Requisitos para Adoptar un Niño en México

Adoption is a very important step for those who want the opportunity to have a child, therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is necessary to know the requirements for adopting a child in Mexico.

Regardless of whether you are not his father, being a mother or father can be anyone who makes the important and responsible decision to raise a baby.

Adopt a child in Mexico

A very high number of abandoned children has caused great shock to political leaders, a worrying situation that Mexico is going through. For that very reason, some modifications to the Civil Code were approved through the Legislative Assembly which aims to mobilize adoption procedures.

What are the requirements for adopting a minor in Mexico?

To adopt a minor you must know the different types of requirementsThere are also universal requirements for Mexicans and foreigners.

For all who wish to adopt:

  • To be over 25 years old and to have more than 17 years of difference with the minor to be adopted.
  • Certificate of good conduct issued by your country of origin.
  • The process of any couple adoption is a higher priority without children.
  • It is not necessary to have a partner to adopt a minor.
  • For couples, they must agree to adopt a minor, they must have a stable relationship of 2 years or more

If the applicant has Mexican nationality:

  • Official identification of each candidate. (Original and Copy)
  • Wedding certificate. (Certified copy)
  • Birth certificate of each candidate. (Original)
  • Residence certificate (original)
  • Certificate of absence of criminal record of each of the candidates. (Original)
  • If the candidates have children, the birth certificates of each one. (Certified copy)
  • Candidate’s Curriculum Vitale, with recent photo in child size.
  • Medical certificate from each of the applicants certifying that they are healthy, disease free and physically fit (Original and issued by a public institution)
  • Five (5) letters of recommendation of moral and economic solvency of the candidates, sent by people outside the family, (at least two neighbors) one of the last job of both, of the current job of both and / or institution. (Original)
  • Proof of candidates’ steady economic income, specifying length of service and monthly salary. (In the case of self-employment, it must be issued by a public accountant) (Original)
  • Document of acceptance of interested parties for the institution to monitor the child for adoption, allowing the social worker access to the address where she will live, committing to send medical and psychological reports and two-year reports and minor vouchers, photographs, and must notify the agency of any changes. (Original)

Baby Adoption

Have you adopted? The next step may be to know the requirements for baptizing a child in Mexico.

If the candidate is a foreigner:

  • Psychological examination approved by an authorized person from your nation. (Original)
  • Socioeconomic examination approved by an authorized person from your country, showing your identity, legal capacity, aptitude for adoption, medical-family situation, social environment, reasons that motivate you to adopt, aptitude for assuming an international adoption, and number of children who could accept for adoption. (Original)
  • Certificate of competence issued by an authorized person in your country. (Original)
  • Permission from the State of residence, which is why it authorizes the foreign applicant to adopt a minor of Mexican nationality and that that State has no inconvenience in authorizing the entry of the minor or minors in the applicant’s country and granting the nationality of adoptive parents. (Original)
  • Document issued by an authorized person in your country attesting that the adopted child will be monitored to verify the child’s physical, educational and emotional conditions. (Original)

What is the procedure for adopting children?

Adoption process

For better information, the couple can enter this site, National System for Integral Family Development, and consult a file where you can observe the different requirements, documents and procedures that must be done first.

It should be known that this it is a long process and it can take about 6 months to 1 year and possibly even longer to process the application, basically this process is divided into 2 phases, first the administrativeand second phase judicial.

  • Once the idea of ​​wanting to complete all the procedures was finalized, we started going to various government agencies and depending on the state in which it is. Likewise, several appointments and some minor expenses must be made in certain documents and tax units.
  • After an interview with the competent civil servants, the necessary requirements will be met, candidates will be submitted for approval and if the request is positive, a minor will be designated.
  • Subsequently, after the requirements have been collected and, mainly, a declaration of suitability has been obtained and the minor has been assigned, the process of judicial adoption by the Family Judge of the first instance of the domicile where the application is submitted begins.
  • After the judge has issued the order, if it is positive, the minor will have been granted.

Where can I adopt in Mexico?Adoption Center

In Mexico, there are many places where these processes can be started, following step by step the Requirements to adopt.

sand you can find institutes or foundations in different locations depending on the state.

Here some Adoption centers in Mexico:

  • Sun’s house
    Tel +52 222 2480595 / + 52 222 5141778 Avenida del Sol No. 2910 Centro Comercial Puebla, Mexico.
  • Quinta Carmelita Foundation, IAP
    Tel. +55 54 89 16 83 / + 55 54 89 17 08 Callejón Abasolo No.12 Colonel Pueblo Santa María Tepepan, Delegation of Xochimilco, CP 16020, Mexico City.
  • Children’s joy
    Tel. (442) 248 3655 Sierra de Zimapán No. 40 Col. Villas del Sol.

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