Pasos y Requisitos para el Pasaporte en Paraguay

Do you want to start your trips abroad, but don’t know the passport requirements? Don’t worry, in this article we will tell you what steps and requirements that you must take into account for your passport in Paraguay.

Paraguayan passport

Passport requirements

What document should you never miss in your suitcase when traveling abroad?

Okay, the passport. This is due to its international importance as it is considered an indispensable document that proves the person’s ownership.

This document must also be subject to compliance with international treaty rules on the matter to which it is a party.

Simply obtaining the common passport you can enter some 103 countries without important prior procedures. Incredible, right?

Keep your passport in order. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity and are still interested in knowing the requirements for your passport, read on.

For the first time

appetizer for the first time

You must take into account that not all procedures are the same. If you intend to apply for a passport for the first time, you must take into account some considerations.

If you are of legal age, you only need your valid Identity Card and CCT which, in other words, is nothing more than the Certificate of Tax Compliance.

On the other hand, we are facing a slightly less simple procedure if you are not of legal age, since other additional but necessary requirements are needed.

To obtain the passport Then, you must present, in addition to your current Identity Card, also those of your parents or, failing that, a travel authorization issued by the competent court in the absence of a parent.

However, if both are present, simply sign the respective authorization.

Passport renewal

Do you have your valid identity card and CCT (Certificate of Tax Compliance)?

So what goes on is very simple.

Alone you should go the corresponding procedures department to obtain a new passport.

Steps to get your passport

processing steps paraguay

They are very simple, remember that the main thing is to have the passport requirements up to date.

The main thing is to go to the corresponding offices for processing this document. For these types of passport requirements, managers are The National Police Identification Department.

Before this department can manage the treatment of other types of documents such as the Identity Card or even the Police Registration Certificate.

Calm down, there are offices in this department located all over the country, you just need to find out about the one closest to your city and the opening hours to the public.

Once at the corresponding office, with the passport requirements we mentioned earlier, the next thing is to go to the service window assigned to you and fill out the corresponding form.

The rest is the photograph, which will be taken in the same window with your fingerprints and signature.

Remember that it is a necessary and mandatory requirement that you be solvent with your tax payments. Otherwise, your procedures will look a little complicated. Since you must obtain the certificate of conformity.

If you are not registered in the taxpayer register, you must present proof that you are not. Then, you must go to the identification department, where you can obtain the document instantly, as long as it is up to date.

However, don’t complicate it, this is a procedure that you can do entirely online.

Ready! Simple. The last thing is to pass to withdraw, which is personal, remember that this can only be done by the owner. There are 22 working days from the day after processing for you to pick it up.

paraguay legalization

As a last step, passport legalization is required. But it is nothing special since there are public service offices in the same Identification Department as the police. Legalization is therefore done before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also before the Ministry of the Interior.

There are certain considerations that you must take into account when processing your passport. For example, if you travel to countries like Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and even Venezuela, you don’t even have to show it.

But be careful, it is always good to have all important documents in order, such as your passport and identity card.

On the other hand, organisms like consular offices or diplomatic missions They are also in the passport processing faculty. That have cases and procedures slightly different from obtaining the common passport.

Just remember, warn in advance before performing this type of procedure so that you do not present any type of difficulty.

What do you expect to enjoy what travel abroad can offer you?

Common questions

passport procedures

Even though it is a simple procedure, many people have doubts.

These doubts may or may not be due to the procedure for obtaining the passport.

Many other people, for example, are unaware that even in some countries it is mandatory to obtain a visa to enter. The truth is that the Paraguayan passport is valid for traveling anywhere in the world.

As long as a visa is not required.

If you wish to travel outside Paraguay, the issued common or biometric passport is not your only option. There are passports that are not biometric, but are fully valid until the expiration date.

On the other hand, there are consular passports. These are granted or can be processed if you are abroad. This type of passport is printed at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and delivered to the Embassies or Consulates where you applied.

In general, the most frequent are:

How long does the Paraguayan passport last?

With a relatively short time, the Paraguayan passport will only last 5 years.

Most Paraguayan passports have a duration 5 years. Even those obtained abroad or by diplomatic missions.

However, remember that you can always renew.

Passport cost

passport cost

Determine the total cost of the Paraguayan passport even when considered one of the cheapest.

It must be taken into account that even when the document or the procedure itself is evaluated at 192,000 Gs. You must pay 171000 Gs. The day you process the document in the window or at the customer service office assigned to you and the rest when you pick it up.

On the other hand, legalization It is also a canceled procedure before each corresponding office.

Thus, for the corresponding employees to legalize and sign their passport, the amount payable is 46,000 Gs before the Ministry of Interior’s office.

And 70,500 Gs. Before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the same procedure.

Despite this, it is still one of the documents with not excessive value to cancel.

What is the tax compliance certificate?

The CCT or better known as the Tax Compliance Certificate It is one of the essential requirements for managing passports.

These certificates are completely free and are processed online. Just go to and click on Services, Applications and Certificates.

Remember that having this certificate is essential. Since it is mandatory to obtain certain documents, such as a passport, in this case, the taxpayer must not have any type of tax or accessory debt.

travel from paraguay

Don’t feel like traveling outside Paraguay. Just have the necessary requirements up to date and go to the corresponding department to process your order. Stay solvent and have your certificate of conformity on hand.

Follow the steps. If this article was of help, don’t forget to comment and share.

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