Pasos y Requisitos para donar pelo en España

Thanks to the people who donate their hair and who are getting more and more!… .. they are willing to help with their tails and braids to various associations and entities that make free wigs for those who need them.


Do you want to be part of this excellent initiative? … know here about Requirements for donating hair.

Requirements for donating hair in Spain

Each organization responsible for collecting hair donations has its own needs, so you must find out specifically what each one requests.


They usually request the following:

  • If you are under 18, check with your parents as you may need authorization at the place where you are going to cut your hair.
  • Be under 35 years old.
  • The length of its tail must be between twenty (20 cm) or eight (8 inches); some associations ask for a minimum of thirty (30 cm) or twelve (12 inches) to accept hair.
  • Healthy hair (which has not done much discoloration, dyeing or streaking, past, permanent or straightened).
  • Proper hygiene (that your hair is free of lice, nits or any scalp disease).
  • The wires must have the same average and direction
  • Make sure you want to donate.

Documentation for donating hair in Spain

Documentation as such is not required, except in the case of minors who may be asked for parental authorization.

If the organization maintains statistical control of donors, it may be necessary to fill it out and send it in print or online with the reference number of your donation.

Steps to donate hair in Spain

When making a donation, be sure to follow these steps:HAIR HYGIENE

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Do not put creams or other styling products, such as jellies, sprays, etc.
  • Collect the hair at the nape, if you have very abundant hair you can divide it into three tails, one at the nape and two on each side of the head at the nape.
  • Create a ponytail with a strong elastic.
  • If there is hair outside the band, they will not include it in the donation.
  • Prevent the hair from coming out of the tail by placing other bands in the center. You can also make a braid.
  • The strip should be just below the place where you want to cut your hair, so the tail must be at least eight (8) inches or twenty (20) centimeters long.
  • If you do not have long enough hair, wait for it to grow a little longer, as it will not be accepted if you do not meet this condition.
  • Go to your favorite beauty salon and cut your hair.

Where to donate hair in Spain?

In Spain there are several organizations in charge of receiving donations of hair.


For example, in Malaga, the Mechones Solidarios Association receives and manufactures customized wigs for cancer patients from all over Spain.

Cancer patients pay a small percentage or even no euro for their wigs based on their income. The social work team will assess each economic situation.

We leave here the names of several organizations, in case you want to make a donation:

  • Lines of solidarity:
  • Pekelucas – The hair bank:
  • Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)You can do this through the Spanish Association of Posticería (AEP).
  • Another option is to go to hairdressing partners to these organizations or simply state your purpose.

Why donate hair?

In Spain there are many foundations that promote this initiative and that promote the donation of hair to people with cancer, because the treatments to combat it are extremely aggressive, cause hair loss, which makes patients feel emotionally ill.

With donations, wigs will be made for both people who can afford them and people with limited resources.


To encourage you to continue with this commendable activity, here are some reasons to donate your hair:

  • Your hair grows healthy, some people don’t.
  • You will have a new and vibrant look
  • Your hair will be healthier, as it is advisable to cut it from time to time.
  • You will feel amazing helping the sick, giving something as yours as your hair is.

Associations to be a hair donor

There are associations such as:

  • Solidarity blocks: It has more than 500 associated hairdressers that are spread across the country. There they cut your hair for free if you want to donate. They, in turn, collaborate with the Aladina Foundation by donating wigs made with natural hair.
  • Pekelucas: It is a non-profit association that makes free wigs especially for girls and also runs a bank of donations.
  • Pink bracelets: This association’s project “Your hair is worth a treasure” is a solidarity initiative to help women and children who fight against cancer.
  • Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC): You can do this through the Spanish Association of Posticería (AEP), and deliver it to one of AEP’s solidary hairdressers or send the envelope by mail to the following address:

Spanish Association of Posticería, calle Sagasta, 19. 2ºB. CP: 30004. Murcia. Spain.


Common questions

When we have the initiative to donate hair, doubts arise as:

They usually require 12 inches (30 cm) minimum.

  • Is there an age limit for doing this?


There is no age limit, but it is recommended to be under 35 years old.

  • Is it safe to donate my hair to a foundation?

It is always best to check the organization where the contribution is made, because, due to the cost of the wigs, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of people’s goodwill to profit.

  • How much hair do you need to make a wig?


Approximately 14 tails are used to make an excellent wig, each of which comes from a different person with different shades of color.

  • Why is dyed hair not recommended?

The procedure for making wigs includes coloring the tails received, and to make them much more real, all tails must be processed and dyed the same color. Therefore, the hair must be strong enough to absorb as much color as possible.DYED HAIR

Gray hair, with dyes or discolorations, does not fulfill these properties satisfactorily, it is more difficult to dye them and, once dyed, they fade easily.

  • How much does a natural hair wig cost?

Wigs made with natural hair can have a value of 2,000 to 3,000 euros.

What is the maximum length that can be donated?

The measurement is made from where you place the alloy. Some associations ask for a minimum measurement of 30 cm in order to make long-haired wigs, the most requested on the market.


Many women like to order long hair wigs to get the look they had before they lost their hair.

Can colored hair be donated?

Hair can be bleached, dyed, streaked or permed … practically all types of treated hair are accepted, but this will depend on the associations and how each works.

EXCEPT TO DIE WITH HENNA (which does not absorb subsequent dyes, if needed)

The color of her hair is indifferent, although one of the most sought after is the natural blonde due to its scarcity in our environment.


Those responsible for making the wigs consider that dyed hair cannot be worked because it has different shades. If we want wigs with a more realistic appearance and a much more uniform color, this hair is not suitable because it must be processed and dyed from root to tip in the same shade.

Processed or gray hair does not absorb the dye in the same way, so it is difficult to dye it again and prevent it from fading over time.

  • If your donation goes to AECC, this association accepts dyed, gray or stranded hair.

Is a check done before donating hair?

If the hair is used by oncological associations, they will certainly have an exam to rule out any abnormalities that may affect the patients and if it passes the validation they will start using it.

What is done with donated hair?

Each organization uses donated hair in different ways, mainly the donation is made to make wigs for people with cancer or genetic alopecia.


For example, at Mechones Solidarios, custom wigs are made in a short period of time that can be up to 2 weeks; It should be noted that these Not sold.

The wig offered is of high quality and is made with 100% natural hair.

Natural hair is used because the wigs are more durable, reflect light naturally and breathe, as they do not emit heat and the scalp is more oxygenated. Its average life compared to other similar products is over 8 years and can be used frequently without problems.

The treatment that this type of wig needs is the same as the one we apply to our hair, although it should be washed less frequently and more delicately to keep it in good condition.

The so-called “EasyHair” are also made with natural hair that does not have hair in the crown, which makes them different from the others and much fresher.

Making wigs is a process that can take up to 10 hours of work.


Make a modern cut and donate your hair, you will see that you will feel good. We hope that information from Donation requirements hair served you.

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