Requisitos para obtener un crédito en Nacional Financiera: Documentación necesaria

Certainly in everyday life It is very important to have a certain amount of money for the purchase of various items. This will help us with personal and family support at home.

Further this capital can be used for various purposes as well as a company’s investment. This capital can be acquired through different methods and forms, one of the most common is through bank loan.

Credits from Nacional Financiera Mexico

This method despite being one of the most common It can be a big problem if the necessary measures are not taken. For this system of financing, despite being very profitable, can be deadly for business and investment.

It is important to note that this system has become popular over the years and has gained confidence among current entrepreneurs. However, we want to tell you how to process a loan at Nacional Financiera quickly and efficiently.

Requirements for obtaining a loan at Nacional Financiera

First resort It is relevant to start with the requirements for obtaining a loan at Nacional Financiera. However, you must keep in mind that they are of vital importance in completing this process.

Persons wishing to acquire a loan must comply with the requirement to be constituted as formal company. That is a natural person with business activity.

Credits from Nacional Financiera Mexico

Last but not least, it is pertinent to have an excellent and sustainable track record at the Credit Bureau. This will assist in the credit acceptance or approval process.

Necessary documents

All those people who are interested in acquiring a loan, as in other banks, they must have the necessary documentation. That is why, below, we will quote the documents that must be gathered to do so:

  • Federal Register of Causative or an RFC application.
  • Document proving the official address of the company (must not exceed the 3 months old)
  • Identification document (containing photo, address and signature of the owner).
  • Most recent 2 statements before the competent body.

The documents mentioned they may vary depending on the region where you live. We recommend that our readers take precautions in this regard.

NAFIN Simple Credit

Credits from Nacional Financiera Mexico

You will wonder what this credit is based on and what it offers to applicants for that credit. This is nothing but credit known as «1305» or simple credit. Its main objective is to grant a credit with a single purpose or concept and that ends when that happens.

This means that it is a single-use credit line or project. It should be noted that this is done once this use or project is completed and this money starts to be collected in installments previously established by the bank.

Likewise, this money can be used for other, much simpler and less demanded purposes. Such as the purchase of fixed or permanent assets, machinery and restructuring of liabilities.

Who can get a simple credit

Like most banks, to apply for such a loan, you must meet certain characteristics. These are imposed by the bank’s board of directors to maintain control within its concession.

Credits from Nacional Financiera Mexico

Who can opt for a simple credit are the owners of micro, small and medium enterprises in Mexico. That must belong to the services, trade and industry sectors.


Among the most influential benefits, it can be mentioned that they can take it The credit Who need for I do More and more the business, decrease your expenses collection and increase The capital gives works business or company.

Together will be able install in assets quickly, in mode electronic and choosing the lender who do they want with Act. At commercial activities will be able be accomplished Since The company for through on one method comfortable in use It’s simple.

From others to benefit is in what will be able adhere to Training Y collaboration practice. Keep a good antecedent credit score also with the viability in Get other financing schemes offered by the bank.

What is NAFIN?

Credits from Nacional Financiera Mexico

The NAFIN banking organization is a bank that aims to support business development within Mexican territory. Through the creation of various financing methods and investment coordination.

Together tries to promote investment and asset savings in different ways. Finally, people most interested in this body can simply visit its website.

In it you will find detailed information about the different service and credit opportunities that this company offers its customers. It should be noted that it is essential that you belong to the group of entrepreneurs to start enjoying this entity.

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