Pasos y Requisitos para abrir una Caja de Ahorro

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

Big dreams deserve a plan to be able to realize them, from buying a house, a car, retirement, children’s university, your own business, and whatever else you want, it will be possible with perseverance, work and of course a Savings Box to your name.

Steps and requirements for opening a savings bank

If you want to know what it is, what it is for, steps and requirements for opening a savings account, and much more, stay on this page, continue reading and start visualizing your dreams as something very close to becoming reality.

Requirements for opening a Savings Bank in Argentina

The important thing to always have on hand is your personal documents, which will help you to open your account at Savings Account. Here is a simple list of those requirements.

Requirements for opening a Savings Bank in Argentina

  • National Identity Document (DNI) valid,
  • Proof of the Unique Work Identification Code (CUIL) granted by ANSES,
  • Proof of the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) Granted by AFIP,
  • Proof of Identification Code (CDI) Granted by AFIP,
  • Income certification.

It should be noted that each bank authorized to open this type of account in the country, may require some other requirement or vary the value of the documents already mentioned. For the latter, we recommend that you review the requirements by bank so as not to make a mistake when opening your Savings Bank.

What is a savings account?

We clarified this issue and much more, with this article, take note! We will tell you what it is, its benefits and why you need one of these now.

AN Savings Box is a bank account in your name, where you can have your credit or money at your disposal at any time, and be able to carry out transactions across the Argentina Through an associated debit card, to be able to withdraw money with it, and the best and most characteristic, receive in this account an interest payment on the balance in it.

You can do with the accumulated balance, the purchase or transaction you want, as we said, since the purchase of a house or a car, the payment of the renovation, or save this money to pay for your children’s college in the future, or do small purchases, as you wish!

Difference between savings account and current account

If what you have is a checking account at a bank, and you are thinking of opening a savings account, but it looks like the two are similar, then what you need is more information, how about the difference between the two?

As we said before, with the Savings Account You will receive a monthly interest payment on your existing balance, which you can accumulate to continue receiving interest, increase the amount and allocate it to future plans. The maintenance of this account has zero cost for the owner, so yes, you can accumulate your money without any expense.

With the Checking account You can deposit your money and handle it however you want, whenever you want, using a debit card or checkbook with Saving, but you will not receive interest on the deposited money. The maintenance of this account has an additional cost, which is calculated according to a collection fee that may vary depending on the bank.

Difference between savings account and current account

Does this information work for you? Yes or no, read on because soon you will see what more options this type of account can offer you and how you can adapt it to your plans.

How to Open a Savings Bank

At the Argentina You have three options that you can use to your advantage and also take advantage of the potential of this type of bank account. Now I explain how to open each one and the advantages they bring to you.

Pesos Savings Bank

In this type of deposit account, you can have your money, access a debit card, operate from an online system to manage your balance and transactions, use ATMs and various other transactions at your fingertips. It is aimed at people over 18 years of age, and you can benefit from this:

Pesos Savings Bank

  • Debit card access for transactions in facilities, ATMs and online systems.
  • Money in your ATMs according to the balance available in your account,
  • Payment of bills, services and / or fees
  • Check deposits
  • Payment of interest on the account balance
  • Online deposits and / or balance transfers

If we are doing well and you are enjoying it, then I recommend that you go to your bank’s offices, bring your requests and request your account immediately. But wait, there’s more, this time for your children or grandchildren and your future.

Savings box for authorized minors

it is Savings Bank It is ideal for authorized minors, that is, for boys aged 13 to 18, and can be opened by parents or legal representatives. This account offers the following benefits: Savings box for authorized minors

  • The property is in the name of the authorized minor and his parents or legal representatives.
  • The services and movements have zero cost, saving money to the maximum.
  • Access to a debit card for minors and ATM holders, stores, shops, points of sale, etc.
  • Wire transfers or payments
  • When the minor reaches 18 years of age, this account automatically becomes a common savings bank in the name of the legal representative.

If you are a legal representative, you can open several savings accounts for each minor of your responsibility, that is, all your children or grandchildren can have one account each for your exclusive use.

As a legal representative, you can enable the funds you want, because in the online system of this account, you will find several options with which you can transfer and facilitate a certain amount of money that your children need.

Savings box for minors in housing units

Looking for a long-term savings fund for your children? One that is ideal for when they are of age and want to have the resources to become independent at 18? Well, this account may seem interesting, since the funds deposited there, will not be available until the majority of young people. Among its benefits:

Savings Box for Minors in Housing Units

  • You enjoy preferential rates so that the economy has an incredible long-term return.
  • The property corresponds to the minor and his representatives.
  • Opening and maintaining this savings account has no cost.
  • You can make deposits by cash or online.

To open this type of account, you must have the following requirements in hand:

  • DNI of legal representative and minor.
  • Invoice for fixed services at home such as gas, electricity, water, telephone, etc.
  • Birth certificate or document that proves the relationship between the legal representative and the minor.

In this savings account for minors in households, the boy has access to a limited-use debit card, since the funds are unavailable until the age of majority, and only one of these can be obtained by each minor.

Benefits of a savings bank

Are you still in doubt? Let’s review the benefits of a Savings AccountAnd really, because you would need one to better plan your finances in the short and long term.

Each bank can offer several benefits in addition to the interest it will receive each month, and the interest accrued annually, these on the balance available in the account. Among the other benefits, you can find these:

  • You can get short and long term loans, either for the purchase of your car or the initial of a house,
  • Have money saved at all times and depending on the need,
  • The maintenance of this account has zero cost, because you will only win and will win,
  • Your money will have a better return than if you leave everything in your checking account or don’t have a savings plan,
  • You can, at any time, review and maintain your own control over the money you deposit, the interest you receive and the withdrawals you make.

When it comes to money, it will always be important that you keep track of your finances, so a Savings Box It is a good option because you are the one who does what suits you and allows you to achieve your goals by accumulating and generating interest over time.

Benefits of a savings bank

If this article left you, leave your comments or check our other articles, you will surely find something equally interesting and that will help you.

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