Formulario 2127 – RUC: Solicitud de Modificación del Régimen de Actividades

When you are going to start a business or a company, one of the first (and most important) things you do to succeed is to plan when you will start your activities. But not everything is given as desired and sometimes it’s too late or you have to change even what it is about.

What can be done so that this delay does not harm the entrepreneur or the company already established? Fill in the form 2127! You do not know what it is? Here we explain everything you need to know about it!

filling in form 2127

Form 2127

Often the circumstances are not given in order to carry out the planned work calmly and successfully.

In fact, in many cases it is not a matter of time, but also that what was chosen is not exactly what one wanted to do or what could be done.

For all these cases, it is intended form 2127.

The Government of Peru makes this form available to all its users so that they can communicate by themselves any type of change or modification they had to do in relation to the economic activity they are developing, if they are doing it.

How to complete Form 2127

It is very likely that many who read this far are already imagining some kind of ink monster who must defeat. Quite an odyssey to fill out the form.

Nothing could be further from the truth, since Form 2127 is by far not one of the most complicated that are within the Government of Peru’s worldwide network of procedures.

In fact, all the information that you request to fill are very easy to obtain and, of course, very simple to provide

However, if you don’t feel ready to fill it out or want to be sure of what you’re doing, here we leave a guide to learn how to do everything step by step.

  1. O the first section is item I, where you must mark with an X what you want to do: if it is an Data modification, data modification with regime change or suspension / restart of activities. They should also put your surname and name or company name next to the RUC number (Taxpayer Single Register).
  2. O the second section is about Item II, what is the general data of the taxpayer. In this section, the first thing you have to fill in is your last name and first name or company name. Then, you will find a box where you must mark the taxpayer type with its respective code. In the next table, enter the Company Name together with the Municipal License number. The next box is filled with the type of main business activity company or company, adding the attached ISIC code. The next box in this section is where are placed the Secondary Business Activities, at most two, along with their ISIC codes. Finally, there are the boxes for emails.
  3. At the The third section is item III, what is Tax domicile. In this section, the boxes for department, province and district must be completed. After that, it will ask you to specify the zone and its name, along with its type and the Path, along with its type and name. All specifications must be placed in an attached table number, block, kilometer and other details. Then you must enter the address references. Finally, you must indicate everything about the status of the property and mark the Confirmation of Tax Address with an X.
  4. Item IV It must be filled in with all the data of the individual. In this case, the first box must be filled in with the number and type of the Personal Document. Next, they are filled date of birth, gender, nationality, country of origin (in the case of a foreigner) and finally home.
  5. Now we turn to what would be the fifth section, which is about the Item V, all company data must be completed. In the fields you must fill in the initial number, volume or registration, and the country of origin of the company, among others.
  6. In the sixth section, the Item VI, deals with the Regime Change. It must be completed if it is marked at the beginning of the form. In this section, you will find the regime change box, which has the options for NRUS for Special Reg. Or NRUS for General Reg. Next to it you will find the box to mark the date of change.
  7. For the end will be the seventh and final section, which is where Item VII is located, which is the Suspension / Restart of Activities. This is the case, where the check box Novelty type should be checked if it is Temporary Suspension of Activities or if it is a Resumption of Activities. In both cases it is also necessary to put the date.
  8. Lastly We will have a part of the form to put the identity document, surnames and names together with the signature in case you accept that someone else submits the form. If it is presented in person, just put the signature of the taxpayer or legal representative and what are their surnames and names.

list of things form 2127

Attachment Form

So far, and as you can see, everything is quite easy to fill, because besides having a lot of data, there is none that is complicated to find or fill.

However, the Government of Peru has also thought of those people who wish to have absolute security in fulfilling the requirements and submitting Form 2127, attaching attachments with all the clarifications on what they are going to put in it.

In fact, these attachments are only to clarify what are the appropriate codes to be placed on the worksheet in some of the sections.

Form 2127 and its Attached they can have it clicking here.

In this Attached specifically, we can note that a specific clarification will be found for each of the items mentioned in the previous title.

Activity Modification Request

One of the reasons for the Form 2127 is what allows you to change the Activity Regimebecause if the change was made without notifying you, the business or company would be incurring fraud.

However, not everyone knows the requirements for accepting this form correctly and without problems.

Another reason that generates hassles and concerns for many users is about everything related to the times when the requirements and the form must be presented at the competent office.

And to all these users, we will clarify any doubts you may have about changing the tax regime:

  1. First, you must understand that change is only applicable call New RUS for the Special Regime or General Administration.
  2. They must also indicate the date from which the change will be made or operated. That date must be from the first calendar day (ie useful) of the month following this communication.
  3. Taxpayers who owe Nova RUS (NRUS) to join the General Regime for not meeting the minimum requirements for continuity in NRUS will do so from the first day of the month following the occurrence of that event.
  4. Although the effect of the procedure is automatic, it must be done within the first five business days after the event occurs.

It is simple to understand. Certainly many already feel prepared for this.

Temporary suspension

temporary suspension form 2127

Another reason that most taxpayers take to seek the Form 2127 is that, for whatever reason, the start of the company’s business or activities had to be postponed.

It is not a complicated procedure, although it does require some simple requirements that can be found and completed easily.

The first thing to know is that it can be done at any time, but must be indicated within the first five working days.

To perform the procedure correctly, you just need to fill out form 2127 in the last section, in item VII, which is indicated in the process.

The same Must be specified if the activity is being suspended or is being resumed. In both cases, it is necessary to insert the date when the handling is being carried out.

As you can see, the procedures that are performed using Form 2127 are quite simple and very useful to be up to date on all the tax and law matters that the Government applies. We hope the information on Form 2127 has worked for you!

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