, it can be said that according to each of the rules that have this type of commercial compensation, the systems that exist in SUNAT relate to the statements that people make when paying for the units. pending.

Which generally according to the SUNAT database, are full of tax debts, that is, they have an outstanding form of payment.

Form 1648

  • Compensation upon request

On-demand compensation can be claimed for a tax debtor case. That is, the people considered debtors are those who must perform this type of procedure. Remember, via the Internet or in person through SUNAT.

Likewise, it can be said that each of these compensations must be processed and approved by the tax administration.

Compensation Payment

Payment of compensation is one of the most effective methods. This even according to form 1846, can have a series of parameters. This allows you to have different forms of payment for the user.

It should be noted that it is the user who chooses the form of payment of the indemnity. The same can be done in different ways. Like the monthly payment, the payment financed, or simply includes partial payments.

Within each of them, the page places a small receipt for a claim for damages. There, the person can view each of the personal data. As well as each of the data of the accounts of the fiscal units.

As soon as the person obtains the voucher and goes to the SUNAT headquarters, the same organization will assign an account. There, the person must make each of the tax payments.

How do I send the compensation request?

The compensation request is made via the Internet. Only after receipt of the request is it generated.

The person can go to the SUNAT headquarters. You just have to say what type of compensation you chose and why. The person in charge will review the data and say whether it is ok or not.

Form 1648

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