Obtén tu Certificado de aprendiz en SENA en Colombia

Known by the acronym BOARD, a National Learning Service is a public entity, responsible for free training in Colombia, registered with the Ministry of Labor of that country. This program has a legal character, it is independent both in terms of assets and administration.

This institution works in partnership with the State, companies and workers, offering careers linked to technological, economic, technical and complementary programs for 60 years. Its objective is to provide work balance to society, offering, on the one hand: job opportunities and, at the same time, increasing the production of employing companies.

Yet, What is required to enter this institution and obtain the certificate? Below, we have summarized this information for you.

Requirements for the SENA apprentice certificate

When obtaining the certificate, you must make sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • Endorse the current academic structure.
  • Be or have been part of SENA’s training registrations.
  • Specify our identity as a citizen or country of origin.
  • Resides in Colombia if you are a foreigner or a native of the country.

Necessary documents

  • Citizen identification card.
  • In case of being a foreigner, original identity document or immigration card.

Steps to follow

To obtain a certificate as an apprentice in the National Learning Service program, the following steps must first be followed:

  • Go to the next page
  • Request the form provided by the Learning Service Center.
  • Your presence is not necessary for this process, any representative on your behalf can carry it out.
  • Make sure, if necessary, the validity assigned by the bank, as well as the account assigned by that central.
  • Carry out the delivery procedures, attending the official bulletin to authenticate the diligence, where the pedagogical training is certified in the place where it was carried out.
  • Get the certificate from the education center.

What is the SENA certificate?

It is a document that endorses the consolidation of a career or training course held at SENA, which verifies whether the program has been completed. It is obtained after said filling and it is the right of all apprentices to obtain it.

What is it for?

This certificate must be valid as an international title, and can be verified by your curriculum vitae. Thus, if you decide to emigrate, the training would be valid for employment in any country. In addition, it adds to the curriculum a history, on the one hand theoretical and, on the other, practical when it comes to internship in a company. It is always a «win-win» to obtain this certificate.

Common questions

What kind of career do they have?

Short duration curses: Usually its duration extends for a few months.

Virtual training: These are complementary short-term careers, carried out via the internet.

Training for companies: In these, a little longer, they are specific to companies whose access is filtered by a kind of registration code of the company in question.

What is the cost of training and the certificate itself?

None of the services offered by SENA has monetary value, as it is a program agreed with the State and companies.

Why does the program not certify virtual training?

As explained in the first question, one of the trainings that SENA has is virtual, but this training is not certified, why?

SENA has been working to create six programs in this category, with technological nuances, although they are still in the process required by legislation in Colombia, there is no date for such registration, but it is a project to be carried out soon.

What circumstances cancel the delivery of the certificate?

  1. Deliver identity card, passport or identity card different from the original registration.
  2. Unjustified absences.
  3. Abandonment of the theoretical phase.
  4. Abandonment of the practical phase.
  5. Excessive reprimands or penalties.

SENA, in addition to its official website, also consists of a kind of auxiliary page, Sofia plus. In either, you can find valuable information that will answer your questions about the certificates of this entity.

Recent certification limitations and associated news

Although the idea of ​​the program itself is from an excellent point of view of the teaching-work relationship, it consists of certain limitations or flaws, so that you are aware of these developments and disadvantages, this information is synthesized.

To cite a case, several media outlets have stated that since 2015 SENA has not been accredited, that is, its certificates are not legally valid, although it is a legal requirement imposed by ONAC (National Accreditation Agency of Colombia)

The former director of SENA, José Antonio Lizarazo, acknowledges:

“If this accreditation process is not carried out, the entity loses the power to assess and certify people against labor competence standards; role he has performed since 1997. «.

Although SENA has countered this charge by stating different issues:

SENA, within its institutional mission, conducts Integral Professional Training, which includes technological level programs, and independently, fulfills the social function of the State to evaluate and certify free of charge the Labor Skills acquired by people throughout their lives , regardless of how and where they developed them.

As part of SENA’s mission, vision and objectives, it is to function as a Professional Education entity with several developments in specific areas and including significant professional training, for which free certification is required.

The certificates are delivered by the Ministry of National Education, leaving Colombia’s National Accreditation Entity without the power to issue a certificate, which would give it the freedom to exercise training in approximately 80 countries.

The internal functioning of SENA is dismayed because the program’s offer in the technological area is 60% threatened, a cause attributed to its non-fulfillment of requirements and to the losses in updating some registration systems.

This only affects that the registration of technological training is affected, since the qualified inputs, requested from the Ministry of Education, are insufficient. When making a report, the results showed that in some teaching centers the physical space is deteriorated, and there is no space in relation to the enrollment demand.

To this counterpoint, there should be added the dissatisfaction of several of the students regarding the quality of careers that has been in decline, as well as the public and social recognition that the certificates themselves have, at the same time that the search for apprentices does not give. offer in relation to the number of companies available.

However, the suggested opportunity to join as an apprentice at SENA should be limited, since several benefits are obtained free of charge, such as access to the study profession of personal preference, at the most convenient time, adding a different academic background to the registration.

After the conclusion of the theoretical phase, the development of the practice implies that the apprentice applies all the knowledge acquired in this phase, being able to develop successfully, as in most cases, at the beginning of his professional life. This gives companies the advantage of training these apprentices, molding and directing them at work and in the area they are going to perform, which at the same time allows to increase the satisfaction of business demand.

SENA’s certificates, whether recognized or not abroad, endorse the training carried out and, being supported by the Ministry of Education, the program received is valid, even locally, as a competent instrument for obtaining a profession.

If you want to develop at a more professional level in one of these careers, you can take the course received as an introduction to higher education at specialized universities, being a more complementary function or secondary resource to give rise to a greater opportunity.

But in spite of all this, SENA is an initiative that, although it has deteriorated, the essence of training in the teaching-work relationship is very good, and that the certificates they grant are valid abroad, adding an advantage to these courses.

These certificates can be obtained digitally, by downloading through the official page, and the page is currently making updates to correct these defects with the certificates, both in short runs and in those that are done remotely digitally, awaiting the referred changes, the certificates could obtain greater validity and recognition, as well as the excellent development of the quality of the courses taught.

It is a good plan for those who want to start their professional life with a simple career, a small first step towards their goals.

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Daniel Martínez
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