Formulario 1663: Boleta de Pago NPS

Form 1663, is one of the most important ways for all individuals who wish to carry out a receipt, by the SUNAT organization.

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Form 1663

Form 1663 SUNAT

Form 1663 stands out as one of the most important documents for all natural or legal persons wishing to carry out a receipt through the organization of SUNAT.

However, this is one of the most requested documents by any person or government entity, as it is defined as a kind of implemented mechanism. With which you can simplify and try to facilitate the payment of taxes in each of the offices.

It should be noted that the payment of tax units can also be made by other means. So, 1663 form allows the attention of authorized banks And the same distance helps maintain each of the service extensions for users.

These services are those that allow each user to know what to do and when to do it. It is very similar to customer service. However, each person or taxpayer who wants to process this form can do so online or in person.

The means by which the SUNAT is responsible for answering each of people’s questions through its website. There is also the possibility for each person to go to the main places.

It is also important to mention that the NPS is located. Documents or records that SUNAT generates to create or perform any type of online operation. They must be associated with a certain number which, in general, tends to be a unique registration number by taxpayers.

Likewise, each taxpayer is the one who has to make and give a specific record to the tax debtor in one way or another. As well as each of the periods that are extremely important for the governmental entity, which in this case is the SUNAT.

Form 1663

The important thing in this process is that each of the deadlines that are established for each of the concepts of contributors, must be able to be accomplished as long as they are enabled so that in this situation each of the users may have registered the virtual forms.

Finally, it is important to note that SUNAT employees will spontaneously request the identification of users, which is considered only a way to monitor each user to register them in the system.

How to generate an NPS?

The NPS is one of the documents on Form 1663 that can be easily generated. It is only necessary that the person can complete each of the steps, as well as must complete the necessary documentation at the time of carrying out the said process.

It is important to note that each of the SUNAT payment numbers can be generated virtually, for this the person must enter the SUNAT website and register. As soon as the person does this, he / she must enter his / her personal data and start filling out the form.

For that, you can visit the next page.

Once each person can generate each of the SUNAT payment numbers, the rest is easier. Each user will be able to observe that the simplified payment statement will be generated in three simple steps.

It is required:

  1. RUC number.
  2. The user.
  3. The key.

To generate it, you must follow these simple steps:

  • The person must select the form they wish to use for the payment method, in this case it will be form 1663.
  • Each of the data that the form will put on the computer is filled in precisely and correctly.
  • Each of the general data. Name, surname and telephone number, among others. They must be present when filling out Form 1663.
  • The person must complete the IGV form, so that each tax unit payment is up to date.
  • Fill out the rental form and add each information that will be generated in the inbox.
  • The person must consult each of the procedures present in the referred form, such as the payment receipts and each of the present payment invoices.
  • Finally, each person must have the payment number that will be generated after the NPS is performed.

Form 1663

How to print the payment receipt?

After Form 1663 is successfully completed, it only needs to follow a series of parameters before it can be printed. He just needs to keep in mind that the receipt says «Completed and registered successfully.»

As soon as the person is able to see everything on the voucher, they will print it in the format of the sheet. Once printed, the individual or taxpayer must keep it in a folder so that it is not damaged.

Likewise, each spreadsheet must be saved correctly. All vouchers must be taken to one of the main locations at the time of booking. Likewise, each of the documents will be reviewed by the staff present.

Common mistakes

In this way, you tend to make several mistakes. Therefore, one must check if the information is totally good.

This is said because many people tend to put their first name and their first name. It is not highly recommended to put your full name or identity card. These being the identification data that allow SUNAT, not to make any kind of mistakes.

Form 1663

This is one of the ways that in the first instance has to do with the payment of the tax units. There is also another type of form which is number 2046. It does not only refer to the payment of tax units, but also presents the form RUC.

When it comes to carrying out this number of procedures, people have to pay attention to Form 1663. It is one of the most important ones when it comes to doing so, it has to do with the form of payment.

Important data

Some of the most important data are the following:

  1. Keep each of the payment documents for the tax units up to date.
  2. Personal data such as the identity card, if you do not have it, you may have a passport or a card that identifies you.
  3. Each invoice for payment of tax units must be in force.

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