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Requisitos para casarme por la iglesia en Estados Unidos: Todo lo que no te han contado

Get married with Church It is a very important step, which should not be taken lightly, if you have already decided to do so.

So, here you can get the information you need to get married by the church in America.

get married in church

Requirements for Church Marriage in the United States

In general, there are two ways in which you can get married in churchIt depends on what the couple selected at the time.

In addition to the wishes that the couple may have, when deciding how to confirm their love, you can go to Church of your preference.

And ask if the parish priest who is there performs the marriages taking charge of the judicial procedure, in this way he has to deliver all the requirements.

Who are asked to marry for Civil In the United States, the parish priest, he will take care of all these procedures.

Since it is recognized by the state as a judge peace, if the parish priest does not bother to carry out this procedure.

The bride and groom must marry first through the civilian and after that process you can perform the wedding ceremony.

To do this at Church They must deliver the marriage certificate by civilian

According to the different religions, you will be asked requirements different, this will be exclusively due to the diversity of religions.

In the case of the Catholic faith, in any of the congregations an interview is conducted with the couple, with a representative of that religion.

In order to verify the veracity of the marriage and how close it is to religion, the requirements most requested by the church are as follows:

O procedures matrimonial

The main requirement that the churches It is the respective matrimonial process, it is a document that you must present.

This is a requirement that can be mainly processed approximately 6 months in advance, before the wedding ceremony.

In the location where you have decided that this ceremony it is preferable that this be done where one or both spouses live

For the Procedure of the file it is necessary that both couples have their certificate of baptism.

You must also have two witnesses and your marriage certificate, in addition to the name of the Church where you want to perform the ceremony.

Then you can find out the name of the priest who is going to officiate the union, they can also specify whether they want their ceremony with or without mass.

In this way, they will be able to organize their time for the rites that are required, the matrimonial process will include proof of your premarital course.

The process for delivering the procedures The wedding will start when the pastor of the church makes the interview with the couple.1

To try to see what the intentions are May possess both when both marry the church, as this must be an act of love.

Which is certified under oral and written oath, certification of baptism of the couple is to be able to verify that they have not been married before.

This is because the weddings for the church they are until death do them part, but there are times when the bride and groom are asked.

A certificate of not married both and in the case of being a widower, the death certificate of the ex-spouse.

Marriage license

The license to marriage It is a document that must be requested at the state secretariat.

Without her marriage It may not be legal, but in some places there is also a paid marriage license.

Since their codes did not provide any benefit in obtaining the license marriage for workers.

Despite the fact that in some of the The business There may be some of these protections that can be granted by the employer.

It will only be in accordance with the internal provisions of the companyIn many cases, after the wedding, there are companies that do not grant a single day.

And the few who grant it today jealous They deduct the worker’s salary, so a law has been postulated by which couples are protected.

Who just received a marriage, This is so that couples have quality time and strengthen the family base.

If the law were true, it would be recorded in the laws of the job, so that you get five days of paid leave.

These licenses can only be awarded fifteen days after seeing the ceremony performed, and the employer must be notified at least one month in advance.

In this way, whoever adheres to the standard can obtain this license paid after the wedding.

What should I do if my partner is not a Catholic or has not been baptized

In the case of one or both boyfriends has not yet been baptized in the corresponding faith, it must be requested.

A dispensation called mixed religion or also disparity of worship, if the couple wishes to marry elsewhere than the temple of their religion.

It is necessary that they request this exemption from the parish correspondent, there are a variety of dispensations that are working.

Being able to allow a wide variety of situations that can arise when the couple wishes marry.

That is why it is important to speak with the pastors of the respective churches

Pre-Wedding Course

Although this requirement is essential in some churches in others, it is completely optional to be able to get married.

This must be discovered well in advance by the couple, as in some churches these courses can last months.

Just as in others it can take days, after this premarital course has been run, it is at the end that you will receive the certificate along with the procedures matrimonial.

Only then will they be able to prove that this course has been carried out, there are parish priests who like to take exams to Checks this if there is chemistry.

Is the wedding mass mandatory?

The wedding mass is not really a application this is essential for the realization of the marriage, this is something that the couple can decide.

When planning the event, the wedding ceremony can be performed with a pasta or in the middle of the liturgy.

In the nuptial mass the consecration of wine and bread, so it can only be done by a priest.

While the liturgy it can be performed by a deacon as long as the mentioned ceremony is not performed.

  • With respect for witnesses

It is necessary that the bride and groom be able to ceremony has two witnesses to take them on such acts.

And two others who are working in the ceremony religious, which gives a total of four witnesses to the wedding.

If the bride and groom only want two witnesses It is also valid, but they must fulfill the functions as if they were four.

The conditions for which witnesses is that they are not family and are people who know the couple well.

get married in church 2

These have the function of certifying that they marry only for love, they must also sign the marriage certificate.

  • They carry out the Ads to the public

The church usually asks the bride and groom to do public their wedding was previously announced in the newspapers.

The couple, at the time of the ceremony, must seal the commitment with the statement of consent of the marriage.

These are some words that are requirements mandatory, without which they cannot avoid pronouncing it since if the marriage would not be valid.

Then the priest is charged with blessing the boyfriends so they can pronounce their oath of love

The most important and last requirement is that time making the marriage union is certified with the signatures in the act.

Those of boyfriends, the witnesses and the parish priest in charge of officiating the ceremony, the minutes must contain the name of the archdiocese.

There it will work as certification that marriage was sacred.


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