Pasos y Requisitos para bautismo en Chile

For many families it is very important to fulfill the Catholic duties inculcated by their cousins-parents, so in most countries, the act of baptism is celebrated in Catholic churches. This act generally aims to follow the family traditions that have been taught.

To celebrate the act of baptism in any country, it is necessary to have some requirements, where the person interested in practicing this act must fulfill everything necessary to be able to celebrate with his family and friends.

What is baptism?

The Christian Catholic Church defines baptism as the sacrament that tries to pour water on the head of a person or individual, where it is most often for newborn children, at other times, the head is immersed in water as a symbol of purification from birth to new life and entry and acceptance into the Catholic Church.

This act can be performed at any age, it is not a mandatory act, only for those who have their faith in the Catholic religion and its rudiments and in the decision of their guardians or parents responsible for the children who decide to practice this religious act.


Requirements for baptism in Chile

In Chile, to meet the following requirements, whether for adults or, conversely, children

For kids:

  1. Must attend 5 preparatory meeting classes
  2. The baptism certificate of future sponsors must be presented
  3. Present the child’s birth certificate

For young people:

  1. Present baptism certificate and confirmation of both sponsors
  2. Participate in the parish catechesis course
  3. Birth certificate of the person to be baptized

For adults:

  1. Present the godparents’ baptism certificate
  2. Present birth certificate
  3. Take a catechesis preparation course especially for adults
  4. Present sponsorship confirmation certificate


How to perform baptism

Baptism comes from the Greek word and its meaning is to immerse this act is performed with the child’s parents, The youth or the adult, in the case of minors, must attend the parents or guardians, this religious act must have on the part of the parish priest the date of attribution of the day on which the act will take place. In this way, the delegated sponsors must be present to put the chain that seals the act with the baptized, where through water and the Holy Trinity: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit the act of baptism will be sealed. Giving full guarantee of the Catholic faith.

Over the years, the Catholic Sacrament became after a family and intimate gathering of an event and social event. and its celebration takes place several times in the morning and other times in the afternoon, as determined by the family members along with the protocol.

The celebration can start in different ways, but mainly its development begins with the reception of the children, where the will of the parents and sponsors is expressed, as well as the intention of the church to carry out the celebration of the act of baptism. In this act, the godparents must perform a ritual as follows: the godmother catches the child holding her in her arms while the godfather lights the baptismal candle (in the case of a boy or girl)

At the end of this act of religious ceremony, family members and godparents together with the baptized person will be able to meet somewhere, together with family and friends and hold their party, with meals, sweets, ice cream or sweets.


Who can baptize

Baptism is a right of all citizens who wish, some parishes request a series of documents to formally carry out this act before the church and thus keep a true and accurate record of the number of people who practice it. and keep files in an orderly manner within the parish offices.

Parental consent and approval is required for a minor or young child to be baptized, and to assure the Church that the child, youth or adult will found and educate their Catholic faith.

they can baptize

How many people can be godparents

Many people wonder when it comes to baptizing their children, how many sponsors can designate, the answer itself is very simple, normally it can only be two people, Although according to the decision of the parents there may be four with their consent and authorization, these cases are particularly in the case of having twins or twins, being able to share a godmother for each baby and a godfather for each one. .

These measures are taken with the consent of the parents, in agreement with the godparents, if there are children with these characteristics, other than normal ones and according to ecclesiastical orders, there must be a godfather and godmother for each child, girl, youth or adult who wishes to perform the baptism ceremony.

godparents baptized

What is baptism for?

The Bible establishes that true baptism is not for the forgiveness of sins and there are even many stories of characters who were baptized today, many wonder what the end is? The purpose of baptism is that by this act the end of an old life and the beginning of something new about a person’s life are symbolized.

And even when the Bible clearly mentions an act of baptism, it does mention John the Baptist. Since in the past this act was for the forgiveness of sins, but we see how through this act that John the Baptist performed as an announcement “I actually baptize you in water for repentance; but he who comes after me, whose shoes I am not worthy to wear, is more powerful than me; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire « Matthew 3:11 and in this way the new covenant is established through Jesus Christ and baptism ceases to be with the arrival of Him that an act of forgiveness of sins must come, to become an act of faith and obedience, and so against. live the life that God has appointed for every man and woman on earth and live worthily as a disciple of God.

In the Bible Peter also makes a comparison of baptism referring to the flood that occurred in the time of Noah, this story is found in the book of 1 Peter 3: 18-21 where he reports «And the Lord saw that the wickedness of men was great on earth and that the whole imagination of the thoughts of their hearts was continually evil» Just as in the Old Testament the flood ended the evil seen in the Old Testament passages, we can see that in the stories written in the New Testament, history has changed and baptism has come to represent the end of living a full life. of self-centeredness and doing our own will to live a new life closer to the will of God.

Where to perform baptism

The preparation of baptisms is carried out in the different parishes of the country, where people who wish to perform this procedure mainly should take a preparation course called catechesis, mainly this course is held on Tuesdays, most of the time at the end of the course some labels are distributed where the address, time and day of the ceremony font with their respective name.

For this act the parents, groomsmen and guests must be dressed formally, the gentlemen can go with their formal suits and the ladies with an elegant cocktail dress. It is not necessary to wear evening dresses or gentlemen with tuxedos, remember that it is a private act where most of the time, only parents, godparents, family and close friends after the act make a little treat to share and celebrate the moment.

If we are part of the guests, we will take into consideration, have some detail with the boy, girl or young teenager, the choice of the name to be given to the ceremony can be consulted between parents, grandparents, godparents or friends.

For the Catholic Church it is important that each human being makes this decision, because through it; People publicly declare their faith, so that a person can perform this ceremony, their parents must be in mutual agreement. Since at the time of this ceremony, they must comply with the requirements and procedures established to be able to carry out the preparation that this act deserves. Be aware of the degree of responsibility with which this act takes place in the lives of human beings.

In addition, once the child or adolescent wishes to marry in the future, he must present the certificate that he was baptized in one of the ecclesiastical parishes in the country.

We end our article by remembering that being baptized does not deliver us from the temptation of this world, but through what Scripture says in the book of Hebrews that states that we can overcome in temptation as Jesus Christ did, We can perform this quotient act that it does not really set us free, but it can be the prelude to what we have determined to cause a change in our lives forever.

We hope to be able to provide you with all the information necessary to carry out the baptism process in any part of the Republic of Chile where you are located and that, without a doubt, you can proceed with the baptism of your little ones.

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