¿Qué es el certificado de fe de vida y cómo se tramita?

Friends, below you will find information about What is the life certificate and how is it processed?, It is a mandatory procedure, but very simple, whether you are in Spain or abroad.

Which is?Faith of life

The life certificate is a evidence to prove that a person is physically aliveIn addition, it attests to your marital status, whether you are married, divorced, single, widowed or separated.

In the situation of ask for a pension or receive itIt is mandatory, because it shows that it is the retiree who is receiving and making use of the benefit.

O not presenting it may lead to the suspension of the benefitUntil it is proven that he is really alive, it is a way to prevent fraud or embezzlement.

This document is also requested for the nationality process or for marriage outside of Spanish territory, although, in this case, the marital status can be justified by declaration of the interested party or by a certified document.

How to get the certificate?

The way to get it is face to face character, serving Civil registry nearest home address, it is also possible to before a delegation, where the Judge of Peace will issue the certificate.

If there is a physical reason that prevents the act of presence, another person can go on your behalf, demonstrating through a medical certificate, within a maximum period of fifteen (15) days after its issue, the health situation that does not allow the presence, as well as any other document that justifies the situation.

If you find living in a foreign country, The processing of the Life Certificate is carried out through the Spanish Consulate, authorized in the country where you are located, we suggest consulting the website of the corresponding Consulate, to know the times and procedures of the process.

For the demonstration of the marital status, only the document corresponding to the marital status is required, for example, the marriage certificate that attests to the marital status of married.

Necessary documents Faith of life

As it is a document with special characteristics, as we have already said, you must attend the Civil Registry nearest, presenting:

  • The original of the National Identity Document
  • The Family Book, if you have

If I were physically prevented from making his presence, who performs the procedure on your behalf should go with:

  • The photocopy of Representative’s national identity document
  • The photocopy of Representative’s National Identity Document
  • Recent Medical Certificate, within fifteen (15) days of issue.
  • Some other document that serves to justify the state of health preventing you from showing up.

To certify marital status:

  • Photocopies of Certificates or certificates of marriage, divorce, death of spouse, single letter, according to the corresponding case.

To apply for the Consulates You should consult the one that corresponds to you, however, in some cases it may be necessary:

  • Be registered with the consular body
  • Spanish passport or national identity card for Spain or the country where you are

The procedure for obtaining a life certificate in Spain is very simple:

  • Locate the Civil Registry closest to home
  • Introduce yourself with National Identity Document and corresponding documentation, depending on the case, during office hours
  • Tell the employee the reason for your presence so that he can facilitate request form.
  • Complete the form and give it to the officer
  • Introduce yourself on the date indicated to withdraw the certificate of faith of life

What is it for?

First, for show that the person is physically alive.

It also serves to fulfill the requirements of some procedures related to Social Security, as is the case with pension collection.

If you are living in Spain, must be attentive to communications sent by Social Security Notifying the deadline for submission of the document in the places they designate.

Spanish Social Security retirees with residence outside Spanish territory I owe present annually, in the first quarter of the year, a certificate confirming your experiential status.

In this case, the certificate is issued by the Spanish Consulate in the country where you reside, and this will ensure that it is received by the competent body in Spain, it is also valid the certificate issued by an official authority in the city where you are, the document must be sent to the respective Spanish Social Security.

We suggest contacting the accredited Consulate to inform you of the procedures and tools available to you to carry out the procedure..

In short, the presentation of Vital Faith Certificate, at the time established by Social Security, avoid suspension of payments corresponding pensions.

This document is necessary for the beneficiary to continue receiving the pension allowance, as a guarantee to the Spanish government, what the benefit is serving its purpose, as it is, providing help or financial support to the recipient, without risking being diverted to other people.

Faith of life

Question 1: To apply for a Life Certificate, should I go to the Civil Registry where the birth registration was made?

answer 1: You can apply for a Life Certificate at any Civil Registry, suggesting the one closest to your residence.

Question 2: My dad can’t go to the Civil Registry, what do I do?

Answer 2: You or another person of your trust can represent you, appearing at the Civil Registry, with a copy of the Identity Document of both and a Report or Certificate that justifies your immobility situation, with emission of less than fifteen (15) days, if you have Please present another document proving the disability.

Main civil records

Among the main records, we have:

  • At the A Coruña, we will find that of A Coruña, located in Plaza de Vigo with Emilia Pardo Bazán, No.24, Tlf. 981185149, also Ferrol located in Rúa de La Coruña, nº 55, Telf. 981337355, that of Santiago de Compostela at the address Rúa de Viena, s / n, Tel. 981540370.
  • At the Lugo, in Armando Durán, Tel. 982294761, you can also find the Blackmailed located at Plaza de Galicia, Tel. 982889332; Monforte de Lemos, at Avenida de Galicia, nº 48, Tel. 982889382; Sarria, in Rúa Mayor # 1, Tel. 982889469.
  • In the province of Ourense, located in Velázquez, Telf. 988687009, we will also find Celanova at Plaza de Cervantes, nº 4, tel. 988687544, Or Barco de Valdeorras, at Avenida Eulogio Fernández, Tel. 988687489. de Ribadavia, located at Plaza Maior, Tel. 988470728.
  • In Pontevedra, on the Avenue. Francisco Tomás y Valiente, Tel. 986805767, also Sanxenxo , located in Emilia Pardo Bazán, nº 3, telephone 88620608; at the Vigo, Calle de Lalín, # 4, Tel. 986817505 and 986817504.
  • At the Asturias, let’s find the Gijon at Plaza del Dean Eduardo Ibaseta, Tel. 985 175 512, in You see, located at Plaza Jardines del Ayuntamiento, Tel. 985466869, in Oviedo, in Comandante Caballero, # 4, Tel. 985968783.
  • Among the Civil Registries of Basque country, we will find in Alava, in Victoria Gasteiz, located at Avenida Gasteiz, nº 18, telephone 945004879.
  • At the Catalonia, specifically in Barcelona, We will find Badalona, Santa Bárbara, nº 64, telephone 934648610; at the Barcelona located at Plaza Duc de Medinaceli, nº 2, tel. 934120474, that of Sabadell, at Avenida Francesc Macià, 34-36, Torre 1 Eix Macià, Tel. 937454218, in Terrassa at Rambleta Pare Alegre, No.112, Tel. 936932911.

For more access to information Justice ministry

Faith of life

If it is now easy for you to obtain it, we can expand your knowledge with our guide What is the life certificate and how is it processed?, avoid the rush and move on.

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