Pasos y Requisitos para abrir Cuenta RUT en el Banco del Estado

O Rut Account It is currently used by Chileans and foreigners who do not have the option of having a current account because they do not have a “current account”. The card is presented as an alternative to streamline tasks such as making deposits, transfers, online purchases and paying basic bills, yes, it has a maximum balance available of 3 million pesos.

To obtain the account you must go to Banco Estado or simply fill out a form at through your website. No opening or maintenance costs; It is aimed at people over 12 years old, women and 14 years old, men. You should keep in mind that each withdrawal from your account has associated costs, and in addition to the numerous claims it has.

Requirements for opening a RUT account

  • Be a natural person
  • Have a valid national identity card (not blocked or expired)
  • Be over 12 for women and 14 for men. For adults, but under 18, the request must be made by the parent registered as such in the Civil Registry, online only
  • Do not have an existing RUT account.
  • Have a valid RUT according to the Civil Registry.
  • If you ordered your CuentaRUT online, you can pick it up immediately at the ServiEstado or BancoEstado branch closest to your home. You have a period of 45 days from the date you requested.

Documents to open RUT account

  • Have your valid Identity Card (not blocked or expired) in hand.
  • Not having a valid RUT account.
  • For minors, the request must be made by the Father or Mother, as such, registered in the Civil Registry. If you are a woman, you must be over 12 years old and if you are a man over 14 years old.
  • Once your order is shipped, Go to ServiEstado or BancoEstado agencysuggested when ordering and you can pick up your card.
  • To perform on the internet: Transfer Funds, Pay your Bills, Load Bip, Check your Balance, etc. When withdrawing your RUT account at the agency, you must register your subscription and request your key transfer card (coordinate card).

Steps to open a RUT account at Banco del Estado


For create RUT account in State Bank you must follow the Steps Follow:

  1. Enter the site State Bank
  2. Go to products and then to Rut Account
  3. Click in «Apply for«

  1. Insert your ROUTINE, your serial number or Banknote document, check the Captcha and click «Continue«
  2. In the next window that appears, you will add data related to:
  • Your home address
  • Contact details
  1. After you continue, you will download the contract. We recommend that you read the clauses carefully and consult everything you don’t understand.
  2. After reading the agreement, click on “Continue«The page will indicate the branches available where you can go to get your routine account. You must be sure to send a confirmation email that the process has been carried out correctly.
  3. Once your order is shipped, go to the agency State or BankState suggested when ordering and you can pick up your card.

What is a RUT account?

O routine account in State Bank It is a viewing account that allows you to deposit, pay and transfer. The account number is your RUT without a check digit. It is not a credit card, it can be used by Card, at ATMs, CajaVecina and stores associated with Redcompra, through the Internet or the telephone service.


  • With CuentaRUT you can deposit, pay or transfer money, as well as withdraw and buy whenever your balance is available.
  • You can use it by means of a Card in Establishments Associated with Redcompra, CajaVecina, ATMs, as well as by Internet or Telephone Service.
  • The account number is your RUT without a check digit (the number that comes after the hyphen).
  • You can deposit (ATMs and mailboxes only collect cash and checks. Coins cannot go) through ATMs, mailboxes, Cajavecina, Serviestado or through the attention of cashiers. In the case of deposits in manual boxes, just give your Rut and the amount to deposit plus the money or check verbally. The cashier, once the deposit is made, will deliver the receipt for the transaction made.
  • It is used by means of a debit card (money orders and purchases).
  • In the case of transfers, you must ask the bank for a security card that has coordinates and that is unique to your ID. For this, your subscription must already be registered.
  • Serves at ATMs, Cajavecina, Redcompra, Internet and telephone service (referring to Rut Account bank transactions).
  • To use it, it must be activated in ATMs, Cajavecina, Internet or telephone service.
  • You can request it by filling out the form in person at any Banco Estado branch or by filling out the registration form over the Internet.
  • The card will arrive at your address by mail or you can pick it up at the agency where the form was personally delivered.
  • He doesn’t use it and he doesn’t have a check (he doesn’t have a checkbook).
  • The account number is your Ruth without the check digit (the number or letter after the hyphen).
  • It has Chip for use in public transport. You can use it as a payment method for transantiago, without additional commission. Remember to charge the chip before using.
  • You can request change when making your card purchases through Redcompra.
  • Pay your bills using PAC (Automatic Bill Pay).
  • Pay your Banco Estado credit products and credit cards through the PAC.
  • Settle your taxes online.
  • You can transfer money to someone else who has a Rut account. You can also do this for other Banco Estado or other bank accounts.
  • Create a password that only you know (one for ATMs and one for transfers and the Internet) and you will have access to ATMs through the card they will provide you, and you can make deposits at state banks and money transfers at any ATM in the world. Parents.


  • Easy to obtain, with no revenue requirements or business history (if you have a negative business history, you can still open it).
  • No commission is paid for opening or maintaining the account.
  • You do not pay stamp and stamp duty on money orders or transfers.
  • It is a personal account (there are no accounts for two people or additional cards).
  • You must personally identify yourself at BancoEstado as soon as you receive the card and register your subscription. With this, you will move from level 1 to level 2 (you have more advantages in terms of limits to move your account. In the case of level 1, the maximum balance you can have in the account is $ 500,000.- and you cannot deposit more than $ 300,000 – per month (in the case of level 2, it is unlimited).
  • You can have your account for a maximum of two years without a balance.
  • Make your purchases without transaction fees through Redcompra at all participating companies. For this you must use the same code as the ATMs.
  • Allows deposits (deposit, payment and transfer).
  • You must have a balance to withdraw, buy or transfer. For this reason, it is impossible that it can be discovered, since it is not a credit. Only money that you have deposited or transferred to you is used.
  • Allows turns (spin, buy or transfer).
  • It is not a credit card, it is not a checking account and is not a savings account. It does not generate interest.
  • You have the possibility to know your balances or movements through the Internet or telephone without additional costs for you (no account maintenance or consultation costs are charged by these two means).
  • You can withdraw up to the amount available in your account (the balance less the ATM usage fee or the transfer fee). You can do this at bank tellers or at ATMs (ATMs have a maximum security of $ 200,000.00 per day for the same card). You can also make transfers to other accounts.

RUT account card

How to activate the RUT account?

  1. Enter your RUT and password at the online bank.
  2. Fill in the fields indicated by the arrows.
  3. Once accepted, answer the questions they ask you.
  4. Finally, the congratulations page will appear, assuming your account is already active.

Can it be a BiPersonal account?

No, the maximum balance that can be maintained is $ 3 million pesos.

Can my children have access to my Rut account?

For minors, the request must be made by the Father or Mother, as such, registered in the Civil Registry. If you are a woman, you must be over 12 years old and if you are a man you must be over 14 years old.

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