Formulario 2046 RUC: Establecimientos anexos

As some people do not know the Form 2046 It is a form requested by people who are in a kind of establishment. Be it local, an attachment or an apartment, it can be processed by individuals.

If you want to know more about it, just keep reading everything related to Form 2046!

Form 2046

Form 2046

Form 2046 It is a form requested by any type of person, be it physical or legal. It is a type of form that has a series of parameters, which are directly related to each of the housing establishments.

Equally, form 2046 must meet each of the requirements that are present in the Official SUNAT website. IThe same form must be properly identified and updated with each person’s personal data.

It should be noted that this form is one of the most important when carrying out any activity that relates to the annexes of a house, as well as activities aimed at branches or may even be tasks performed in an administrative office.

It is important to say that there are 3 different modalities when it comes to performing form 2046, among these are:

  1. High mode
  2. Low mode
  3. Based on the modification of the attached establishments.

However, it can also be said that the Form 2046 acts as a mediator where each person, or rather, taxpayers can communicate through the SUNAT Organization.

In the same way, it can be said that each taxpayer who develops some type of activity outside his register must notify him. For this, the form 2046 is used, where the user must establish each of the attachments that are being used in their tasks.

These types of activities are usually used for commercial purposes or simply for the benefit of the taxpayer.

It is for this reason that those who carry out projects in different apartments, annexes or branches and, therefore, are not registered, are obliged to do so through the 2046 form as soon as possible.

Form 2046

Instructions for completing the form

Form 2046, As previously stated, it concerns each of the activities carried out by taxpayers, whether for personal or collective benefit.

Its main function is to ensure the correct registration of each of the activities in the establishments.

It is noteworthy that each of the forms, whether in high, low or modification based on attached establishments, must follow a series of steps to be followed, for that, step by step instructions will be made on how to do it:

  1. The person must download the form over the internet, where each of the requirements must be written explicitly.
  2. A table will be presented with various information where the person will begin to fill in their personal data.
  3. We proceed to the selection of the type of establishment desired where the person will carry out his activities (if he already has them, place them where they are being carried out).
  4. In the local general VAT, the value added tax must be placed, that is, the general regime that the person is entitled to or, on the contrary, the name of the taxpayers who are responsible for carrying out the activity.
  5. In general VAT, exporters and others, the value added tax, that is, the general regime, must be placed in the same way, each of the taxpayers who carry out the referred project and the sworn declaration, as well as the monthly payment.
  6. Form SAT-21157, which refers to invoices issued in a special way, must be attached.
  7. Small taxpayer tax (where value added tax should be placed) should be placed. The monthly payment and the simplified declaration.
  8. In the VAT box of direct payment, the value added tax, the documents that are documented or filed in the public deed and the payment in installments must be placed.
  9. Enter the payment method.
  10. In the VAT of special invoices, the value added tax must be placed and each of the withholdings made that were generated when issuing any type of special invoice.

Everything will depend on each of the activities that he can perform. However, it is important to keep in mind that each of the modifications They must report each of the changes, within which it must be placed within approximately 5 days after entering form 2046.

It should be noted that this is one of the simplest forms out there, NOT It must be done by all individuals, because it is a form that is only suitable for those users who need and, of course, want to do it.

Form 2046

How to register or modify attached establishments

The steps necessary to carry out the modification of the establishments are as follows:

  1. The person must approach SUNAT personally.
  2. Each of the documents and the requirements of the form are delivered based on the condition of unloading.
  3. You must bring and return form 2046.
  4. Bring the payment that should have been scheduled about two months ago.

The steps to request it are exactly the same as if you were filling out the form for the first time, so you must add each of the documents, which in this case must be those belonging to high fashion.

Form 2046

Once the person or taxpayer goes to headquarters, he must inform which process he is participating in. You will be treated with pleasure.

If the person has additional questions about the opening hours and days, they can call the SUNAT organization. This will answer each of the problems you have according to their severity.

Requirements for registration and modifications of attached establishments

Some of the essential requirements for each of the modalities to be performed are:

  1. Water bill
  2. Light
  3. Fixed telephony
  4. Cell phone
  5. Internet
  6. Natural gas
  7. Cable TV
  8. Account statements of banking and financial entities supervised by the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance (SBS).
  9. Insurance and AFP

Each of the requirements that have been placed above must be submitted to SUNAT. In original and in copy. Because each of them must be reviewed before the personnel working in that area.

If you have any kind of invalid document, individuals or taxpayers will not be able to complete Form 2046. They must start over.

Natural or legal people have a large number of benefits. If they work for a company, of course. However, this will depend on the company where they work.


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