Requisitos para Exportar desde Chile: Obtén la información que necesitas

Do you want to export from Chile? You’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about exports and how to export in Chile.


What are exports?

O export It is an activity in which a good is sent to provide service outside the country, favoring the economy of the sending country.

At exports They consist of the set of goods and services that are offered and sold to another country for the use of this foreign population. This is one of the market methods and activities that favor a nation’s accounting and economics. Thanks to this technique, the nation that issues the good has sent and the nation that receives the good benefits.

This is an activity that consists of the departure of goods, capital and various services that are destined for the international market.

These goods and services can be shipped by different routes, which can be land, sea or air. There are also exports of services that are not shipments of something materialized.

What is the importance of exports?

In a nation’s economy and a country’s developmentExport is a positive activity for the trade balance. This is a source of demand for the production of goods and is responsible for multiplying the product and the income of the economy.

We can highlight some of the export advantages, in order to consider the great importance that this has in the development of a country and of the exporting agent:

  • Promotes economic activity on a large scale, to generate more production with lower costs and better results.
  • Export is a source of growth and consolidation for companies that practice it.
  • Companies have the possibility to make themselves known internationally.
  • They can generate great deals that favor both the receiving agent and the exporter.
  • Among others.


In this sense, exports are an excellent way to improve the economy of a company, even in a country, where it is possible to obtain a large number of benefits and facilities that will allow the development and growth of the entity that carries out this activity.

In Chile, economic success and growth are guided or reflected in exports, an activity that assumed great importance due to trade liberalization, which brought sustained growth to this nation.

What are the requirements for exporting to Chile?

There are some requirements that must be met to implement the export, which are:

  • Be an individual or legal entity that has RUIT.
  • To apply for this activity it is necessary to have a larger scale of production and sales. What allows a market at national and international level.
  • It is necessary to act within the parameters and legislation established in the country.
  • Consult the respective foreign trade secretariats.
  • It is necessary to have carried out a previous market study at the destination.


If you take this into account, you can succeed in your export plan. It is also necessary comply with a series of documents, which are presented below:

  • Pro-forma Invoice: This document must be presented by the exporting entity, by fax, formal contract or form, which must contain all the necessary information to prove the confirmation of the deal.
  • Cargo invoice: This document must be presented with the goods, it must accompany the goods sent from the exit to the destination.
  • Shipment certificate: It is a document issued directly by the carrier, which attests to the contracting of the transport, it also means the proof of delivery of the goods.
  • Commercial Invoice: It is a document that certifies the commercial operation. It also serves to formalize the transfer of ownership of the goods to the buyer.
  • Packing list: is prepared by the exporting entity, which contains a list of volumes and a description of their contents.
  • Certificate of Origin: This document attests to the fact that the product offered originates in the exporting country.

Each of the documents mentioned above is required for export, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


How to export in Chile?

To export, it is necessary to have made a international market study before export allowing to know the market in which it will operate, apply the necessary techniques, ensuring good results.

You can orient yourself by following the steps below to be able to export in Chile:

  1. Contact entities abroad to offer the good or service to be exported. You should try to give as much information as possible and win the buyer’s interest.
  2. It is necessary to guarantee a better use in the sale, offer and grant some sample of the offered product to gain the security of the buyers. It is also necessary to accept that there are competitions on the market.
  3. The export is assured, that is, if there is an agreement to export the goods offered, the rules and parameters established by the corresponding inspection bodies must be observed. It is important and necessary that the other party involved in this process, that is, who will buy the goods offered, counts all the requested requirements.
  4. All requirements requested from both parties participating in the export must be met.
  5. Then, you should contact a customs broker to guide you through the export process.
  6. The collected documentation must be presented to Customs.
  7. Contact with inspection institutions should also be made to ensure compliance with the corresponding export procedures.
  8. Depending on how the process is performed and whether or not the requirements are met, the process may take more or less time.


What are Chile’s main export products?

The following is a list of main export products in Chile:

  • Copper: Copper ores and concentrates, Refined copper and copper alloys, unwrought.
  • Fillets, fish meat.
  • Chemical wood pulp with soda or sulfate.
  • Cars: Tourism and other types of cars. Also goods vehicles.
  • Oil: oil or bituminous mineral oils, crude oil.
  • Radiotelephony or television transmission apparatus.

If you want to know more about Chile’s export products, visit on here.


What are the main destinations for Chile’s exports?

O Chile’s main export destinations They are :

  • China.
  • United States.
  • Japan.
  • South Korea.
  • Brazil


It is important to consider the content of this article to ensure successful results.

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