Formulario 2117: Peticiones Administrativas

Form 2117

Certainly, at some point in life, you will have to need the form 2117, but you have no idea how to use it and, most importantly, how it is populated. No matter here all these doubts will be clarified!

What is Form 2117?

It is a form with which the taxpayer can make administrative requests to Internal Tax Service (SII), in addition, it should explain why such a request is made.

With this document, you can order multiple orders from the SII, you just need to be clear about the reasons why the request is made, which must be well written in the form 2117 for the order to be approved.

If you want to know what form 2117 in between on here to discover.

How to present Form 2117?

O form 2117 It can occur for the following reasons:

  • Get certified as a casino operator.
  • To become certified in alcohol consumption.
  • Extraordinary depreciation.
  • Issuance of ballots in special form.
  • The VAT extension.
  • Give up payment in foreign currency.
  • Request partial or total revocation for cash registers.
  • Stop operating as a VAT withholding agent.
  • Replace vending machines partially or completely.

All such requests must be well explained in the corresponding space within the form 2117, why the team Internal Tax Service (SII) know the reasons why such management is requested.

Examples of administrative requests

Administrative requests can be made by two means, which can be through the Internet or by the IRS offices. No matter why the request is being made, either form is valid.

In line

The taxpayer must follow these steps to apply:

step 1

  • In the menu that should be displayed, you must choose the option to say administrative requests and other requests.

administrative orders

  • Then, another screen will appear where with several options, from which you must enter administrative requests.

enter the administrative order

  • The system will now ask for the RUT number and password to enter the system.

password and username

  • Once in the system you must choose the option to be requested.
  • Then enter the background data for the application and press the button Continue.
  • Then, another screen will appear to complete the request, then the button is pressed Submit.
  • To finish you have to wait for the IBS response, which can be in 10 business days, 90 calendar days or six months it all depends on the type of request you make.

Near the office

If for any reason you must register at the office, do the following:

  • Get the basic information needed to support the request being made.
  • Go to the office Internal Tax Service closest to your home to perform the procedure.
  • Please indicate the reason for the visit to the SII.
  • Deliver all the necessary documents to carry out the procedure.
  • Do what the team says SII.
  • Lastly the response should be expected between 14 working days to 6 months (It all depends on the procedure you are going to perform).

How to defer the payment of Income Tax

SII Office

There are times when you cannot pay your income tax, the good thing is that there is a way to extend the payment of this tax a little.

Therefore, it is necessary to place an order with the Internal Tax Service using the form 2117In addition, the taxpayer must enter the amount of tax he must pay.

To defer this tax, you must have the following documents, which will allow you to complete the process:

  • Valid identity card in the case of natural persons.
  • Legal entities should have the Unique Roll Tributary company, the valid identity card the legal representative and the public document that identifies the legal representative.
  • AN Notary power if the taxpayer cannot carry out the process.

All of these documents must have their respective photocopies legalized.

Step to defer income tax payment

Before carrying out this procedure, the taxpayer had to file a tax return before the deadline for the exercise of that activity expired..

After collecting all the documents mentioned above, these steps must be followed to obtain this extension.

  • Visit the office of Internet Tax Service.
  • Please indicate the reason for the visit, which is only to request the extension in the payment of income tax.
  • Deliver the documentation according to whether the taxpayer has to request the payment term.
  • Do whatever the team says to do the process.
  • Finally, you must wait for the response time to find out how much time you have to make the payment, which can be up to 14 business days or the time it takes to analyze the request.

This type of procedure cannot be done online, only through the Internal Revenue Service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form 2117


As is normal, doubts will always arise when a procedure is performed and this will not be an exception, they will be asked a question with their respective answers to clarify a little more everything that has to do with the Management of form 2117. These are the questions:

Where can you find out how the administrative petition is going?

If I know you want to know how the order placed with Internal Tax Service, you can enter the SII enter the online service menu, select administrative requests and other requests where is the access to check the status of administrative requests.

Once you have the option to check the status of administrative requests You will be able to see everything related to your order.

Are there administrative requests that can be made online?

Yes, following the steps mentioned above you can make the request, but not all can be done by this means. These are the only ones that can be done online:

  • Stop being a VAT holder.
  • Process the alcoholic beverage certificate.
  • Replace all or part of the cash registers.
  • Allow the issuance of special ballots.
  • Make extraordinary discounts.
  • Stop posting in foreign currency.

If the administrative request is made online, is the answer received by this means?

No, the response to this request will only be sent through the means that were established at the time the order was placed, regardless of whether it was requested through the office or online.

Through the Internet you can only request the status of the request through the corresponding options on the Internal Tax Service.

Should all administrative requests be made using Form 2117?

No, there are other requests that must be made that must be made on a specific form. Like for example:

  1. Document loss report: In the event of loss of a tax document, the form 3238. For them, if you lose any ledger or other document that is used for accounting entries, you should go to the Internal Tax Service to perform the procedure.
  2. Conviction of fines and interest: There are times when you have to formalize the cancellation of fines and interest for different reasons, so the taxpayer must go to the office of the SII closest to your home with the form 2667.
  3. Modify the real estate registry: If what you want is to make a change, you must register a property, this procedure must be done with the form 2118.

With this information, you can now master everything related to the requests you have to make to the IRS, so when you make a request you already know exactly what to do and where to go at the right time. Requested. Of course, as long as it is with Form 2117

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