Realiza la certificación de tus estudios en el MINEDUC de Guatemala

Complete the certification of your studies at MINEDUC in Guatemala, In the following lines we will address the provisions of the Learning Assessment Regulation to obtain the certification of studies, do not stop reading it, it is very interesting.

Certificate of studies

What is MINEDUC?

Corresponds to the acronym of Ministry of Education from Guatemala known as MINEDUC, is the institution that administers the country’s educational system, through the provisions of the legislation on educational services for Guatemalans.

Your duties?

The functions of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala are established in the Executive Body Law, specifically in Article 33, corresponding to:

  1. The formulation and management of educational policies, taking into account the quality and scope of public and private education services, under the terms of the law.
  2. Organize and implement plans according to the technical standards of education infrastructure in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing.
  3. To care for and encourage the integral development of people through the educational system and the State, based on the constitutional principles of respect for life, freedom, justice, security, peace, excluding races, languages ​​and cultures that coexist in the nation.
  4. Organize and manage, together with other entities in the educational and university sector, the necessary resources for the constant improvement of the educational system at national level.
  5. Manage, control and monitor the timely operation of national literacy programs, as well as research and evaluation programs, training of teachers and faculty, educational planning and adapting education to the diverse realities of the nation’s regions and ethnic groups.
  6. Organize and encourage the creation of educational commissions, school councils and any other group for the promotion of educational self-management and the decentralization of economic resources for educational support services in all official public schools, recognizing them as legal entities in the approval of their statutes.
  7. Apply subsidies in a decentralized manner for the creation, production and printing of texts, educational materials and services to support education.
  8. Ensure the decentralized application of scholarship and scholarship programs awarded by the State.

What services do you offer?

In the Electronic Services Directory, they are classified as:

Citizen services

  • School record consultation
  • Contract Status 021 Teachers
  • Authorized Educational Center
  • Authorized Academies
  • Consultation and printing of titles and / or diplomas of the diversified level as of 2007
  • Registration of complaints, suggestions and comments

Services for the private sector and companies

  • Consultation of records of degrees and / or diplomas at a diversified level in 2005.

Employee Services

  • Monitoring of job appointment at the Ministry of Education

How to apply for the study certificate?

According Learning Assessment Regulation, Ministerial Agreement No. 1771-2010, of July 15, two thousand and ten, in Chapter 13, Articles 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 refer to the issuance, form and frequency of study certificates and diplomas at different levels of education.

Article 35 states that Study Certificates will be issued by the Board of each educational center at the end of each academic yearUsing the models that the Ministry of Education created for the purpose according to each approved level of education.

In Article 36, reference is made to Pre-school education level, Where a certificate confirming the presence will be issued activities that correspond to this educational stage.

Article 37 mentions the Levels of Elementary School and Basic Cycle of High School, when if they deliver diplomas after completing and approving these steps.Certificate of studies

O Diversified High School Cycle, is regulated in article 38, which indicates that Upon completion of this level, degrees and diplomas will be awarded issued by the Departmental Education Directorate in your jurisdiction, thus accredits the approval of the degree.Certificate of studies

In Article 39, reference is made to the mandatory compliance with the specifications issued by the Ministry of Education for processing and requirements for obtaining certificates, titles and diplomas.


Each educational level is necessary to comply with the approval provisions specified in Chapter 8, articles 17, 18, 19, 20 of the Learning Assessment Regulation.

They define the minimum achievements of approval or progress of each level, understanding as approval the use of the learning attributed to each educational stage.

At the Pre-primary level, a report is made for each student in the progress made in each area worked on, everyone approves.

To the Primary and secondary education levels, the scoring method is used, where the the minimum pass is sixty (60) points in the evaluation activities carried out by each unit or bimonthly.

This condition of minimum grade for approval extends to the final grade of the academic year, taking the average of the grades of each unit or two-month period.

PrimaryCertificate of studies

The conditions for promoting students to the immediate higher degrees are established in the Learning Assessment Regulation, in its Ninth Chapter (9), in articles 21, 22, 23 and 24.

At the Pre-primary level, the promotion is automatic for the immediate upper cycle, that is, for the 1st year of the Primary education level, with the obligation to be at least six years and six months old at the beginning of the school year.

Once the level of primary education begins, they are promoted according to the following conditions:

  1. From the 1st to the 3rd grade, obtaining a minimum score of sixty (60) points in Mathematics and in the Communication and Language sub-areas, in addition to the same minimum score in the average of the results of the other areas.
  2. From the fourth to the sixth year, passing at least sixty (60) values, on a scale from 0 to 100, in each of the areas and subareas.

First CicleCertificate of studies

In Guatemala, secondary or high school starts with a Basic Cycle this goes from first to third year.

After completing this phase you can choose to enter the top levelas long as you have one minimum of sixty (60) points in each of the subjects concluded.

This first cycle takes place as general training and professional guidance, since the graduate has formal criteria as a person, as a citizen, as a member of a family and as a country, with the capacity to be productive.

DiversifiedCertificate of studies

The diversified cycle corresponds to second cycle of high school, is recognized as the professional qualification, you can have a two or three year duration depending on the career or profession of choicein the areas technical, agricultural, commercial, industrial or service, such as education.

This cycle also bases its minimum pass at sixty (60) points, on a scale of 0 to 100, in each of the subjects of the corresponding study plan.

The graduate of the diversified cycle has the academic, scientific and technical tools that will support him for his insertion in the labor market or continuation of university studies.

Steps to follow

How can we see, the certification of studies of diversified secondary and primary education levels, must be carried out before the direction of each educational institution.

However, this application process is not very frequent, since the responsibility for delivering the study certificate to the student’s parents or representatives is the management of each educational institution, through the designated teachers and according to the timetable. school.

To the emission of degrees and diplomas of the diversified cycle, as we discussed in the previous paragraphs, the Departmental Department of Education, is responsible for printing, after checking the school record of each student, which was handed over by the director of the educational center that provides careers.

Currently, the Ministry of Education, in its offer of Electronic Services, makes available to the citizen the possibility of monitoring the printing of titles and diplomas of the diversified cycle since 2007.

Performing the following steps:

  1. Log in electronic service portal by MINEDUCComplete the certification of your studies at the MINEDUC of Guatemala
  2. Select in Citizen Services: Consultation and Printing of Diversified Level Title and / or DiplomaComplete the certification of your studies at the MINEDUC of Guatemala
  3. Fill in the requested information and select LOOK TOComplete the certification of your studies at the MINEDUC of Guatemala
  4. The screen will show the status of the consulted document

We hope that the information in Make the certification of your studies in the MINEDUC of Guatemala is useful, we salute you

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