Requisitos para Préstamo Multired en Banco la Nación: leenos y obtén la información que necesitas

Peru is represented by Banco de la Nación, through commercial transactions in the private and public sectors, at the international or national level.

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What is Banco la Nación?

It is in itself, an institution that belongs to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It is in the District of Lima where it has its original headquarters, but after the fire in 2000, it was transferred to the District of San Isidro.

Now since 2015 It is based in the district of San Borja, in Torre del Banco de la Nación.

What services does Banco la Nación offer?


1.- Telegiros:

  • In currency foreign and national.
  • May be huge.

2.- Mortgage loans:

  • Through the buying a house.
  • also by remodeling, extension or improvement thereof.

3.- Safe:

  • We have the Protection rate insurance.
  • Also safe for oncology.
  • As well as insurance Burial.
  • And the Credit card protection.

4.- Loans:

  • We pay by agreements.
  • For studies.
  • Purchase of debts, that is, discounts per payroll
  • As well as, the payment of credit cards through the purchase of debts.
  • For areas declared in emergency the rescheduling of the Multired loan arises.

5.- Payments:

Internet payment

  • Processing of public entities, through the payment of taxes.
  • Credit card payments come from other banks.
  • Payment of mastercard credit card National Bank.
  • Cell phone recharge.
  • Transfers between bank accounts digitally.
  • Payment of pensions and wages.
  • In current accounts, invoices made to the BN suppliers.

6.- Bank accounts:

  • Savings accounts that are registered with UOB agencies.
  • Public sector with a savings account in ME and MN.
  • By UOB agencies we have current account.
  • From the deductions to the current account.
  • To the state providers we have the current account.
  • The best option for fishermen’s associationss in reference to current accounts.
  • Again on UOB agencies, term deposits.

7.- Transfers:

  • Shipments
  • Enter the same bank for checking and savings accounts.
  • Interbank between checking and savings accounts.
  • In funds for payment retired people.
  • With foreign funds.

8.- Verifications:

  • Electronic check discount by customers.
  • Management.
  • Check validation and / or cancellation.
  • Check payments at other locations, as well as certificates.
  • Both the Suspension as cancellation procedures for the payment of checks.

9.- Microfinance program:

  • MYPE window – Shared office.
  • Credit line – PROMYPE.

10.- Additional services:

  • Currency substitution.
  • Payment certificate.
  • Simple collections received from abroad.
  • Corresponding.
  • Bank certificates.
  • E-commerce.

What are loans for multiple networks?

National Bank

They are the bank credits that are granted to active workers and pensioners in the public sector who are part of Banco de la Nación’s financial portfolio through the Multi-Network Loan program.

There are several Types of multi-resistant loans, among them we will quote:

  • Multiple Loans with Settlement: It is granted to any worker or pensioner who has an agreement with BN.
  • Also in this line, we have the Loan without agreement: In this case, it is any person who can be detained between a worker and pensioner of a public company that does not have an agreement with BN.
  • We include the Commercial loan: is granted in simultaneous operation to cover the purchase of a service or product.
  • And finally, the Multiple Loan Discount per Payroll: It is the purchase of credit card debt and any other loan granted by the bank.

What are the requirements for applying for a loan for multiple networks?


O the requirements are as follows:

  • Original DNI.
  • Have the Multired Global debit card.
  • Copy and original of the ticket, with a maximum of 4 months.
  • If the customer requests a commercial loan You must register the proformas of the products to be purchased sent by the commercial entities.
  • In case that the customer has credit accounts In other banks, it will not be necessary to present financial statements that support the monthly payment, as the bank will automatically discount it.
  • Each worker can access as a loan holder provided it has CAS quality, in turn stating:
  1. Have to 13 months old of uninterrupted work.
  2. Have 6 salaries in your bank savings account at last 6 months.

What are the benefits of multi-network loans?


Always everything The loan amount is multi-resistant or any other bank, will be established based on the payment capacity of each customer. In that case, according to the salary income you receive in your savings account.

That’s why define the following table:

  • 83 years to 84 years, with a term of one year, maximum value of S / 2,000.00.
  • 78 years until day before turning 83, with a maximum term of 2 years, amounting to S / 2,000.00.
  • One day earlier turning 78, with a two-year term, a maximum amount of S / 19,000.00.
  • Without turning 77, with a term of three years, maximum value of S / 19,000.00 ,.
  • Until one day before turning 76, 4-year termand S / 19,000.
  • In between 60 years to 74 years, term between 4 and 5 years, maximum value S / 19,000.00.
  • From 18 to before 60 years of age, between 4 and 5 years, with a maximum value of S / 50,000.00.
  • The lawyer must have a normal rating at the Risk Center of the Banking Superintendence.
  • Between the April to December The customer will be able to choose whether the loan will be paid interest or amortization through a request made to the bank about the requested loan.
  • The payment this will be done automatically and monthly in the savings account.
  • If the interested party want to access again For this program, you will have to have paid at least 5% of the current loan, and the first installment of the loan without a contract to be able to access one with a contract.
  • Possibility payment of disability insurance or involuntary unemployment.

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