Pasos y Requisitos para Cambio de Centro Asistencial EsSalud

In all countries it is mandatory that people have social security. The destination is uncertain and will never know when you might need it, either due to an accident, illness or query.

It is recommended that you make your predictions and follow the steps to join one. If you already have, follow the Requirements for changing the EsSalud health center.

requirements-change-health center

Yet, What is social security?

It is a Program that finances or administers the government to meet the basic needs of people without resources.

Usually a social security offers comprehensive health care for all audiences and covers maternity problems, old age, survivors, sickness, accident, disability, death, retirement.

In general, these types of programs are generally aimed at those living in poverty, handicapped, large families and the elderly, or with little ability to pay.

What is EsSalud?

What is the EsSalud Service Center?

The most well-known Social Health Insurance in Peru is EsSalud.essalud 1

Is contributory health insurance aimed at all Peruvian citizens who have certain characteristics. It offers prevention, promotion, recovery, rehabilitation, financial benefits and social benefits.

This may mean economic relief and welfare in cases of emergencies and health problems.

What services does it offer?

For those who work as dependent employees, relatives and retirees.

Offers coverage for prevention and promotion benefits. Also outpatient and hospital care, medicines and medical supplies, rehabilitation services, social assistance and rehabilitation.

  • Optional Insurance (+ HEALTH)

For all people and independent workers.

It is addressed to any person residing in the country, national or foreign, with no age limit, especially self-employed workers and their dependents.

At the same time, it is aimed at university students, professionals and other entrepreneurs.

It covers outpatient care, hospital care, outpatient surgery or inpatient hospital care, maternity care, medical or accidental emergencies and medications and medical supplies.

  • Complementary Work Risk Insurance (+ PROTECTION)

For workers performing risky work in which accidents at work may occur.

Coverage in promotional, preventive and occupational health assistance to the employer and the insured, medical, pharmacological, hospital and surgical assistance.

For all workers who develop cultivation activities.

Prevention and promotion services, outpatient and hospital care, medicines and medical supplies, rehabilitation services, social assistance and rehabilitation. In addition, economic benefits.

  • Essalud accident insurance (+ LIFE)

It is the personal accident insurance that grants compensation in case of death or disability permanent or partial as a result of an accident.

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EsSalud Service Centers


EsSalud is distributed in all states of Peru.

In this link, you can identify the nearest health center for you: Health centers

How is the call center assigned?

Assistance Center is designated by EsSalud for medical care of the insured through the DNI number.

This number provides the corresponding information and the nearest center will be assigned to you.

EXAMPLE: If you reside in the district of Breña, the Policlínica de Chincha will correspond to you as the allocation place to be treated.

Requirements for change of center

Now, if you are assigned to a center that is relatively far away or for some reason, you prefer to attend another one, you must do the following:

  • First, to be accredited in the systems, you must correctly declare their personal data.

That is, surnames and first names, type and number of the identity document, date of birth.

essalud 2

  • This data must match your identity document
  • Then, the contributions must be paid according to the conditions established in each type of insurance (Independent Agricultural Insurance and Potential Insurance).
  • After performing these steps, you will be able to consult the service center assigned to you, considering the location of your home.


If you wish to update your address, you can go to the nearest EsSalud office.

You must carry your personal identity document.

Documents required to request change

What do I need to change my health post?

The only thing you need to change centers is:

  • Water bill
  • Of light
  • Also provide phone receipt
  • Rental agreement for the applicant’s destination.

How to consult the designated center?

To consult the center that has been assigned to you, you must enter the page in EsSalud.

After entering, on the right side you must select «Search for» whether you want to search for personal data or type of document.

After that, enter the username and password and follow what the system asks.

What to do if you are not accredited at the indicated center?

steps for accreditation

It is important that you know this information from EsSalud to avoid problems with any medical problem.

With more than 400 healthcare facilities across the country and all the services it provides, it is important to know if you have insurance.

In addition, if this accreditation is valid and in which health center it corresponds. Knowing this data can avoid problems and save time in the face of any problem.

To find out if you are accredited or not, you must perform a few simple steps:

  • Login to the web
  • Click on the section Where do I participate? located in the bottom left corner.
  • Enter the data of the insured or the type and number of the identity document
  • Press the consult button.

In this link you can also consult the call center that has been designated for your service, which is designated based on the address declared by the insured.

NOTE: The link placed in the Call Center section also serves to verify whether you are accredited or not.

  • If an insured change address, it is important to warn you at the nearest insurance company of your home.


  • Once the accreditation is valid and updated, the step to make an appointment is to contact Essalud Online (411-8000).

essalud 3

You can also go to the respective health center’s marking module with your identity document.


  • Why is my insurance not active?

It often happens that the insurance is not triggered.

This generates anxiety and boredom in people who choose to attend the service center and are faced with this problem.

For an insured to be accredited in Essalud, the employer must have correctly declared your personal data.

Data are surnames and names, brand and identity document number and date of birth.

If the validity of the accreditation is not updated, it is possible that the employer has not declared it or has declared an error in the data provided.

It is also the case that there are violated with the number of contributions according to the type of insurance.

Finding out that your insurance is not active is essential contact your employer.

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  • Essalud has on its website the description of a series of procedures and procedures that are performed and which users can access.
  • This makes the information much easier, as you select the type of procedure you want and all information is downloaded: Procedures and procedures.
  • Among the documents that can be accessed is the (+ INSURANCE) registration form.
  • As we have said, it is the regular insurance that are all dependent spouses or active workers.
  • In addition, the submission of queries and complaints can be done virtually through the same site.
  • In the case of an appointment request, the form requests personal data and appointment data.
  • In it, the location of the polyclinic, specialty and some discomfort data must be specified.
  • Complaints can also be made through the Ombudsman’s electronic file.
  • A detailed description of the facts that motivate the claim or claim must be made.

You know, if you have that social security number and you want to change centers, follow the Requirements for changing the EsSalud Service Center.

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