¿Para qué sirve el certificado de depósito bancario en Guatemala?

There are several procedures that can be done through banks, which are the standard places to manage money, but this time everything related to deposit receipt Find out everything you need to know about this document!

What is the bank deposit certificate?

It is a document previously recognized as a cash goods deposit, which was identified by a title implemented in that document.

certificate of deposit 1

Over time this deposit receipt I haven’t changed its definition much, now it is also recognized as a deposit, but this time an endorsement for legal entities. It is support to all companies that carry out those transactions for the purchase and sale of a good or service, conservation or custody of a product, as well as its management and distribution..

Summing up the deposit receipt It is the proof of the companies for all those movements that the company has, which are linked to money, which is almost all the assets that the company makes. Although it is also known as the credit of the General Deposit Warehouses.

What information should it contain?

The information that deposit receipt The following is:

  • Of course, identifying that it is a deposit receipt.
  • O warehouse name where the merchandise is located.
  • O signature of authorized person to issue the certificate.
  • Where the deposit was made.
  • O day, month and year when it was made.
  • Name of the person making the Deposit.
  • O time the depositor has to make the payment.
  • Indicate whether the goods are subject to pay tax liens.
  • The debts that favor the warehouse should also be indicated, if it does not have it.

The law in which the deposit receipt it’s in the Trade Code.

At the same time, there is the decree 1746 that the legislation that serves to solve the problems related to the production and commercialization of agricultural products and any other economic activity carried out in Guatemala.

warehouses 3

In addition to the economic activity that companies must perform to exist, the decree 1746 it is also for the General Warehouse Warehouses what is the reason why the deposit receipt. Itself the decree 1746 rule that governs all companies dedicated to product storage.

How to order?

Like those companies that work with product storage, either because they manufacture them alone or from another company, they need to meet some requirements and follow some steps to be able to purchase deposit receipt.

In this part of the reading, the requirements and steps necessary to obtain the referred document will be indicated in detail, which are as follows:


The requirements necessary to be able to purchase the deposit receipt are as follows:

  • Must be delivered in original and photocopy DPI Personal Identification Document.
  • Photocopy of any utility bill (Receipt of electricity, water, telephone, among others) to verify the applicant’s address.
  • Forms to be delivered by the bank branch where the procedure will be performed

There are other documents that must be present to obtain the certificate, but they will be issued by the bank branch where the document will be processed..

Next step

The following steps are:

  1. Contact a bank branch.
  2. Indicate the reason for the visit.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the bank branch agent.
  4. After you have done everything indicated by the bank’s employees, you must wait to be told when you will receive the certificate.deposit receipt

The procedure can be performed at any of the bank branches of the following banks:

  • Banrural, rural development bank.
  • Central American Bank for Economic Integration.
  • Monopoly.
  • Solvent.
  • Proamerican Bank.
  • BAC.
  • international bank.

What is it for?

The usefulness of deposit receipt is based on being the support of all monetary movements that the company may have, which can be the purchase and sale of a product, as well as the safekeeping and conservation of the same.

What cannot be omitted is that one of the main functions of this type of certificate, should be the payment validation for the General Warehouse Warehouses something that all companies have in Guatemala.

General Warehouse Warehouses

General deposit warehouses are a company that has auxiliary credits, which are constituted by corporations, with the objective of conserving deposits, handling, distribution, purchase, sale of national and international products.

This type of company has the obligation to issue the certificate of deposit so that its productive and commercial activity is valid..

The activities carried out by General Warehouse Warehouses they are based on some products specifically, either by quality, homogeneity, nature or by the production process.

General warehouse deposit functions

The roles for which companies are responsible General Warehouse Warehouses are the following:warehouses

  • Issue the deposit receipt of the goods they are producing and which must be stored. This must be done at a bank branch.
  • perform the titles if the depositor is responsible for the stored goods.
  • Be a participant in the products that must be imported and exported, from another company or own.
  • Collaborate with export financing for Guatemalan products.
  • Give support transform, transport and everything that needs to be done to increase the value of the goods.
  • Store products that do not have import duties.
  • Receive merchandise to be paid in part, which must be delivered partially or fully to your primary destination.
  • Require stored products to be insured, as long as its value requires.
  • Participate in the sale or auction of goods from stored products.
  • Render as many as the Ministries of Economy in all the movements that are made with the stored products.
  • Inventory merchandise that is in the warehouse, so you have an idea of ​​the products you have.
  • The performance of all activities is related to merchandise, which has nothing to do with the legal area.

Responsibilities of general deposit warehouses

The responsibilities of the General Deposits, is all the logistics that must be done so that the goods reach the stores that he is going to sell to the public, that is, he must take care of transportation, packaging, preservation and everything related to the treatment that the merchandise must have before being sold to the last consumer.warehouses 2

In addition, you must ensure that the merchandise is always in good condition, for this reason it is mandatory that warehouses are trained to preserve any product that may be marketed, since there are many that require special conservation.

With what this article shows, you already have an idea of ​​what deposit receipt, which is a purely administrative document and can only be processed by banks, which does not require many processes to acquire this document.

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