Pasos y Requisitos para ser Carabinero en Chile

Carabineros are one of the forces of order and security that are part of the Police Institution of the Republic of Chile. It was created on April 27, 1927 under its motto Strength and Order, and with its symbol two crossed cabins.

The municipal police, prosecutors and carabineros were unified under the name Carabineros de Chile, thus realizing the idea of ​​handing over the monopoly of police forces to the central state.

Its mission is to provide security throughout the national territory through primarily preventive actions, supported by a permanent approach to the community.

Requirements to be a carabinero

Know the requirements to apply for the carabinero institution:

  1. Being Chilean
  2. Not married
  3. Updated military situation
  4. Physical and mental health compatible with the profession
  5. Flawless criminal record
  6. Take the knowledge tests, which aim to assess basic skills.
  7. Minimum height for ladies: 1.60 m
  8. Minimum height for men: 1.70 m
  9. Perform physical and swimming tests, according to the minimum standards established in the specifications table
  10. Scores obtained in PSU valid for two years (Science, language, history and mathematics).


Documentation to be a carabinero

The documents that you must present to the administrative entities to be part of the police are the following:

  1. Background certificate.
  2. Updated military situation in the case of men.
  3. Original high school certificate or legalized photograph.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (from unrelated persons)
  5. Two passport-sized photos with and Ruth
  6. Medical examinations must be carried out in Santiago, they must be carried out in a particular way, this also applies to the regions.
  7. Notary declaration under the terms of articles 54,55,56 adjusted to Law nº 18,575.

How to be a carabinero?

Being part of the police is defined in the fulfillment of seven fundamental roles:

  • Social solidarity (benefits for victims of disasters and crimes)
  • Educational (publicize the laws of the republic and warn citizens of dangers).
  • Service (information to the community about location, road status, etc.).
  • National integration
  • Environmental impact.

Application process

The selection process of Institutional Referral of Personnel to join the Improvement Course

Qualifying for promotion to the ranks of Sergeant 1 ° and Non-commissioned Officer (NP3), leading, in the case of non-commissioned officers, to the title of Graduate Non-Commissioner Officer of Carabineros and to the «Higher Education Technician in Police Prevention and Investigation» ( Art. 18 of the Organic Law of Carabineros de Chile Nº 18.961 and article 73 of the Constitutional Organic Law of Education Nº 18962), it is carried out at the institutional level, upon convocation at national level.

This is based and structured, in accordance with the provisions of the Police System and Educational Model of Chile, which indicates that the modality of face-to-face improvement in the context of permanent education, represents the educational process that develops after Initial Training and allows to expand, deepen, update, enrich and complement the training received with emphasis on the application.

This process takes at least 6 months with the Director of the Recruitment and Selection Department P. 6

For the selection process, you must register mainly on the official admission page of the Carabineros school, so you must wait a period of time Four months to start the pre-selection process by the institution. This time will depend on the receipt of the documents requested from the applicant.


All men or women selected by the Escuela de Carabineros administrative team must comply with the institution’s regulations and show their performance through their qualifications.

Likewise, the prospectus that has a value of 15 thousand pesos that must be paid through a ballerina, This document must be taken at any bank by the applicant, his parents, guardians or legal representative The sale of the prospectus is carried out in person and directly with the applicant at any place of application across the country.

Career cost as Carabinero

The persons selected to be part of the institution must not make any type of payment, on the contrary, be part of the The Carabineros Training School grants to its students in fact, and monthly, a subsidy granted by the State of the Republic of Chile. For all who are admitted in the new academic year, where they can afford to pay their personal and student expenses, without having to depend on their parents or family.

Career length Carabinero

Escola Carabineros is responsible for training all students selected to study this beautiful career, which trains young people for the protection, order and protection of the country.

The duration of this career covers a period of 8 academic semesters, the first six months corresponding to an Internship Scheme, in which the student as a Candidate Officer receives the necessary knowledge in different academic areas. the (Institutional, Legal, Psycho-socio-communicational and Physical Sports Foundations), each with well-defined disciplines taught by Professors and Professors of recognized professional and academic trajectory.

