Requisitos para Bautizar a un Niño en México

Word baptism comes from latin «Baptism», which means immersion. It is the tradition of the Catholic Church and its followers to baptize children shortly after birth, as a symbol of God’s forgiveness in relation to original sin and / or personal sins if they are adults.

requirements for baptizing in Mexico

It is important to keep in mind that Catholic churches always request essential documents to baptize a child in Mexico, in order to maintain a parish register, which certifies the fulfillment of said requirement and, in addition, indicate the date and time of said act.

Below, we show the procedure and the Requirements needed to baptize a child in Mexico.

Requirements for Catholic Baptism in Mexico

O baptism in mexico Apart from the spiritual significance it has for its faithful, it does not represent a fundamental requirement, because in recent years it has been a very controversial topic that remains in the opinion of parents and how deeply rooted the Catholic religion has in its customs and beliefs.

As they do not have a filter referring to religious issues for carrying out procedures in legal matters, the only case in which the issue is reflected is in the religious sphere in which proof of baptism if it is essential.

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The commitment of the child and his parents to the sacrament represents the faith that they have towards the Catholic Church and Godtherefore, it is more serious than any promise made in the course of his life, which is why the basic and essential requirements are required to proceed with the child’s baptism.

The requirements or responsibilities are as follows:

  • Both parents must be engaged with the Catholic religion and its beliefs.
  • The parents of the child to be baptized cannot have acted contrary to faith that the church preaches.
  • That the child’s parents are a good example for society, that is, that they are honest people in the society in which they operate.

Requirements to be a godfather of baptism

Being a child’s godfather or godmother represents one of life’s most important commitments, because that person together with the parents will be responsible for introducing and guiding the individual into religious life through the example.

baptized a child in Mexico

The duration of the functions or obligations as a sponsor are indefinite, that is, they will assume the role of second parents of the godson in a symbolic way, because under the laws they will not be able to develop as such and, consequently, they will have no financial obligation.

They must meet the following requirements:

  • Tue at least sixteen compliments.
  • Be baptized, having made the first communion and confirmation.
  • Load one life closely linked to the Catholic religion.
  • Attend lectures, which can be days of the week or weekends depending on the availability of the parish.
  • Don’t have canonical sanctions.
  • Not being a father or mother of the baptized.
  • Should be only two groomsmen, A man and a woman.

What is needed for Catholic baptism?

  • Parents they must be catholic and ask for the said sacrament before the church.
  • Parental consent or legal guardian. (Otherwise, the ceremony can be performed with the consent of only one).
  • Be example before society.
  • Commitment to raise the child in the Catholic faith, will be evaluated by the priest through previous interviews.
  • That child I am seven years old or less.

What documents are needed for Catholic baptism?

  • Registration or birth certificate of the child.
  • Copy of the official identification of the parents.
  • Godparents marriage certificate, if you are married.
  • Copy of godparents’ baptism certificate, if they are single.
  • Fill in the baptism sheets.
  • Make one economic donation to the church.

In some parishes, they request that the following requirements are met:

  • Who live near the parish.
  • Be registered in the parish.
  • Single parents must attend pre-baptismal lectures from the chosen parish.

It is important and essential to send the necessary documents for the baptism to the chosen parish at least fifteen days before the ceremony.

Requirements for Catholic Baptism for Adults

Baptism for Adults represents a personal and mature commitment about the individual’s actions before and after the ceremony, where he commits himself to God to act justly and responsibly.

For this reason, in most parishes, catechesis courses almost personalized, which must be adapted to your training and reality.

To baptize you will need:

  • Register in the Parish Register.
  • Gift for the church your own birth certificate and your godparents.
  • Show the own official identification and the godparents.
  • Proof of individual’s address to baptize and their godparents, which must match the location of the ceremony.
  • Register the proof of baptism and confirmation of godparents.
  • Attend the lectures given by the church to perform the sacrament.
  • Pay the fee requested by the parish by the concept of “Baptism of adults”.

requirements for baptism in mexico

What is baptism and why is it important?

Baptism is considered the first of the seven sacraments that a Catholic individual must perform in order to enjoy the blessings promised by God.

In other words, Catholic baptism is a religious ceremony, in which holy water is used and through it children are freed from original sin automatically consecrating him as a member of the Catholic Church.

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The ceremony takes place put the holy water directly on the child’s head, or in some cases submerge the child’s body while the godparents take the child in their arms and the priest performs the prayers giving him the blessing and welcoming him to the church.

  • O importance of baptism resides in two functions, the first is to cleanse away original sin, which was the product of Adam and Eve’s disobedience after eating the forbidden fruit

and the second Its function is to grant spiritual benefits that specifically protect children from the sins to which they are exposed due to lack of awareness.

At what age can a child be baptized?

Baptism is a religious ceremony, a sacrament, which used to be performed before the child’s thirty days of life, due to the high mortality rate of newborns.

However, currently the child mortality rate has decreased and parents generally decide to perform this sacrament. from the first month of birth to one year of age.

The church does not maintain an age limit for receiving this sacrament.

The difference is that from the age of seven people should attend some lectures or lectures given by a church priest called catechism to be baptized.

requirements for baptizing a child in Mexico

In short:

Baptism represents the first sacrament of the seven, which welcomes the Catholic Church through the prayers of the priest and the contact of holy water on the child’s body or head.

The Catholic Church has no age limit for baptism, however, its demands and requirements vary according to it.

At the same time, it is important to take into account that the choice of godparents is a decision that will be carried out for the rest of your life and should be people close to the family that represent a support for him in times of difficulty.

Likewise, acceptance of said offer represents a non-transferable commitment Because it will be responsible, together with the child’s parents, to introduce him and guide him on the path of faith, always seeking to be an example of excellence for the society in which he operates.

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