Realiza el certificado de nacimiento en el RENAP – Guatemala

As every boy or girl has the right to identification, one of the first documents processed for this is the RENAP birth certificate. Discover here everything you need to get here!

RENAP birth certificate

And the birth certificate?

O birth certificate It is a document that says the birth of a boy or girl, in turn this document raises various data related to the birth of the new human being, such as the name of the parents, where the day and time of birth was born, among other data.

This document is issued by National Personnel Registry RENAP, which is the institution in charge of Guatemalan identification documents.

What is the document for?

The usefulness of this birth certificate issued by RENAP It can be through several procedures, since in this document you can appreciate the origin of a person, something that is requested by several institutions that need to know the data of the people who are registered in them.

In turn, the birth certificate can be requested by any of the following:

  • Enrollment in educational institutions.
  • Request to DPI Personal Identification Document, in case the document is used for the first time.
  • To process the passport.
  • In the case of a person want to marry or divorce.
  • O birth certificate You may also be asked to claim an inheritance.

What is RENAP?

The organization RENAP, which is better known as the National Register of Persons, is an autonomous institution responsible for civil registration of persons, where the identification of individuals is made.

Make a birth certificate at RENAP - Guatemala

This institution is where the DPI Personal Identification Document, which is the identity card of Guatemala, a document that identifies a person specifying his nationality, his date of birth and his full name.

Something that must be taken into account is that this institution also issues the RENAP birth certificate, which is the reason for explaining this topic, which is the basis on which the DPI Personal Identification Document.

RENAP is the National Registry of Persons, that is, the civil registry of Guatemala as it is known in several countries, where Guatemalans can obtain their identification documents, either abroad or within the country..

What are the functions of RENAP?

Throughout the reading it has already been mentioned that the RENAP It is the National Register of People, which mentions that it is the institution responsible for identifying the citizens of a country, but what has not been mentioned are all the activities that this register must be ordered.

Well, to remove this doubt about the other activities that RENAP carries out, let’s mention everything it really does:

  • Manage all entries for your competition, including the days to be taken.
  • Register birth, marriage, deaths, divorces, as well as changes in marital status. Everything to register Guatemalans according to their condition.
  • Problem identification documents for domestic and foreign use (Personal identification document DPI and passport)
  • Reports of the Supreme Electoral Court all people who have Guatemalan nationality.
  • Notify the Public Ministry, police and judicial authorities and other State entities, the information they have about the citizen they are investigating.
  • Keep facial and fingerprint records up to date in an orderly manner when using them.
  • Identify people who are in dispute over illegal activities.

national register of persons

What services do you offer?[/su_highlight]

It has already been mentioned of all the activities you have to do RENAP National Register of People, but it is necessary to mention what are the services provided by this institution besides the processing of the RENAP birth certificate.

The services offered by RENAP are as follows:

  • Emission DPI Personal Identification Document
  • Processing certificates such as:

    • Scanned image.
    • Registration with RENAP.
  • Preparation of the test of:

    • Not married.
    • Neighborhood.
    • Medical record.
  • Proof of denial of:

    • Emission DPI Personal Identification Document.
    • Registration record.
    • Impossibility of issue.
  • Registration of marriage, death and divorce certificates.
  • Name change.
  • Adoption procedures.
  • Registration of the minor guardian.
  • Guatemalan naturalization.
  • Domination of foreigners.

At RENAP, you can also correct any identification document, certificate or proof that has an error, so that the holders of these documents can carry out their procedures without problems.

How to process the birth certificate?

RENAP 1 birth certificate

As it is essential to acquire the certificate, this part of the reading will indicate everything that must be done to process the certificate. This document, as mentioned above, must be processed in RENAP National Register of People

O RENAP birth certificate It can be achieved if these requirements are met and the steps mentioned below are followed:


The requirements for obtaining a birth certificate are as follows:

  • DPI Personal Identity Document, from the mother and father or just from the mother if applicable.
  • In the case that the child is presented, he is presented by a person other than their parents, they must also show their DPI if they are relatives of the minor.
  • The birth certificate issued by the health clinic, the doctor, the midwife, the nurse who attended the delivery. This report must be accredited by the Ministry of Health, fire department or local authority to be valid.
  • If the report is not prepared as mentioned in the previous point, the legalization must be signed by the parents or only by the mother.

There are other requirements that must also be requested because you must comply with the Article 16 of the Board Agreement Number 104-2015 in RENAP National Registry of Persons.

  • Must show the Ornato Ticket corresponding year. Those who pay the arbitrator, the records and those with judicial resolution are exempted from the delivery of this document..
  • O Format what delivers the RENAP National Register of People that corresponds to this type of inscriptions.
  • If the application is late, it must be sent proof of payment for the procedure.

Requirements for a RENAP extemporaneous birth certificate for minors.

It may be that, for some reason or reason, the minor is unable to perform the birth certificate punctual, which makes it necessary to request more requirements as it is a special case. This is what must be delivered:

  1. DPI Personal Identification Document of the part that appears.
  2. Must be provided all necessary information from both the child’s parents and the child’s information.
  3. Proof of registration refusal for those born after 2009, issued by RENAP National Register of People.
  4. These documents must be delivered:
    1. Baptismal.
    2. Birth report.
    3. Proof from the authorities of the municipality where the child was born.
    4. Certificate or proof of studies carried out in the minor.

If there is no birth certificate, a sworn administrative statement must be submitted, witnessed by two witnesses, issued by the National Registry of Persons RENAP, with the respective Personal Identification Document DPI.

That’s all RENAP National Register of People be able to process the RENAP birth certificate

Steps to follow

Today you can process the RENAP birth certificate on the Internet, therefore, people have to be involved in various procedures just to obtain this document.

Follow the steps below to purchase this document:

  1. The first thing to do is create a user on the portal RENAP National Register of People.step 1
  2. If you are not registered, you must press the option register and fill the form.Step 2
    step 3
  3. When you are registered, login and select the option to birth certificate.
  4. When you are in the piece ask for the RENAP birth certificate, you must enter all the data requested by the system.
  5. Finally, payment is made for the procedure, with a credit card worth 19 quetzales.

With all the steps completed, the system will generate the certificate so that it can be printed.

If for some reason you are unable to complete the Internet procedure, you should go to any of the RENAP National Register of People closest to your home, with all the requirements mentioned above, in order to obtain the RENAP birth certificate.

Now that you know everything that must be done for your baby to have his first identification, just follow the instructions that we have just shown, in addition to having two options to perform the procedure that best suits your needs.

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