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Are you unemployed do not be discouraged.… While you get a new job, get to know the Requirements for collecting unemployment offered by the Social Security of Spain.Continue reading our article!


Requirements for collecting unemployment

To receive unemployment insurance or «unemployment benefit», as it is also known, you will first have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be registered and in a situation of registration or equivalent to registration with Social Security, in a regime that contemplates the contingency due to unemployment.
  • Find yourself legally unemployed and demonstrate availability to actively seek work and accept a suitable placement.
  • Have contributed to Social Security for a period of at least 12 months.
  • It is not necessary to have worked twelve consecutive months, but twelve months in total during the six years prior to job loss.
  • Not reaching the age that entitles you to the retirement pension.

Steps to collect unemployment

After meeting the requirements, take the following steps to process the unemployment claim:

  • Processing for collection of the benefit must be performed during 15 working days after the termination or termination of the contract.
  • Go to the appropriate employment office. (This is determined by the postal district of the city where the person lives).
  • To find out what job corresponds to us, we can call the Employment Department of our autonomous community and request information.
  • When gathering the necessary documents, make an appointment at the INEM office that belongs to you.
  • You can do this over the phone or online
  • On the day of your consultation at SEPE (INEM), you must present all your documentation.
  • Once there, you will have to fill out the unemployment benefit claim form.
  • Wait a few days and INEM will notify you about the concession by letter.

NOTE: Before sending your application for the payment of unemployment benefit, you must register with the job search service, that is, obtain the unemployment card.

Recalls that:

  • It is recommended that you do this a few days before
  • The unemployment card is requested at the same post as INEM
  • This procedure will take no more than 10 or 15 minutes.
  • An employee will open your file and inform you about the different courses you can access in your city through the employment service of your autonomous community.

O documentation Basic to send includes:

  • Unemployment benefit claim form filled with personal data.
  • Original and copy of DNI or NIE (Foreigners Identification Number).


  • Direct debit form, indicating the entity and the account number where we want the benefit to be placed.

Once this document is presented, it must be taken to the bank for consultation, that is, for confirmation that the direct debit data is correct. Then you have to deliver it to the job office.

  • Communication of data to the payer. This is a form from the Ministry of Finance that must be filled in with personal data, such as the number of children, in order for the corresponding withholding income tax to be applied according to our particular situation.


  • Commitment to the activity. The beneficiary of the unemployment benefit must sign this document by which he / she undertakes to actively seek work, to appear to cover the job offers provided by the employment agency, to accept suitable offers and to participate in information and guidance actions, etc. .
  • Authorization to collect information from the Tax Authorities. In this case, you authorize the employment office to consult certain tax data by computer. Otherwise, you must provide the information yourself.
  • Company certificate (completed, stamped and signed) for the last 180 auctions. This document must be requested at the company. As many certificates as the companies where you have worked in the last six months must be delivered to the employment agency.
  • Copy of the TC-2 of the last 180 trading sessions stamped by the financial institution. This document must also be requested from the company, unless it is in the RED system. In that case, the employment office can access the information it needs electronically.
  • Last payroll and photocopy of each employment contract ended in the last 180 days of contributions.
  • Documentation that proves the legal situation of unemployment. The most common are the letter of resignation, the contract and the notice of termination, the CMAC certificate or the court decision.

Who can claim unemployment?

Contributory unemployment benefit is an economic benefit that aims to protect workers who lose their jobs for reasons beyond their control.


Thus, people who have lost their jobs permanently can either benefit from dismissal or from the end of a temporary contract.

They are also entitled to this benefit:

  • Those who lose their jobs temporarily.
  • Those who see their normal working hours temporarily reduced, at least by a third, with the corresponding proportional reduction in wages.

Temporary job loss and temporary reduction in working hours occur when the company submits the Work Regulation Form (ERE), most of the time due to a sharp drop in production.

It is a situation that occurs mainly in times of crisis.

For example: sometimes companies are required to submit an ERE and if the labor authority accepts, at that time employees stop working a few days of the year and in that period they receive unemployment.

If, on the other hand, their working hours and wages are temporarily reduced, then unemployment covers the part of the wages that the company fails to pay them.

If you are on vacation:

One of the modifications introduced by Royal Decree-Law 5/2002, of May 24, on Urgent Measures for the reform of the unemployment protection system, is that related to vacations.

Before retirement, the worker could apply for unemployment insurance the day after his dismissal. Now, if you have pending vacation days, you should wait for them to elapse before starting procedures at the employment agency, although this period is considered to be a listed occupation.

Take into account that:

  • The termination of the employment contract of the previous company should not occur due to voluntary termination, since it does not generate the right to unemployment.

How long can unemployment be charged?


To start, you need to contribute a minimum of 360 days to be entitled to unemployment insurance in the last six years.

The minimum period of entitlement to unemployment benefit at the contributory level is 6 months, with a maximum of two years, depending on the contribution period, as indicated in the following table:

stop table

Consider the following considerations:

  • Only periods of contribution that have not been used to collect unemployment can be counted, that is, they have not yet been computed for the collection of unemployment, both at the contributory and social security levels.
  • The quoted time corresponding to part-time, or working with reduced hours will be counted as the quoted day, regardless of the working day.
  • The period corresponding to vacations not taken will be counted as a contribution period.

What is the corresponding amount of unemployment?

The first thing we should know is our regulatory basis in order to be able to do the calculation.

The regulatory base is obtained by knowing the contribution to the contingency, to the unemployment corresponding to the last 180 days and dividing it by 180. The common contingencies will appear as a base on the payroll.

Overtime is not included for regulatory basis purposes.

Once the regulatory basis is known, the benefit is calculated as follows:

70% during the first 180 days.

50% from day 181

Minimum quantity 2018

However, the unemployment benefit will in no case be less than the following amount:

  • With dependent children (one or more): 664.74 euros, that is, 107 of IPREM plus 1/6 of IPREM, a multi-effect income indicator.
  • No dependent children: 497 euros, that is, 80% of IPREM plus 1/6 of IPREM.
  • Formula = 107% or 80% x (IPREM + 1/6 IPREM)

Maximum amount 2018

On the other hand, there is also a maximum value limit:

  • With dependent children: 200% if you have only one and 225% if you have more than one of the IPREM plus 1/6 of the IPREM.
  • One dependent child: 1,242.52 euros.
  • Two or more dependent children: 1,397.83 euros.
  • No dependent children: 1087.20 euros, that is, 175% of IPREM plus 1/6 of IPREM.
  • Formula = 175% or 225% x (IPREM + 1/6 IPREM)
  • Dependent children are considered when they meet certain requirements:
  • They are under the age of 26 or older with a disability of 33% or more.
  • They live with the beneficiary or have a legal obligation under a court order or a financial maintenance agreement for the child.
  • Lack of income equal to or greater than the SMI.

Types of unemployment


In terms of classes of employment, there are two types of unemployment:

  • Total unemployment: when the worker temporarily or permanently ceases his activity, being deprived of his salary.

Situation that can be caused by a dismissal or suspension of ERE.

  • Partial unemployment: when the worker sees his normal daily work shift and his salary temporarily reduced, between a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 70%.

This is the case of unemployment due to reduced working hours.

Why is unemployment charged?

The unemployment benefit is part of the Spanish social security that protects those who, being able and willing to work, lose their jobs or have their normal working hours reduced, offering them an economic benefit, commonly known as unemployment.


This to mitigate,

to some extent, the loss of wages he had been receiving in his previous job.

If you are unemployed, don’t waste any more time … gather your Requirements to receive unemployment and enjoy the social security that corresponds to you.

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