At the end of the sixth semester, he graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant of Carabinero and initiated an Outpatient Regime where at this time Professional Practice will be carried out in Carabinero Operational Units and the Title Work to obtain the Academic Degree will be developed.

In this way, students entering the institution will be ending their careers as members of the Carabineros.

What is it to be a Carabinero?

It is the Chilean police that make up the Force and the Order of the Nation, Originally, it is an institution that integrates the public force in charge of giving effect to the law and fulfilling its objective of maintaining public order and internal public security throughout the territory of the Republic and fulfilling the other functions of the Law and the Constitution . .

Carabineros are a military force in the Republic of Chile, where their fundamental role is not only to enforce law and order, but also to become a society that lives and develops with social justice and equity.

To be a Carabinero is to understand this selfless and true service, goes hand in hand with a modern and forward-looking institution. Carabinero is a servant of his country and goes hand in hand with the needs of each season and season.


Carabinero functions

Its multiple functions are based on the following:

  1. Preventive: The specific work of the Carabineros de Chile is essentially preventive; that is, in anticipation of events that may, in one way or another, affect social peace, public tranquility, people’s lives and property, which is achieved through permanent active surveillance.
  2. Educational: Oriented so that the community has a conscious knowledge of the legal system. To this is added lectures in schools, neighborhood associations and social organizations, on topics of drug prevention, domestic violence, sexual abuse, among others.
  3. Public comfort: It aims to solve problems that arise in people’s daily lives. Role of National Integration Safeguard the nationality and integrity of the national territory and its inhabitants.
  4. Social solidarity: This function is mainly developed in emergency situations, such as storms, floods, strong earthquakes and other natural phenomena.
  5. Public Order Control:Once public order is broken, Carabineros de Chile has an obligation – by constitutional mandate – to restore it. He must also practice and enforce the acts of instruction and orders decreed by the country’s judicial and administrative authorities.
  6. Multiple tasks: Currently, Carabineros de Chile is not only concerned with being the guarantor of public order, but also performs several functions, ranging from the protection of our sovereignty to the care of minors at social risk: the protection of borders, the rescue of victims in areas natural disasters and the transport of accident victims in ambulance planes are just some of the tasks that Carabineros carry out to help the community. In addition, through the School Traffic Brigades and the Open School of Traffic Education they fulfill an educational and preventive role, encouraging respect for basic traffic rules.


How much do you earn as a Carabinero?

Thus, the institution informed that, like all hired workers, the remuneration starts with a base salary, taxable, taxable and subject to zone assignments, which varies according to the different levels.

According to data obtained by DNAIn the case of the supreme appointed personal call, there are 12 different degrees. The highest income base is that of the Director General ($ 721,508), and the lowest is that of second lieutenants ($ 331,634).

In the case of institutionally appointed staff, the highest income base is that of the NCO ($ 375,589) equivalent to the lowest penultimate income of the supreme nomination post The lowest salary in this post is that of the Carabinero ($ 173,099),The same remuneration as an aspiring officer student.

The highest base salary for the uniformed police officer is that of the 20th grade Student Police Officer, which amounts to $ 133,708.

The base income should be added to a series of duties, which end up being the great way to build the real salary of a Carabineros officer.

From the “trienniums”, which are bonuses for years of service calculated over periods of 36 months; mobilization and family allowances, bonuses for work in difficult areas due to isolation or high cost of living, and «ranch» or food (17% of income).

There is also an income bonus according to the category. Thus, while the general director sees his salary reduced by 46% at the top of the table, the lowest grade, Corporal 1 ° receives a 5% bonus.

On the other hand, those in the high command receive additional assignments assigned by their responsibility, the general director an additional 30%, the inspectors general 22% and the generals 17%.

Chilean pesos

Positions at the Carabineros School?

Within the School, all graduates can choose the following positions:

  • Office claimants (claimant)
  • Deputy officer (second lieutenant, lieutenant and captain)
  • Chief Officer (Lieutenant Colonel, Senior Official Lieutenant)
  • General Director. (General, Inspector General, Director General


These have various types of denominations where candidates will have to strive to obtain the classification they want.

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