Pasos y Requisitos para arraigo social en España

Many immigrants arrive in Spain under different circumstances. It is an apis that offers interesting opportunities, a rich and diverse environment and quality public services. Especially Latin Americans, for the family ties that may exist and also for the ease of the language. Anglo-Saxons, on the other hand, may consider Spain an exotic destination, with a very different and interesting culture.

Regardless of your situation, if you intend to reside in the Iberian territory for a much longer period of time, you will have to apply for some licenses. We present the steps and requirements for social roots in Spain.

steps and requirements for social roots

Compared to other countries, Spain is one of those that offers the greatest opportunities in planning your permanent residence as an immigrant. Immigration offices offer different statuses, depending on your interests and opportunities in the country. Always promoting diversity and inclusion as a migratory philosophy.

Requirements for social roots

No matter how inclusive the Spaniards are, there are certain requirements that you must meet if your intention is to extend your stay in the country. We present the fundamental requirements below:

  • SpainA first consideration is that you must not be a citizen of the European Union, or of the countries that are part of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • Having no criminal record in Spain or in the previous countries where you lived (at least, crimes that are punishable in our country).
  • Neither entry into the country should be prohibited or appear rejectable (neither in Spain nor in countries with which some type of agreement or agreement has been signed).
  • Not being within the commitment period of not returning to Spain. There are foreigners who can request voluntary return in exchange for certain conditions, but if the procedures have already started, you will not be able to take advantage of this request.
  • Show that you have been in Spain continuously for at least three years. Therefore, they must not have been absent for more than 120 days.
  • Have family ties or present a report indicating that there is social integration on the part of the applicant. This report is issued by the Autonomous Communities or the Municipalities authorized by them.
  • Have an employment contract signed by both parties and with a minimum duration of one year. Both the worker and the company must be registered with Social Security and up to date with the procedures.
  • Have enough money in an account to survive. This number increases according to the number of dependents.

Documents for social roots

requirements for roots

The necessary documents are as follows:

  • The official impression of the app for social roots in duplicateEX – 10), duly completed and signed by the interested foreigner.
  • Copy of passport, travel document or registration card with a minimum validity of 4 months.
  • Documentation showing a continuous stay in Spain for a minimum period of 3 years. This documentation must, in any case, contain the identification data of the interested party. For example: Documents such as registration, hospitalizations or medical consultations will be taken into consideration.
  • Criminal record issued by the authorities of the country or countries in which the person concerned has lived in the last 5 years prior to his arrival in Spain.
  • Documents proving the required family ties or the social inclusion report issued by the Autonomous Community of the applicant’s habitual residence.
  • Employment contract, signed by the employer and the worker.

Steps to apply for social roots

First, if you are applying for social roots, you must complete the process yourself. It can only be done by a legal representative in the case of a minor or disabled person that prevents him from carrying out the procedure on his own.

The social roots, as well as the other types of roots, which we will talk about below, must be requested from the Delegation or Sub-Delegation of the Provincial Government where you are located.

Once there, you must present the documents we listed above, along with 3 recent photos with a white background and passport size.

The deadline for resolving the request is 3 months, starting from the day after the date on which the registration with the competent body for processing has been made.

foreigners in spain

What are social roots?

Arraigo social is a type of temporary residence permit in Spain for foreigners. Often people, as tourists, remain in Spain irregularly. This authorization allows them, after three years of stay after some checks, to demonstrate that they are socially inserted in Spain and that they wish to extend their stay under the law.

Types of rooting

social roots in Spain

The types of roots depend on the particular conditions of origin of the person who wishes to request the roots. Whether through family, professional or social ties.

Family roots It is a temporary residence permit for exceptional circumstances. It can be granted to foreigners who are in Spain and are a father or mother of a minor of Spanish nationality or children of a father or mother of Spanish origin.

Residence and work permit for Rooted Labor it is a temporary residence permit issued to a foreigner in exceptional circumstances. Of course, for that, you must have been working in Spain for at least 6 months.

Finally, the most common type is social roots, where the interested party must demonstrate that it has value for the Spanish society and that it is inserted in the reality of the country.

How long do the social roots last?

This application, once approved, is valid for one year. After that period, you can apply for a residence permit or a residence and work permit.

roots in Spain

Can you renew your social roots?

It will not be necessary! After the approval of the root and the expiration of the validity period, you can request the residence or residence and work permit. The application must be submitted by the authorization holder within 60 days before the card’s expiration date. It can also be submitted within 90 days afterwards, although a penalty may be applied for allowing your license to expire. In this case, the submission of the application also extends the validity of the authorization until there is no final decision on the requested change.

Cost of social roots

procedures and cost of social roots

We present some procedures included in the process and their costs:

  • Social root fee – Model 790 code 052, section 2.5 – (€ 36.78).
  • Social integration report fee (€ 30.60)
  • Translation and legalization of documents, when necessary.
  • Notary fees when needed.
  • Postage or delivery charges when the customer sends us the documentation.

The whole process can, depending on the case, reach a cost of 200 euros.

Benefits of social roots

Among the benefits that you can obtain when you enroll in arraigo is the possibility of regularizing your immigration status. With this, with each step you take, you can get closer to nationalization if you intend to live in Spain permanently. It will also allow you to get better jobs with this status and also have better access to the services offered by the Spanish Espado. It is important to carry out this type of procedures as a foreigner and regularize your immigration status, thus avoiding unpleasant inconveniences such as sanctions and even possible deportations to your country of origin.

Spain is a country that offers countless opportunities, in addition to being a destination that offers a culture rich in activities, customs, traditions, gastronomy and lifestyle. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this society for not completing a procedure. In many cases, patience and effort will be required when collecting documents and meeting requirements. We guarantee that the effort will be worth it and you will have an exciting life and live special moments in Spain!

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