Pasos y Requisitos para ser Alcalde en Perú

A mayor or mayor holds a public office on behalf of a municipality in which he runs a city for the benefit of the population. Would you like to be one? So keep reading, because we’re going to show you Steps and requirements to be mayor of Peru.


Requirements to be mayor in Peru

O requirements to be a mayor in Peru are as follows:

  • The applicant must be Peruvian by birth or have a minimum residency of three years in the region in which he is applying.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be a practicing citizen and enjoy the right to vote.
  • If the candidate is a native of Peru, he must have been born in the electoral district of the region to which he is applying or have a minimum residence time in the area of ​​two years.

This period must be met by the deadline for submitting applications for the registration of each candidate.

  • Foreign candidates have the right to elect and be elected, except in border municipalities. For this procedure, the foreign candidate identifies himself with the population and the law with his immigration card.

The following people cannot apply for the position of mayor of any municipality:

  • The President or Vice-President of the Republic.
  • Congressmen of the Republic.
  • Ministers and Deputy Ministers of State.
  • Judiciary Magistrates.
  • Prosecutors.
  • Magistrates of the Constitutional Court.
  • The Controller General of the Republic.
  • Members of the National Council for the Judiciary.
  • No member of the National Electoral Jury.
  • The head of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE)
  • The head of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec).
  • The Ombudsman.
  • The President of the Central Reserve Bank.
  • The superintendent of banks, insurance and private pension fund managers.
  • The Superintendent of Tax Administration (Sunat). The directors and executive members of the organizations and directors of the companies that work for the State.

The only way that those mentioned can apply for the mayor of a municipality, is that they must resign in office 180 days before the date set for the elections.

  • Regional presidents and vice presidents cannot run unless they resign 120 days before the mayoral elections are scheduled.
  • Members of the armed forces and national police are also unable to run until they have retired from office, as required by law.

Public officials who administer or manage state funds, operate them

could not be candidates 2.2

those who maintain employment relationships with State companies if they do not apply for a license thirty (30) days before the elections are held (this license is granted only upon fulfillment of the request expressly made).

Public officials cannot apply that for some reason they were suspended, dismissed or disqualified in accordance with article 100 of the Republic of Peru, nor those who suspended the exercise of citizenship in accordance with the provisions of article 33 of the Constitution of the Republic of Peru.

For any application you want to make, you must have all your documents updated, such as your identity document. That’s why you may be interested in our article on: «Steps and requirements for renewing the DNI»

In the same way that civil repair debtors registered at the Civil Repair Debtors Registry (REDERECI) and debtors registered at the defaulting debtors’ registry (REDAM) will not be able to make a popular election.

  • It will be limited The people that have a custody sentence (effective or suspended), people who have a sentence consented or carried out for committing a willful crime.

If people who intend to apply are in conditions of apology for terrorism, referring to terrorism, illicit drug trafficking or violation of sexual freedom, the impediment will apply to the causes even if the people have completed some established rehabilitation time by a judge.

People who are Sentenced to prison effective or suspended granted in the exercise of functions in any entity of the State, being civil servants or public servants, with consent or sentence executed condemning corruption or embezzlement or having committed crimes of collusion, even having fulfilled the rehabilitation established by law, they are not free to run for mayoral elections.

How to be mayor in Peru

candidate qualities 2.2

To be a good mayor in Peru the aspirant must have a full academic load a university degree that accredits you as a professional; must be aware of the laws established by the State of the Republic of Peru for the benefit of the people.

As well as the constitution of the Republic of Peru; must also have a experience in the field of legislative work, to know correctly the municipality to which you are applying and to be accepted by the population residing there.

How the mayor is elected

A mayor is elected by popular vote at the option of the population residing in the municipality in question. A proposal made by the candidate and his work team describing the government plan is included in the voting on the list.

Candidate lists can be submitted by political parties, political alliances, regional movements or political organizations established in the provincial or district city.

As the mayor chosen by the list with the most votes, the said winning list is assigned a breakdown number or, failing that, half plus one of the positions held in the city council.

The assignment of positions once the electoral process is completed is done by rounding the number up to the whole number greater than that obtained.

O candidate registration steps are as follows:

  • Registration of the political organizations to which the application is submitted, attaching the application requirements according to the type of political organization.
  • Election of candidates for internal democracy of the party they will represent, a condition only applicable to political parties. The deadline for the election of these candidates will be 180 days to 21 days before the deadline for the registration of candidates.
  • The third step is the registration of candidates by the political organization they represent. The deadline for registering is 90 days before the scheduled date for the elections.

NOTE: 30% of men or women, 15% of candidates representing indigenous communities and peoples from each province where they exist must comply with the party’s list.

Peru mayoral elections

Municipal elections will be held on the first Sunday of October every five (5) years, each district constituting an electoral district.

The municipal elections for the current year (2018) were held on Sunday, October 7, where 43 mayors were elected for the districts that make up the capital and where there were 21 lists registered to participate in the municipal elections in Lima.

onpe2.2 municipal elections

At midnight on July 19, the application deadline for the elections scheduled for October ended.

As additional information, we mention the official candidates registered as candidates for mayors:

  • Humberto Lay.
  • Enrique Cornejo.
  • Jorge Muñoz.
  • Manuel Velarde.
  • Gustavo Guerra Garcia.
  • Jorge Villacorta.
  • Enrique Ocrospoma.
  • Columbus Diethell.
  • Juan Carlos Zurek.
  • Daniel Urresti.
  • Ricardo Belmont.
  • Esther Capuñay.
  • Alberto Beingolea.
  • Jaime Salinas.
  • Carlos Enrique Fernández Chacón.
  • Renzo Reggiardo.
  • Luis Castañeda.
  • Julio Gagó.
  • Roberto Gómez Baca.
  • Pablo Silva Rojas.

Among the proposals made by the candidates and their work teams, the following stand out:

  • Administrative simplification.
  • Quality management standards.
  • Labor inspection powers.
  • Segregation of solid waste.
  • Shelter for pets.
  • Improvement and compliance with the ordinance on climate change.
  • Urban planning and development.
  • Traffic control.
  • Regulation of taxis.
  • Public bicycles.
  • Review of road contracts.
  • Fight against crime.
  • Citizen Security Observatory.
  • Gender equality.
  • Cooperation for religious organizations.
  • Culture and tourism.

Functions of a mayor

At Main functions mayor or mayor are as follows:

  • A mayor convenes, presides and closes the sessions of the city council.
  • He proposes and directs with his work team the formation of a sustainable local development plan and submits it to the approval of the municipal council in general.
  • It is up to you to approve or not the corresponding city budget.
  • Must sign contracts, agreements and perform the necessary acts for the correct exercise of the functions of the municipality.

National Regulations

municipal legislation 2.2

The rules that regulate the activities and the proper functioning of the municipalities as a state entity are the Constitution of the Republic of Peru and the Organic Law of Municipalities.

How much does a mayor earn

The homologation in 2018 according to the council nº 076-2016-MDB of December 30, 2016, establishes monthly salary for mayors of municipal entities of S /. 7,800.00.

In compliance with the law and regulations established by the State, the candidate, once elected by the population, has the duty to exercise the position of Mayor of the municipality for which he was appointed, this to the benefit of the population.

mayors of Peru

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Now that you have the steps and requirements to be mayor of Peru, Cheer up!

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