Requisitos para Abrir una Cuenta en Bancomer

Do you want to be part of the largest bank in Mexico ?, For those looking for experience, quality and diversity of options in terms of bank and superior service, the most satisfactory alternative would be Bacomer.

A bank founded in 1932 as Banco de Comercio (Bancomer), positioned itself as the largest financial institution in Mexico, with 37,440 employees, 1,794 branches and more than 19 million customers (2013).

BBVA Bancomer

If you are looking to belong to this great institution preceded by its quality and experience, here we will explain the Requirements for opening a Bancomer account and the main products they offer.

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Types of Bancomer accounts

  • Bancomer Basic Card: There is no need for an initial charge, no service fees.
  • Digital account: Is payroll account which gives you the availability to withdraw or make deposits in your account whenever you want.
  • Checkbook accounts: where you can enjoy various types of accounts, such as dollar booklet for people living in border areas or Premium Booklet unlimited.
  • Basic Payroll Card

Requirements for opening a savings account at Bancomer

  • Current identification that carries a photograph, can be: driver’s license, passport, professional proof.
  • Proof of home, for which a service receipt will be served.
  • Depending on the type of savings account minimum quantity.
  • Number active cell.

Steps to open a savings account at Bancomer

It’s very simple. Alone you must go to the nearest agency and choose from the types of savings accounts mentioned above that best suit your needs, deliver the necessary documents and the rest of the process, Bancomer employees will take care of and clarify any doubts that arise.

requirements for opening a bancomer account

Requirements for opening a checking account at Bancomer

Depending on the type of account you want to open, you will need:

  • An address certificate, preferably in the name of the owner.
  • Official photo of current identification.
  • Initial opening amount.
  • In the case of a payroll account, letter on company letterhead.
  • Have an account with or without a checkbook at BBVA Bancomer that serves as a deposit account
  • Having contracted the Internet Banking service (Bancomer.com)

Steps to open a current account at Bancomer

After obtaining the appropriate documents, go to the nearest Bancomer branch and enjoy your checking account with benefits such as:

  • Make yours payment from your computer without leaving the site where you make purchases or payments
  • Option Pay with Check online It will guide you step by step to make your payment
  • Payment regardless of times branch or company you pay for
  • Pay securely from anywhere using keys and your mobile or physical token

Requirements for opening a business account at Bancomer

The requirements for obtaining a business account at Bancomer are:

  • Copy of identification Current employee and with photograph of the legal entities responsible.
  • Address certification of business managers.
  • Proof of tax address from the company.
  • Deposit initial minimum.
  • Copy of Federal Register of Taxpayers.
  • Phone number valid.
  • Copy of Articles of incorporation.
  • Power duly signed by the representatives, with jurisdiction to sign and issue credit securities registered with a notary and public registry.

Inquire with the executive who assists you about the commission amounts discounted by the bank for any action.

companies associated with bancomer

How to open a business account at Bancomer

One of the best ways to manage your company’s money is to have a business account at Bancomer. You should only take it to the branch that corresponds to you the necessary documents to open the account.

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How to Open a Bancomer Account in the United States

One of the great Bancomer’s particulars is the opportunity it gives you to open an account in Mexico in the United States. You can do this in two ways:

  • By phone or digital: FOR Through the Internet and with a mobile device, use electronic payment systems in a simple way.

In addition, if you do this over the phone, the bank will send an envelope with the necessary instruments to use the funds in Mexico.

  • In person: When taking a trip to Mexico, you can open your account the traditional way and manage it from the United States without any inconvenience.

Requirements for opening a Bancomer account in the United States

The requirements for opening a United States Bancomer account are:

bancomer in the united states

  • Digital account: You will only need a mobile device and the Bmóvil app. Access the section: Hiring an account, enter the basic information and that’s it, you will already have a Bancomer account.
  • The requirements for opening an account by phone or online are: Name, gender, state where the candidate was born, date of birth and address of residence.
  • In case of being in person, You can ask a relative to open it and place you as a co-owner, due to your foreign status. To do this, you will need the requirements mentioned above, along with original and valid copy of identification, date of birth and address.

Digital services:

  • Internet banking: make the most of your account: check your account, transactions, make transfers, pay your credit cards and services like water, electricity, gas, among others.
  • Digital tax receipt: It guarantees that it will not be violated, falsified or repeated in the validation of the folio, approval number and validity of the digital seal certificate, since the mechanism can verify the origin of the sender and the receiver.
  • Check online: Pay or purchase charged to your BBVA Bancomer account with or without a checkbook, with the security of doing so using the keys and your Cellular or physical Token immediately.
  • Bancomer Alerts: Increase your security with instant information about all your purchases and withdrawals made with your card. With Bancomer Alerts, stay on top of your account and card movements through SMS messages; You will also receive push notifications if you have Bancomer Móvil or BBVA Wallet.
  • Virtual assistance: Consult BBVA Bancomer products and services at any time from your mobile phone, with the security that we always offer with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Bancomer Line: Save time and avoid going to the agency. Now you will be able to consult and carry out your bank transactions over the phone with your voice alone, as if you were talking to a consultant, you only need your debit or credit card number and your security code at Linea Bancomer.

When you operate through our self-service menu, you do so with complete security, providing you with a folio number that is equivalent to an agency stamp.

  • BBVA Bancomer Express Box: allows you to make payments or cash withdrawals at commercial establishments or services associated with this system. Make sure that your operations are carried out with total security, in addition to being certified by the National Bakery and Stock Commission.

What are the benefits of opening a Bancomer account

Definitely, Bancomer is the best way to execute and save your money in the short, medium or long term. In addition, it offers the possibility to choose or enjoy the following benefits:

  • Have one initial contribution amount.
  • Financing conditions between 3 and 6 months.
  • Estimate of monthly contributions with established loading day.
  • Option for choose the term and goal of the economy.
  • Advice on the best way to save with Bancomer.
  • Opportunity to perform transactions via your cell phone.
  • There is no commission charge and no minimum amount is required.
  • Interest on the amount saved when meeting the fixed quota.
  • Money availability when you want it.
  • Depending on the type of account, you will receive a international debit card to conduct transactions in Mexico and abroad.


Interest is paid on completion of the chosen savings plan. You will get more information by directly visiting any of the agencies available in your area.

BBVA Bancomer’s characteristics and quality of service have transcended and grown over the years, to the point of positioning itself as one of the best financial institutions.

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It has a wide range of services with a high level of security and variety that appeals to even the most demanding user; that’s why here we provide these Requirements for opening a Bancomer account, and so you are part of an institution that will grow with you.

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