¿Qué es el certificado de supervivencia y como realizarlo en Argentina?

Retired and retired friends, meet What is the survival certificate and how to do it in Argentina? It is a mandatory and necessary procedure to continue charging, do not wait for later.

Survival certificate

Which is?

The survival certificate is a proof that the retiree and / or pensioner it is physically alive.

Has character Requested, and are the Banking entities where the benefit is deposited, who indicate the frequency and how to do it.

In addition to being a test for banks to continue to be intermediaries between the ANSES Social Security body and retirees and / or pensioners, it is a way of avoid fraud reception and use of resources, seeking to ensure that they effectively reach the beneficiary.

Why do I need the certificate?

This document is necessary to the beneficiary continues to receive the retirement and / or pension allowance, with this life certificate, as it is also called, guarantees the State that this resource is being used for its purpose, that is, to provide help or financial support to the recipient, without the risk of being diverted for other purposes.

In short, the presentation of this certificate of survival or life aims to prevent fraud in the receipt and use of the financial resources allocated.

What organism emits it?

The organ or institution authorized to issue it is the National Social Security Administration, ANSES, Prior compliance with the corresponding procedure, depending on the situation of each retired and / or retired citizen, can be done in person, online and by mail, using accredited bodies for the purpose.

How to achieve this?

Without forgetting that each bank indicates the form and frequency, people domiciled in the country, you have the following options:

  1. Execute the withdrawal of the amount retirement or pension through the bank window.
  2. Use the debit or credit card affiliated with the bank account where the assets are received for pay for all purchases made.
  3. Place the Fingerprint on any of the electronic devices or totems enabled by banking entities.
  4. From a Self-consultation terminal by ANSES

Survival certificate

  • We suggest that you review the conditions of the banks and complete the process in a timely manner according to what they determine, to prevent payment and / or collection from being interrupted.

Retirees and pensioners with residence outside the country, should contact the Argentine consulate or embassy in the country where they are domiciled, usually in these offices the procedure is offered in three different ways: face to face, remote and electronic.

This must be done semi annually, in the months of February and August

Survival certificate

The main requirement that retirees, pensioners and their attorneys must have is the registration of fingerprint.

ANSES offers the system My footprintin order to facilitate various procedures, through the identity of citizens through the digitization of fingerprints.

The procedure is in person, requesting turn, simply presenting the National Identity Document on the assigned date and time.

In cases where the retiree and / or pensioner is domiciled abroad, the procedure is performed using a lawyer, provided that the energy is carried out in Argentina.

The steps for the proxy process can be found at My footprint.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the requirements, if you are in Argentina, when filling out the fingerprint registration you can attend any ANSES office, or bank, as well as public agencies where the My Huella system is available and present the Certificate of Life or survival

Can be displayed footprint exemption, in the following cases:

Due to wear, the footprint is not recorded: we must report the situation in ANSES for them to do the Checks Y register the exemption request, does not require medical form or reports.

The fingerprint coincides with other data registered with ANSES: the bank will be informed by ANSES about the situation, indicating that do not request the fingerprint and proceed with the benefit payment. The necessary steps to honor the information in the database will be carried out by ANSES.

When the proxy has problems with your data and cannot register your fingerprint: I owe Request an appointment and introduce yourself with your National Identity Document and Form PS 6.4 Full power of attorney, to resolve the situation.

Survival certificate

Retirees and pensioners with residence outside the country must attend an Argentine Consulate, to find out how you offer to apply for a survival certificate.

Likewise, here are the general steps:

  • Consulates with electronic authorization

There are consulates that are responsible for sending data from survival or life certificate automatically for ANSES, it is unnecessary to carry out any other management.

These consulates are: List of consulates for electronic accreditation

Retirees and / or pensioners whose attorney is a bank to do the collection abroad, and would have registered your life certificate at a Consulate electronically, They must not present proof of life to the bank.

  • Consulates without electronic authorization or through another entity before being authorized abroad.

In this case, retirees or pensioners must present proof of life, under the following conditions:

You authorized a lawyer in Argentina, they must send the original Life Certificate or Survival Certificate to the lawyer.

The attorney-in-fact, with an Identity Document, will present at the ANSES office:

  1. Original Survival Certificate
  2. Legalized copy of the National Identity Document of the retiree and / or pensioner

The certificate is valid for up to sixty (60) days after its issue.

There is no lawyer in Argentina, the retiree and / or pensioner, by mail to an ANSES office, must send:

  1. Original Survival Certificate
  2. Legalized copy of your national identity document

Banking entity is the one designated as billing attorney, the bank is responsible for presenting the life certificate at the ANSES office, without additional documents.


For a bank to be designated a collection agent, it must have the modality of “turn to the outside«

The known banks:

  • Banco de la Nación Argentina – Foreign Branch (011-065).
  • Bank of the City of Buenos Aires – Attorney for Foreign Payments (029-099).
  • Banco Patagonia SA – External Prosecutor’s Office (034-059).
  • Credicop Coop Bank. Ltdo. – Branch 099 Foreign Trade (191-032).
  • Banco Itaú Argentina SA – Legal Representative Abroad (259-050).
  • Banco Comafi – Central House Representative Exterior (299-001)
  • Banco Piano SA – Suc. Central House Apod. Outside (301-006).

In cases where the Life Certificate or Survival Certificate has been issued by an authority in a foreign country, it is possible that the legalization by an Argentine consulate and / or apostille in countries affiliated with the Hague Convention (Law No. 23,458).

It should also be taken into account that certificates issued in a language other than Spanish must have the corresponding Translation, unless your writing was on a form or spreadsheet with instructions in Spanish, it does not deserve translation.

Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Peru, Portugal, Paraguay and Uruguay, do not require diplomatic translation or legalization or Consular of Survival Certificates, because the Argentine Republic has Social Security Agreements with them

Where to do that?Survival certificate

Upon reconfirmation, the bank where the benefit is deposited is the bank authorized to indicate where and how to perform the Certification, however:

If the retiree and / or retiree’s residence is in Argentina, you can do it:

  • Bank window.
  • Any purchase made using the debit and credit card
  • In electronic devices or totems enabled by bank entities.
  • We Self-consultation terminals by ANSES

If the retiree and / or retiree’s domicile is outside Argentina, we should be contact the Consulate consult the modalities that each one offers.


The procedures for obtaining the certificate of survival in Argentine territory, they have no cost.

With the exception, if there were indirect procedures, for example legalize, hand out or translate, I know rates will be canceled correspondent according to the country where you are domiciled.

The mandatory nature of bank entities to request the presentation of the Life Certificate or Survival Certificate to retirees and / or pensioners, is based on the legal ANSES Resolution 648.

Where reference is made to the Integrated Social Security Benefits Payment Scheme approved on December 30, 2013, created with the aim of facilitating the payment mechanisms and life certificate of retirees and / or pensioners, as well as their proxies.

This Resolution 648, urges bank entities, intermediaries in the payment process, to incorporate «Biometric control solutions», in all its offices and payment centers, enabling ATMs and other electronic instruments with the technical specifications defined by ANSES to guarantee the compatibility of the systems.

It is worth remembering that it is from the year 2008 that the Law 26,425, when the Argentine Supplementary Pension Integrated System (SIPA) eliminating capitalization regime.

To know What is the survival certificate and how to do it in Argentina? and the importance of presenting the Survival Certificate or Life Certificate in a timely manner, will avoid bad times and setbacks to receive the benefit of the respective payment.

Survival certificate

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