Pasos y Requisitos para sacar cedula azul en Argentina

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

The Blue Card is known as a document that a vehicle owner can authorize a third party to drive with. Below we present a series of steps and requirements necessary to obtain this card.

Requirements for obtaining the blue card in Argentina

The requirements you must submit to process the Blue Card are as follows:

  • You must present an identity document that can be DNI, LC or LE to attest your similarity. If the identity card is requested by the titleholder or legal representative, it must also present proof of legal personality.
  • You must also complete a form issued by the secretariat and called “Form 02”, which must be completed as follows: first in the “observations” section, you must indicate the identification number of the person authorized to drive followed by the DNI data, surname and name of the citizen to be authorized.
  • In addition, you must attach a letter with a statement in which you describe that the car owner is not exempt from liability for damages that may be caused to the car. This letter must include the applicant’s clear signature.

If the blue card is processed for a vehicle intended for taxi, the identification processed will have a stamp specifying one of the two characteristics mentioned.

Likewise, the owner or holder of the vehicle can request that the Blue Certificate be canceled at any time.

blue card

Procedures for obtaining the blue card

In order to manage this procedure, the owner or owner of the vehicle must appear at the DNRPA known as the National Directorate for the Registration of Automobile Assets and a credit guarantee in which the vehicle must be properly registered.

The processing process has an estimated duration of two business days, with the first day for sending the requested charges and the second day for the collection of the blue card.

After completing the previous steps, the car owner must make a payment that represents the cost of the procedure (the withdrawal of the requested card can be made by any citizen who presents proof of payment of the established fees)

Documents to get the blue card

The documents required to obtain the Blue Card are as follows:

  • Firstly, it is necessary to have a DNI (National Identity Document), if the citizen is over 75 years old they must present LC (Civic Book) or LE (Registration Book)
  • Fill in “form 02” with the specifications in the established order.
  • Sworn statement signed by the vehicle owner in which he is responsible for damage that may be caused to the vehicle.
  • Documentation that attests the responsibility if you are a legal entity or attorney.

Blue Card Order

Blue Cedula Argentina 2.2

The National Directorate of Land Vehicle Registration has reorganized its website where you can now request the blue card and any other vesicular document you need online, in order to facilitate the management of users and make each one of the bureaucratic processes easier for this entity. public offers.

The request can be made by entering the page the «issuing a driving license» section, continue the steps specified and, once you make the appointment, you will be assigned a specific day and time when you must take the necessary precautions to complete the process.

Once the car is registered on the said website, the national address facilitates the service of a manager if the user or owner needs to complete the process of obtaining the blue card.

Likewise, the request for a blue card can be made directly at the offices of DNRPA (National Directorate for the Registration of Automobile Goods), where consultation will also be scheduled, the day when you must present the established requirements, complete the process and finally, you will be informed the day you can retrieve the requested document.

Shelf life

Once the blue card process is completed and the document is issued, it does not have an expiration date, but it expires as soon as the car for which this procedure was administered is sold, transferred or transferred to another citizen.

Who can apply?

The Blue Card can be requested by the owner or owner of the vehicle, as well as by a person duly authorized to perform this procedure. In the case of a condominium, consortium or similar, the process can be concluded by any of the partners with a document specifying that the applicant has part in the ownership of the property.

Blue card cost

The cost of obtaining the Blue Card is free. If the ballot is requested, the certificate is certified only once. The so-called “Form 02” is free if it is signed and made at the same time before the corresponding Register of each agency.

Which automotive registration corresponds?

Registration in the DNRPA system (National Directorate of Car Ownership Records) for the blue card application can be made for any vehicle in the private, private, taxi, remis, official or public car park.

Blue card benefits

The blue card guarantees road safety with the group, as well as with the vehicle owner and the third party authorized to drive it, also allowing citizens who transport the vehicle to always be identified as a whole to the good that accompanies them.

This document will allow the owner or the person who owns the car to temporarily cross over to a neighboring country.

In addition to the information and data provided for obtaining the Blue Card in Argentina, you need to know the following aspects to take them into account if you need to:

  • This document will not match or replace the issued identification card that identifies the car.
  • You can process as many blue cards as needed to authorize multiple people to drive the same vehicle. For example: if only one person owns the car, they can authorize the use of the car to as many people as they deem convenient, so each person duly authorized must administer the blue card.
  • The blue card is a document that gives security to the owner and the third party authorized to use it.
  • In case the blue card is processed for a car intended for taxi or remis, the identification processed will have a stamp specifying one of the two characteristics mentioned.
  • Likewise, the owner or holder of the vehicle can request that the Blue Certificate be canceled at any time.

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