¿Qué es el certificado CETA? Requisitos y pasos en Argentina

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

The moment we decide to sell or buy a vehicle we must acquire legal documentation through a series of transactions, depending on the vehicle and the type of purchase or sale, you may need a CETA certificate, if you live in Argentina, this is the you need to know about CETA.

Which is?

CETA could be defined by its acronym, Automotive Transfer Certificate, which must be demanded by individuals, undivided successions, as well as those legal entities, resident or outside the country, whose relationship is linked to the transfer of automobiles, except for self-propelled machines (agricultural, tractors, harvesters, cranes and road) – and used motorcycles located in national territory, of which they have title.

What is the purpose of this certificate?

The purpose of this specific certificate is to provide for the assignment of rights in favor of insurers, in certain circumstances of banditry acts against the insured property.

Who should sue you?

The procedure must be carried out as mentioned, by individuals, assets or legal entities.

Emphasizing that CETA becomes an essential requirement when the sale price of DNRPA is greater than or equal to $ 30,000.

Individuals exempt from fulfilling the requirements to notify the operation of motor vehicles and motorcycles:

  • National, Provincial or Municipal States and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Fixedly accredited missions, being diplomatic, with the National State, with delegated entities representing other countries, as well as chancellors.
  • Religious foundations part of subsection e) of article 20 of the Income Tax Law, text ordered in 1997, as well as those derived from it.

These exceptions should include, regardless of who the subject is, in transactions carried out through judicial measures.

Conditions for applying for the CETA certificate

When the conditions to which they refer usually occur, they are automatically obliged to communicate the transfer of motor vehicles and motorcycles:

  • In the case of a motor vehicle (car, truck, van, rural, jeeps, delivery van, bus, minibus and bus, trailer or trailer, even when they were not loaded, excluding automotive machinery: agricultural, tractors, harvesters, cranes, road machines ) or a motor vehicle (mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, automobiles – motor or motor vehicle, tricycles and quadricycles with motor) used and located in the country.

How to achieve this?

The legislation in force obliges individuals, requires in advance to carry out acts of transfer of motor vehicles or motor vehicles, the “Certificate of Transfer of Motor Vehicle” (CETA).

The CETA requirement can be fulfilled by the car owner or by any of its owners, using any of the following procedures:

  • Via internet: enter the AFIB official website using the tax code for the service “Transferable Movable Goods Transfer – Automotive Transfer Certificate (CETA)”.
  • Establish telephone lines with the Telephone Information Center (0800-999-2347), with prior verification of the legitimacy of the vehicle carrier’s data and later the identity of the “Automotive Transfer Certificate” will be communicated. to print the following certificate:
  1. Use the «Tax Code» to enter the «Registrable Mobile Property Transfer (CETA)» service for the query «Generated Automotive Transfer Certificate (CETA)» or through an inquisition without using a tax code, in this case The owner of the vehicle must be indicated, as well as the code number of the “Car transfer certificate (CETA)”.
  2. Inserting directly without the use of a tax code, where the owner of the car and the number of the “Automotive Transfer Certificate (CETA)” must be inserted.

Delegations of people residing outside the national territory can only request CETA through the Internet.

If in any previously used car operation, a registered individual appears in accordance with the provisions of General Resolution No. 2,032 (customary in the sale of cars and motorcycles), he will be in charge of requesting the “Automotive Transfer Certificate”.

The numbering indicated in the “Automotive Transfer Certificate” to be inserted in the “OBSERVATIONS” section of the requisition that must appear in the Automotive Property Registry and Pledge Credits section for registration:

– Type 08 – Transfer Agreement – Domain Registration.

– Type 15 – Assignment of Rights.

– Type 17 – Preventive domain registration in favor of a Regular Dealer in Car Sales.


The following information is essential for obtaining the certificate:

  • Prior classification of the atomotor vehicle, indicating its domain code, brand, factory model and detailing the following aspects:
  1. Car.
  2. Trucks, Rural, Jeeps.
  3. Van.
  4. Collective.
  5. Bus.
  6. Minibus / Micro-bus.
  7. Truck.
  8. Coupled.
  9. Semi-trailer.
  10. Motor vehicles.
  11. RVs.
  • Identify the monetary value or the amount of the transfer.
  • Detail of the assignor, specifying full names, or nomenclature, CUIT, CUIL and / or CDI, as well as the amount of domain in the property to be registered. If applicable, indicate the number of owners indicating the number of CUIT, CUIL and / or CDI and the corresponding level of ownership.
  • Ownership reason level for the transaction.
  • Establish the form of transfer made for prevention in the “Assignment of Rights Type 15” Request – waiver of budgets in favor of insurance companies, in the aforementioned cases of aggression against the insured asset.
  • Tax code given that the operation is carried out as a delegation of an individual resident outside the national territory.

Steps to follow

  1. Before carrying out the motor vehicle transaction, you must enter the AFIP website using the tax code in the registered movable property transfer service (CETA).
  2. Fill in the information required by the system.
  3. Obtain the physical certificate by printing.

Where to do that?

The CETA certification procedures must be performed in the AFIP system only if there is an operation for the sale of a used car and previously evaluated in Argentina for a cash value equal to or greater than one hundred thousand pesos.

This process is done digitally through the AFIP website

Common questions

What is the cost of the procedure?

The transaction is completely free.

How to register on the AFIP page?

First, enter the DNI data, to obtain a digital tax key and CUIT. After that, you must register with the taxes and start the activity.

What are sectional records?

Since the last February 12th, 2019, the remittance of the CETA identification number will not be required in Type “08”, “08D”, “17” and “15” requests, which are used to make requests for transfer procedures . Then, Sectional Registries must:

  1. Proceed to validate the originality and certainty of CETA, this process is done through the registration in the Single Automotive System (SURA).
  2. Make sure that the information about the transferring vehicle and the acquirer’s data correspond to the registered records.
  3. System validate the issued CETA.
  4. If previous checks produce an inconsistent or contradictory result, the transaction must be monitored. Regardless, it is considered that the cases in which there are minimal differences in the data identifying the asset or the intervening parties, the domain number or the respective CUIT, CUIL or CDI are not considered to be the cause of observation.
  5. If the registration process is given a green light, it will not be essential to check the validation of the CET in File B, since it will be automatically stored in the AFIP and National Directorate systems.

If I buy a car, should I apply for CETA?

Not being necessary, the CETA becomes an indispensable requirement at the moment when a person wishes to carry out a sales operation or assign a used motor vehicle or motorcycle.

If it is active in the register, does it mean that it is subject to some form of verification or control?

Those who assume themselves as purchasers are required to present the “CETA” to the person responsible for the Sectional Registration to formalize their registration.

In short, CETA is a certificate to fulfill a requirement in case the purchase or sale of a vehicle in the agreed amount of $ 30,000 can be obtained in different ways, through AFIP and is a good guarantee for our car.

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