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For many young people, the option of joining the Spanish Armed Forces is one of the most temporary alternatives when they reach the age of majority; many times, many of them seek an opportunity for personal and student growth.

Through the Armed Forces, many young people and adults are trained in discipline and knowledge to be able to fight for their nation.

It is important for anyone who aspires to join the army to comply with all regulations and requirements that correspond to this training and defense center of the Spanish Republic.


Requirements for joining the Spanish army

To participate in the application process to join the Spanish Army of Troops and Sailors, you must comply with all the requirements set out in the Spanish Armed Forces entry and promotion selection regulation.

The main and most important requirements to enter are:

  1. Be between 18 and 29 years old to be able to join any of the Military Training Instructor Centers in the region where you are located.
  2. Those interested in joining the Armed Forces cannot have any type of tattoo that goes against constitutional principles, and cannot have any type of pin, inserts, rings, etc., which are visible when using the different types of tattoos. uniform within the Armed Forces School.
  3. Have Spanish nationality.

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How to join the Spanish army

To enter, you must register directly. The Armed Force is responsible for disclosing the call dates of the candidates.

Through the posts of the publications, each cycle and function can be chosen both at the academic and skill levels and, thus, be able to select the specialty by choosing the position with which you identify according to the academic skill you have.

  1. All candidates will be able to register as soon as the nomination request that indicates the dates of the tests that must be submitted for registration is accepted.
  2. This appointment can be made in person at the Defense Delegation of the city or region where the applicant resides, and can also be requested in the respective Organs of the Ministry of Defense, Civil Guard, centers and units.
  3. The previous appointment can be presented at a different location from the Defense delegation, the person responsible will anticipate the result via FAX

Call the army

Through this call you will be able to find a job and improve the degree of integration in Spanish society.

To participate in this call, you must comply with the following:

  1. You must be a citizen of one of the following countries: Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea.
  2. You must have a valid temporary residence or residence card in Spain. Until the date scheduled for entry into the Military Training Center.
  3. Be of legal age, as established by the laws of the country, to enter the Spanish Army School
  4. Not having any type of accusation in your criminal record in Spain or in your country of origin.
  5. The levels of study or degree required and equivalent to the different academic purposes must be accredited.

For this call you must fulfill the documents for the day of the presentation of the test of the academy that will have:

  • Original national identity document and copy
  • Photocopy and original document of proven and temporary or indefinite residence in Spain
  • Photocopy and original documents of study or title documents
  • If you are under 18, you must present authorization from the parent.


Exams to enter the army

  • Place the order: The application process is very complex, since you must enter the official website of the Spanish Army, the institution responsible for the execution of all applications submitted by the candidates.
  • Do the tests: These tests are necessary because they will evaluate different points of the candidates, such as knowledge in Spanish History, Mathematics, Language competence, Spanish Geography.
  • Your capacity and fitness: In this test, candidates will have to perform some exercises to assess their condition, exercises that have to do with forward trunk push-ups, push-ups and aerobic running
  • Medical exam: This exam will include the evaluation of candidates in the areas of traumatology, otolaryngology, oral, visual acuity, anthropometry.
  • Corresponding examination by the institution of Psychotechnics: This test will assess the reason why candidates wish to enter the military career, their emotional stability and will check whether their physical conditions are suitable for the performance of that career.


How much does a Spanish military man earn?

The Spanish Government is one of the governments that promotes growth youth in the Armed Forces.

Currently, the Spanish Government protects the well-being of each of the students who are appointed and selected to continue their career and obtain military training.

The wages of the Army military, the minimum wage a soldier currently starts can be between 900 and 1000 euros per month, the approximate base salary is mainly this, but as his school level increases and the student goes up, the salary may go up.

Modalities of the Spanish Army

Within the army in Spain, we can find different modalities or categories that comprise it. Among them we can mention the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, the Common Corps and the Voluntary Reservists.

To begin to develop this point, we will explain what each one is next.

The army: In the 15th century, the Armed Forces Army was created, in which the Army is part of one of its branches, becoming the arm of the Spanish Army, which is currently one of the oldest.

Two years ago there was a reduction in the number of men and women who made it up, reaching 70,000 among those who were at the command table and those who made up the troop. It should be noted that it is one of the branches that has undergone the most changes.

The location of its main headquarters (Headquarters) is located in Madrid, at the Buenavista Palace.

The army: It fulfills the function of protecting and protecting the entire maritime territory nationally and internationally together and in agreement with the external partners with whom it has established alliances.

It was founded in the late 15th century and is known for managing the famous Program Budget. Its bases are located in Cartagena, Ferrol, Las Palmas de Gran Cadefender in Rota.

The Air Force: known as the Spanish Air Force, with the mission of caring, protecting, guaranteeing, defending the air territory, its integrity, as well as providing international security in agreement with foreign countries, as well as availability in case of help to preserve and maintain peace.


The common organs: refer to those that, with the help of Organs specific bodies that make up the Armed Forces, correspond to four specifically. Their names are: Military Health Corps, Military Intervention Corps, Military Music Corps and Military Legal Corps, which are under the Ministry of Defense. They fulfill the function of centralizing different bodies for a more effective management of security.

Voluntary Reservists: are the type of person who enlist for a period of time as volunteers who commit to training in the moments of activation where they enter to develop their military capabilities, can develop a normal civilian life and answer the call when asked in case of emergency or special subpoena.

At the beginning they make a commitment that lasts three years, which has the opportunity to renew itself and choose to continue as long as it is within the age established as a requirement.

Benefits of joining the Army in Spain

All citizens who make the decision to enlist and serve in the Armed Forces are the beneficiaries of certain advantages, aids and support on special occasions that the same institution offers.

They have to purchase costumes for free.

  • They will have secure accommodation according to the regime unit to which they belong, as I have provided them.
  • They have life insurance in addition to social security, in addition to guarantee and protection in the event of an accident.
  • If you are unemployed, there are means of protection for them.
  • After 5 years of service, they have support in case they want to own a house or rent it.
  • If they are pregnant, they have special coverage and support measures during, at the time of delivery and afterwards at postpartum.
  • It gives support in terms of professional development, if you want to take a personal growth course, there are special measures for that.
  • If you have been in service for less than 5 years, you will have merit to access the Public Administration.


There are different roles within a society and this is one that deserves courage and discipline that contribute to the well-being of a nation.

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