Formulario 2119: Solicitud de Inscripción al RUC y otros

For many of the procedures requested by the Government of Peru regarding business, the RUC is necessary. And to get it, you need Form 2119.

Don’t you know what it is about? Need to sign up for RUC but have no idea how to do it? Then this article will help you!

Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about Form 2119!

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Form 2119

Government procedures are often cumbersome and complicated, especially when it comes to money-related procedures.

And there is nothing to remember that more than having to be part of the RUC (Single Taxpayer Register), necessary for all types of procedures and procedures to be carried out: from the opening of the store to the payment of taxes.

If it’s still not clear to you what RUC and what is it for?

It is the way all people (physical and legal) who carry out some economic activity can pay taxes or taxes, for which they are required to obtain the RUC in order to work legally.

In addition to this registration, it is absolutely necessary for people, regardless of their economic activity, to be able to charge formally.

However, achieving it is not as difficult as it seems. For that there is andl Form 2119, which is responsible for the person who obtains their own RUC number.

It serves almost like the DNI (National Identity Document) for management purposes.

However, this form is also used to complete many other important procedures at the right time.

How to complete the form

Although several boxes must be completed to fill in Form 2119, it is not complicated.

  • In number one, we will find Item I, General Information.

It should be placed:

  1. RUC number
  2. Surname and names of person
  3. Company name.

If the RUC is designed, you must mark the Membership option in the first box. If that is not what the form is for, you must check the second option.

  • In the second section, we will find Item II, which is the General Data of the Taxpayer.

In the first box, you must put:

  1. Taxpayer type, along with their corresponding code.
  2. Trade name and municipal license number.
  3. Main Economic Activity.
  4. Secondary economic.
  5. E-mail.

This item will be where the information of the Tax domicile.

Here are the boxes to mark the department, province, district, zone and road. It is important that with these two you see the appropriate codes that correspond to you according to the place where the company is domiciled (if it is a legal entity) or the place of domicile of the individual.

Finally, all Kilometer, block and other data must be placed, as well as a reference for their best location.

  • Item IV, which is the Individual Data.

In the fields in this section, all the person’s identification data, such as identity document, date of birth, sex, nationality, country of origin (in the case of foreigners) and domicile, must be included.

It must be completed if the declaration is for a company on your behalf.

In the first of the fields to be filled out, there is the date of registration in the RR PP, followed by the number of the registration item, the volume or file, the sheet and the headquarters. The last two boxes are reserved to place the origin of the capital and the country of origin in case it is mixed or foreign.

  • Finally, we have the Item VI in section number six.

In that case, it is the part where the Affected Taxes will be placed.

Most of the boxes in this section will be marked with «X» depending on whether they are affected or not.

  1. Tax code number.
  2. Involvement (marking with X) or exoneration (also marking with X),
  3. Date from which the item is being affected or discharged.
  • The last part of form 2119 is about how to place the taxpayer signature or legal representative, as well as their surnames and names.

Remember that if you do not take the form in person, but delegate it to another person, you must mark the corresponding field, also indicating all the identification data of the person such as the number of the identity document, the surnames and names and the signature .

When you finish reading the guide, you will probably feel more confident about filling out the form yourself, right?

check requirements form 2119


For many, an explanation is enough to understand perfectly. In fact, there are people who don’t understand unless they put everything in writing.

However, there are many others that are absolutely visual.

And thinking of pleasing all tastes, here is an example of how to fill out Form 2119.

Certainly, when you see it, you will understand how easy it is and how quickly it can be done, once you have the right tools.

So, if you want to see, you just need to Click here.

Another option to get the form clean, as delivered by SUNAT (National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration) all they have to do is click this link.

All very easy to simplify the lives of our readers.

Documents attached

By now, it is likely that you have lost your fear in this way 2119. You may have noticed that it is more complicated in the imagination than in its realization.

However, to start the procedures that this form allows you to do, it is not only necessary to deliver it without further ado.

It is necessary to attach a series of documents, but all are very common and easy to obtain.

In case you are wondering what they are, here is a short list for you to compare and research if necessary:

  • If you are going to present the Form 2119 personally, you must present your identity current original and a copy of it. If you have another identification document, you must present the original and a copy.
  • If the tax address is different from your DNI, you must present the original of the DNI and some other document from the current address.
  • It is also the case of procedure is performed by a third party, in which case it will be necessary to submit, in addition to form 2119, form 2054, which is that of legal representatives.
  • Finally, a power of attorney must be made, in which the person taking the form in writing to complete the process. This letter is a process in itself, since it must have an authenticated and legalized signature at the registry office, as well as authentication at the registry office of SUNAT.

What is SOL Clave?

clef shape 2119

Many will have already completed all the necessary procedures to obtain the RUC, and will have commented on the SOL key, making you wonder what this new term is.

The truth is that it is quite simple: it is a series of letters and numbers grouped together. These constitute the identification that allows the user to be recognized to access SUNAT through the online route.

Obtaining the RUC is not complicated. It is a very simple procedure, for which you just need a little patience to fill out form 2119. And with our guide it will certainly be much easier for you!

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