Formulario 4949 SUNAT: Solicitud de Devolución

Mistakes are common, so much so that there is even a saying that «making mistakes is human, but rectifying is wise». And for that, precisely Form 4949 was invented.

Everyone, at some point in life, we make mistakes, but undoubtedly some of the failures that most concern us are those related to money.

In this article, we will teach you how to be a little wiser by learning how to rectify the surplus failures in paying taxes to the national state.

filling in form 4949

Form 4949

Of all the mistakes and mistakes made in reaching adulthood, one of the most recurring ones (especially for those who are not very skilled with numbers) occurs when it comes to having to account for how much is owed. pay in taxes.

And this was precisely predicted, creating form 4949.

If this is the first time you’ve heard it, a brief description is that it’s the form that must be completed and delivered request a refund of everything related to excesses in paying taxes.

What it is and what it is for

It is very likely that there are still many people wondering what this 4949 is for and what it is about.

However, in this case, this is exactly what happens: when you overpay, you can request a refund from the State.

O form 4949 It is a form designed by the Government of Peru.

It is through this form that the granting of reimbursement or compensation is allowed, which has been made to SUNAT (National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration), the taxpayer who paid (in the case of taxes that are paid in a personalized way) or was charged a tax or fine unduly or in excess.

This form is designed to be used by anyone, natural or legal, provided that it meets the requirements of the law.

Once you know what it is, special emphasis should be placed on its use, as it is not suitable for all types of procedures.

It can only be used for those procedures and procedures in which the government has overcharged, almost always in the case of fines or taxes.

return form 4949

How to complete form 4949

Many have already been interested in the idea of ​​the government returning the money it deposited in the wrong way.

However, it is very likely that you will also have doubts and questions about how to do it. Perhaps there are those who think that it is something very difficult to complete, or that it is extremely difficult to achieve.

But it’s nothing like you think.

In fact, it is a fairly simple form to fill out, but if you have questions or prefer a reliable guide, ¡¡We leave here all the information on how you should fill out form 4949 so that they accept without reservation and you can get your money back!

  • As always first to be found will be the return identification boxes.

They must include surnames and names or company name, as well as the telephone number.

  • In the next section you will find Item I, which is the General Data of the Return Order,

The identification boxes for everything related to the return must be completed.

In the first you must write the Type of request sent, then enter the code and the requested amount in exchange.

In the boxes below, enter the form number, the order number and the date of the tax period. At the end there will be a box to put the details of the tribute.

  • The next section is the Item II, the Document that Guarantees the Return.

This section is to ensure that the return is delivered on time. In the first box of this you must put what type of document it is, and it can be a Letter of Guarantee or Guarantee Policy.

Below are the fields for the document number and the name of the issuer, as well as the Issuing Entity code. Then, the date of issue and maturity, as well as the value of the document, must be specified. The last two boxes are repeated, being the same as the first.

  • The next section, that of Item III, is where they must be filled everything related to the Requested Negotiable Credit Notes.

It is important to note that this section should only be completed if option 2 (Guarantee Policy) has been placed in the previous item.

In these, all data related to the requested negotiable credits must be placed.

  • In the last section, Item IV, the details for the type of request.

All information regarding the check with which the tax was paid must be completed.

In this case, just fill in two fields, the first being the NCN or Check Number and the second its value. Then, the two boxes are repeated.

Seen through this little guide, the form 4949 It’s pretty easy to fill in, isn’t it?

And to further increase the reader’s comfort, just clicking here You can access the official SUNAT sample form.

How to place the return order

So far, the form has only been discussed as such, what it is and how it should be filled out, however, this is not the only thing that is not requested at the time of the request to proceed with the return.

You also need to make a letter where all details of the operations for which the callback is being made are provided explicitly. Here we tell you everything you should bring!

  • The letter must begin identifying the individual, that is, You must put your name and surname, RUC number, address and finally the number of the National Identity Document.
  • This letter must contain the exact date on which the payment was made, as well as its number. It is important that, in the same way, the disbursement provider is also mentioned.
  • They must mention in the same way the number of the RUC (Single Taxpayer Register) of the natural or legal person under whom the deposit was made for which the refund request is now made.
  • Finally, it must be said In the same letter, how much increases the amount (or amounts) that are being asked to return. It is important to first place each value separately, with its respective RUC, payment date and supplier.
  • After doing this, the grand subtotal must be placed and finally the grand total.
  • At the end of the letter, you must place the other documents that accompany the delivery.

Then, just sign the letter and deliver it to the Taxpayer Service Centers and SUNAT offices, in original and copy.


Form 4949 requirements

However, like all government procedures, this is not over yet.

And there are still some things that must be delivered in order for the request to be made in the legal course. These things are known as requirements, and if you have no idea what they are, here we leave them:

  • O main document to be delivered with the letter of course the Form 4949, since it is the one that will sustain the letter that was written.
  • You also need to attach a copy of the annual statement for the current year, that is, the legal year in which the overpayment was made.
  • Another of the attached documents must be the Withholding certificate, or a copy of it.
  • The penultimate document to be delivered will be the Proof of information recorded in the RUC file, as a copy if you don’t have the original.
  • And last but not least) the DNI (National Identity Document) in the form of a copy, since it is the document requested in all legal procedures.

All of this paperwork is very easy to get, since most of you have it at home and it’s just a matter of getting a copy.


As soon as the surplus is found, the entire return request process must be initiated, provided that fifteen days can no longer be done.

Forty-five days after the start of the process and if there is no response, it is possible to start the complaint process.

As you can see, all errors can be corrected and this is related to Form 4949, the government has taken a step forward, facilitating the path.

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