Pasos y Requisitos para Bautizo en Perú

Baptism is the first of the sacraments of Catholicism, if you want to belong to or fulfill the mandates of this religion, know what are the Requirements for baptism in Peru Baptism Steps and RequirementsPeru.

The word baptism comes from the Greek, which means immerseThis act frees the child from initial sins, according to the church.

Now, according to the Bible and Catholic beliefs, the purpose of baptism is to free people from the sin they were born with due to the sin committed by Adam and Eve by eating the forbidden fruit.

Requirements to be baptized

The requirements according to the church are not based on the person’s morals, or the parents of the child to be baptized, it is mainly based on two fundamental aspects:

  • Have the consent of a parent, or legal guardian, if applicable.
  • Let there be hope that the child or individual grows up in the Catholic religion.

In this sense, there is no intention of the church to rebuke children for their parents’ actions, on the contrary, They take advantage of the occasion in the lectures to encourage them to bring their life closer to the church.

In the same vein, requirements vary according to the age of the individual to be baptized, The requirements according to this criterion are as follows:

For babies

  • Desire for at least one parent or legal guardian to be baptized
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Identity document of parents or legal representative.
  • Participation in the lectures applies to both parents and sponsors.
  • If the child belongs to the parish, they must present proof to prove it. Can be; receiving light, water, evidently on behalf of your parents, or your legal representative as appropriate.
  • Cancel a minimum collaboration of 50 soles.
  • In case you are the legal representative, you must consign the document that proves it.
  • Be seven (07) years or less.
  • He has two godparents, a godmother and a godfather.
  • Godparents identity document.

Requirements for infant baptism in Peru

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For adults

  • Express your desire to be baptized.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Identity document or DNI.
  • Participation in the lectures applies to both the individual and the sponsors.
  • In the case of belonging to the parish, you must present the proof that proves it. Can be; electricity or water bill in your name.
  • Cancel a minimum collaboration of 50 soles.
  • Be seven (08) years or older.
  • He has two godparents, a godmother and a godfather.
  • Godparents identity document.
  • Cancel a minimum collaboration of 50 soles.

It is important to note that both infant and adult baptisms are carried out in a community manner and that the cost of the baptism certificate is 20 Soles.

Steps for baptism

The steps to perform a baptism vary according to the age of the person who will receive the sacrament, In this sense, the steps are as follows:

For kids

  • You must first choose the name the baby will have.
  • Second. Go to the church or parish of your choice to check the available dates.
  • Third, choose the date according to the sacrament’s plans.
  • Fourth, parents and sponsors must attend lectures on baptism.
  • Fifth, attend the pre-christened rehearsals.
  • Sixth, the baptism will be performed with parents, godparents, family and friends.
  • Seventh, at the end of the event, the priest or parish priest (as the case may be) will proceed to register the child at the demarcation office.
  • finally the baptism certificate with the data of the baby, parents, godparents, date of the sacrament, among other data.

Don’t forget that the The baptism certificate is the document that will allow the individual to perform the procedures to carry out the other sacraments.

Baptism requirements in Peru

For adults

  • The first thing is to go to the church or parish of your choice to check the available dates.
  • Second, the date must be chosen according to the plans of the sacrament.
  • Subsequently, the individual and the sponsors must attend the baptism lectures.
  • Fourth, attend pre-christened rehearsals.
  • Fifth, the baptism will be held with the godparents, family and friends.
  • Sixth, at the end of the event, the priest or parish priest (as the case may be) will register the person at the registry office of his demarcation.
  • finally the baptism certificate with the data of the individual, godparents, date of sacrament, among other data, which will expedite the request for subsequent sacraments.

Why do baptism?

Baptism is the first of the sacraments, bearing in mind that a sacrament is a ritual that allows God’s entry into the individual’s life.

In this sense, baptism aims to welcome the individual into the church, the world, without any sin, that is, makes us children of God.

Requirements for adult baptism in Peru

It is customary that catholic baptism it is performed right after birth, usually in the first year of life, due to infant mortality for years, and additionally creates duties and rights as citizens of society from an early age.

The Bible indicates that all men are born with original sin, a sin committed by our first parents (Adam and Eve), and God gives us the opportunity to be his children, giving us his spirit, to dwell in us.

Parents have an obligation to baptize their children as soon as possible,

Acerlo, the child receives all the gifts for a development according to the commandments of the Catholic Church in society.

It is essential to be aware that the sacrament of Baptism is closely related to the sacrament of Confirmation, because as a whole they constitute the path of initiation into Catholic life.

The ceremony

The godparents They are the fundamental part of this sacrament because they are chosen to serve as a model and guide for the individual to be baptized and to be the child’s second parents, therefore, they must be an example to follow in life in society. .

That’s why the godparents must be baptized and confirmed, according to the Catholic Church.

Requirements and steps for a baptism ceremony in Peru

The ceremony is held during the day, using holy water, a candle, where the priest or parish priest will pour holy water on the child’s or adult’s head, the godmother must hold the child in her arms, while the godfather holds the baptismal candle.

Guests must appear in sober clothes according to the location, and there is usually a meeting at the end of the ceremony, where food is offered to guests and godparents deliver gifts to the new church member.

Where should Baptism procedures be performed?

All procedures are performed in the chosen church or parish by parents in case of being a child and by individual in case of being an adult.

It is important to note that the referred care varies according to the parish, as the priest or parish priest requests the documents that they consider necessary keep an appropriate record of people who received the sacrament in the church or parish, as appropriate.

Yes, the request for financial stipends is fully valid, that is, the amount of money that the church collects to carry out Collaboration for baptism in Peru

the sacraments within it.

Although many people consider this collaboration to be the cost of baptism, it is actually a contribution fee to the expenses of the priest and parish.

In this sense, when talking about parish expenses, it refers to the maintenance of the temple, of the employees who work in the parish registry office.

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Finally, it is important to specify that Catholic baptism is essential to be able to receive the other sacraments; In Peru, as in many parts of the world, baptism is the beginning of a life without sin for the individual, allowing him to develop properly in the society in which he develops.

However, before you start organizing the ceremony, check the Requirements for baptism in Peru.

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