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If among some of your plans you are traveling and going to a nation that is a member of the European space or Switzerland and, due to some adversity in life, you do not have or do not have time to be able to request a European health card, you must request a Substitute Interim Certificate.

This procedure is simpler in terms of time, compared to the European Health Card and will be of great use when your trip does not have much time in advance to do errands and requests for documents.


What is the provisional substitute certificate?

It is a personal document, which is requested by people in Spain when they are unable to obtain a European Health Card, the purpose of this certificate is to allow Spaniards to obtain health care benefits in any European country where they are located, under the same conditions as residents. in the country they are going to, regardless of whether it is a business trip or a tourist trip.

It is a document clearly non-transferable and personal, in order for its beneficiaries to enjoy their benefits, an extension must be granted.

It should be noted that this document is totally free, no fees are charged during the registration and purchase process.

When should you apply for CPS?

The Provisional Substitute Certificate is requested only in cases where people are unable to obtain the European Health Card and need to present a specific document in the country to which they intend to travel.

It must also be requested when the person’s trip is sudden without the possibility of being canceled, which would not allow time to apply for the European Health Card.

Who can apply for this certificate?

They can only enjoy the benefits of this certificate people who enjoy this right and their favored, provided they meet all the conditions required by Spanish law, which is governed by the Community Social Security Regulation.

Apply for

How valid is the CPS?

This certificate is awarded, mainly within a period of 30 days or less.

The certificate delivered over the Internet can be valid for 30 days, if the person needs more time (6 months), he must attend the services of the Provincial Services that are adapted for the issuance of this document.

There they must present justification, delivering the necessary documents to carry out this process and demonstrate why they need your certificate for having a longer period of validity.

Before you travel it is It is extremely important to verify that the certificate covers the days that people will be abroad, because if you don’t cover them, it is better to request a new card that will fully guarantee you the total coverage of your days abroad.

The certificate, during the period of validity of use, remains conditional and its troops and favored parties must maintain the conditions in their period of use. If someone came to use it incorrectly, you must bear the cost of any medical assistance that requires, the government being able to charge you any amount wrongly received, this is approved by the Royal Legislative Decree.

This will not be valid if the trip is carried out exclusively with the purpose and objective of receiving some medical assistance abroad, if that is the subject, the social security institute must present a favorable report and later form.

How to order?

This certificate can be requested in person, by phone and via connected.

In person

People can go directly to any Social Security location and service center authorized for this process, for which they must make an appointment days in advance. Another in-person option is to go to any of the Provincial Directorates of the Social Institute of the Navy, the latter only when it is necessary to deliver documents that attest to the right to export these health benefits, even when the trip is sudden and cannot be . delay.

Via telephone

One of the easiest ways is to request it by phone, through the telephone security service that provides social security to the citizens who need the service. To request your certificate you should contact the number 901 16 65 65 that belongs to pensions and several other benefits, just dial the number indicated on the website where you are.

Via Online

The request can be made via the internet, only if you request it in cash and the document holder, who must have access to the social security page, with a digital certificate, which guarantees to the interested party that the diligence carried out is totally safe and secret.


Regardless of which of the two cases is involved, this certificate will be obtained almost instantly, but the advantage of going in person is that it can be delivered on the same day that you attend according to the scheduled time, when ordering online you will have the option to print it wherever you are.

Citizens can apply for it at:

On here


In this way, the procedure can be requested 24 hours a day, regardless of the day of the year, it is obtained through a digital certificate number, DNI or email, it can also be requested through the MUFACE phone applications or any indicated means in articles 16 of law 39 of 2015.

In any of the previous forms, the citizen can apply for his Provisional Replacement Card and, if he already has it, he can make the request of his beneficiaries, and he can also give authorization to his beneficiaries of legal age so that he can make future requests on his behalf. , if applicable, MUFACE must request the original authorization which must be written by the person authorizing it, it must contain the name and affiliation number as well as the name and RG of the authorized person.


You only need to login with your identification number that will direct you to your social security page.

Enter your address.

Fill in all the information required for online registration.

Keep your tax address updated to match your social security number.


A request must be made first through the Electronic Registration for issuing the Substitute Temporary Certificate. You do this by entering the following page:

click here

Step 1

You must click where it says «Certificate application> provisional replacement»

Then, you must provide your data.

Step 2

After completing this task, a user is created plus a fixed key or password that can guarantee good security for your account, followed by the page will send an SMS to your cell phone with a special security code to validate the registration.

You must enter the province to which you want to complete your document process and where you want to forward your order.

For security reasons, your session will have a limited time to remain open, if that time expires and you have not yet completed the process, you must log in again and start until the procedures are completed.

As a general and fixed rule, all documentation attached to this order cannot exceed 5 MB of memory.

At the end of this procedure, an appointment will be made in the province you have chosen, where you must appear on the day indicated, you must take with you all the documentation that justifies your trip and the data provided by you, if everything is in order and if it is correct , you will receive your replacement interim certificate.


In the rare case that you do not receive a message that confirms your document, or that indicates an error, the person must perform the due diligence at another time or by other means.

In which countries will the certificate serve me?

This certificate is valid in several countries, as Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia, France, Finland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden.

Valid countries

Some of the countries on the list may establish some systems for reimbursement of capital or partial payments, which is why certification officers have to investigate this before making any kind of travel where they require the use of this document.

On the conditions imposed by each country with regard to the provision of health care, as the rules of the country of destination will be applied to both visitors and residents.

When a holder of the Substitute Interim Certificate If you receive help in a country that has a reimbursement-based regime, you can request a refund of the amount paid, which is obviously in accordance with the regulations.

We hope this information has helped you! Greetings.

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