¿Qué es la cédula de habitabilidad y cómo tramitarla?

Let’s learn a little What is the habitability certificate and how to process it?In the following, we will deal with several definitions and, when we can demand this mandatory document for several procedures, we invite you to read us.Occupancy certificate

What is the Habitability Certificate?

When we talk about the Habitability Certificate, we are referring to mandatory document that guarantees the conditions that a house must have be habitable and, consequently, can be rented or sold, to be occupied as a tourist dwelling or inn.

Among these conditions are considered installations or tubes for water flow, security for gas connections, status and operation of wiring system for electricity, all of them according to dimensions and capacity that presents the physical structure as ventilation, sanitation and lighting.

The document is issued by an authority in the area of ​​environment and housing, depends on the area where the house is located, it may be the City hall or community, through specialized personnel in the area.

The validity of the document varies according to the types and years of issue, between 10 and 25 years:

  1. Those approved before 2004 are valid for 10 years
  2. Those granted between 2004 and 2012 are valid for 15 years, as well as those granted for second occupation or remodeling.
  3. For the first occupation after 2013, they are valid for 25 years.

It is a document for housing, non-transferable.

How is it obtained?

To obtain the Habitability Certificate you must consider construction time and use or operation of the house, we will classify them as House New, place of life Old or Refurbished:

First occupation license

Also known as the Habitability Certificate, and refers to this dwelling Newly built, that is, new house.

Renewal of the Habitability Certificate

Also called the Second Occupancy Certificate, obviously the house is over 15 years old and the First Occupancy License has expired, the rehabilitated or renovated houses.

For the three types of housing, it is necessary to have a report of habitability conditions of the House signed by the architect or technician architecture endorsed by the corresponding professional association.

This report can be requested directly with the professional in question, and there is also the possibility offered by the real estate agencies responsible for selling or renting properties, which include this procedure in their offer, in addition to others.

In the case of doing it on your own, after having report signed by the architect, gather the other documents requested by the competent entity in each area, that is, the City Council, the Autonomous Communities, the Housing Secretariat, the institutions related to the Area of ​​Environment and Spatial Planning, the Directorate-General for Housing and Rehabilitation.

To deliver all documentation requested by the authorized body, the Habitability Certificate process officially begins, which will be carried out Document review and then do a home inspection by a specialized technician, this will check and approve the minimum living conditions mentioned above.

DocumentsOccupancy certificate

It should be noted that the documentation will depend on the organism authorized to issue the Habitability Certificate in accordance with location where the house is locatedHowever, in general, these documents are:

For First Occupancy License

  1. Application for printed Habitability Certificate
  2. Proof of payment of applicable duties or fees
  3. Original document of the Works and Habitability Certificate signed by the corresponding professional or technician.
  4. Declaration of new construction registered with the Property Registry
  5. Authorization for gas, electricity and water connections
  6. Municipal technical approvals for housing

For the Renewal of the Habitability Certificate

  • Application for printed Habitability Certificate
  • Proof of payment of applicable duties or fees
  • Habitability Report signed by the Professional or Specialized Technician
  • Latest receipts for basic services (electricity, water, gas)
  • Photocopy of title or document
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s national identity document

If you need the Duplicate of the Habitability Certificate, for loss or loss

  • Application for printed Habitability Certificate
  • Proof of payment of applicable duties or fees
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s national identity document

In Barcelona, ​​the responsible body is: Barcelona Housing Consortium

You can consult directly Card holders

Occupancy certificate
Document price

The cost of the document is not regulated at national level by any public agency.

Therefore, in this item, we have a situation similar to that of the documentation, because according to the geographical area where the domicile is located, the entities authorized to issue it present different pricesFor example, at the Barcelona City Hall, prices vary between 19.65 euros and 42.60 euros, with the duplicate being issued free of charge and with a 30% discount if made via the internet.

You should also take into account the cost of the habitability report signed by an architect or technician, which according to other sources could be 59 euros.

We cannot forget the option of real estate or architectural offices, which offer services for obtaining the Habitability Certificate, in packages that include the sale or rent of the house, including expenses related to all the necessary procedures.

In short, it is necessary to review the agencies that issue the document according to the location of the domicile, as well as real estate companies and others, to make the most appropriate decision.

When is it necessary to have?

Being an essential document to demonstrate that a house is adequate to inhabit it, it is necessary to have it, in the following situations:

  1. To process the sale of the House
  2. To perform a rent of the House
  3. Register the house as a shelter or residence Tour
  4. To request the installations accountant and services water, electricity and gas

How can I renew?

For the renewal of the House’s Habitability Certificate, it is necessary to the license has expired First occupation or the last license that had been administered, remember that:

The validity of the document varies according to the types and years of issue:

  1. Validity for 10 years those approved before 2004.
  2. For 15 years those granted between 2004 and 2012, as well as those granted for second occupation or remodeling.
  3. Those assigned for the first occupation after 2013 are valid for 25 years

The procedure in general starts with the report of the selected architect or technician, which must carry out a visual inspection that proves the sanitary conditions, infrastructure and basic services facilities, which allow the space to be used as housing, then gather the documentation, make payments corresponding and present everything to the authorized body according to the indicated procedure.

The time since the issuance of the Habitability Certificate is variable according to each organization, and can be one to three months, with the proviso that in some cases the application may be submitted to continue other procedures related to the purchase / sale of the housing, as well as the request for services.

Is an occupancy certificate the same as a second occupancy license?

The second occupation license or certificate is the renewal of First Occupancy License o Habitability Certificate, that is, the house is already over 15 years old.

It should be noted that the term of first or second occupation Certificate or License, has the same purpose, that the house has the minimum conditions to be inhabited.

Can you sell an apartment without a certificate of occupancy?

To complete the sales or rental document it is The Habitability Certificate is essential.
When presenting the purchase / sale or rental document of the property for signature recognition, the employee in question will require the original and valid document to proceed with the signature.

Only if the property to be negotiated is demolished or completely remodeled, you can continue with the process without presenting the Habitability Certificate, but the technical report of the housing professional will be presented, with the observation that, once the work or renovation is completed, the Habitability Certificate will be issued for the new home.

How and when to request a duplicate?

We will request the duplicate when loss or loss we do not have the original Habitability Certificate, as long as it is not expired.

In some authorized bodies, only by printing the duplicate of the application and making reference to the occupancy certificate, the issue is free.
In others, it is mandatory to present the purchase / sale document or the lease or the last three rent payment receipts, as applicable.

We hope that with these few lines you will have knowledge What is the habitability certificate and how to process it? so that, when required, it is easier to process.

Occupancy certificate

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