Requisitos para renovar tarjeta comunitaria: Todo lo que no te han contado

You don’t know how to renew your community card, don’t worry, you just inserted the correct door!

Requirements for renewing the community card Everything they didn't tell you

Star license in the domain of foreigners, known as community card or card for citizens for family members of the community.

This license is regulated by a specific regime, a community regime, which is provided for families of Spanish citizens or citizens of the European Union.

Who travel, or come to meet the family to stay and receive in Spain.

This star authorization is the most required, it also has many privileges for foreigners, it is one of the authorizations with the most advantages.

Since it would be considered a residence and in your case work for a period of 5 years.

Keep reading and absorb all the information about it.

Requirements for renewing the community card

Next, let’s talk about the requirements you need to sign up for the Community Card:

Requirements for renewing the community card

Demonstration act, which must be carried out by the community citizen (the Spanish citizen) before a notary.

With this document, you declare your will, or rather, give your consent for the relative to travel to Spain, to stay and reside with him.

Foreign passport and community passport.

Any documentation that proves the existence of a link with the Community.

This document is highly variable depending on the family member we wish to register.

The marriage certificate must be provided if we are to meet the spouse.

Registered partner certificate if you are a partner of a citizen of the community.

Birth certificate in the case of children

The foreigner will also have to demonstrate economic dependence.

Joint registration.

Economic means through the citizen community, that is, the community itself must prove that it has the economic means to support itself and the family nucleus.

The foreigner must have medical insurance, public or private.

Steps to follow

How to start the steps to obtain this community card:

1-First, you must request a prior consultation at the immigration office that corresponds to us at the registry.

two-The day of the consultation should go both, the citizen of the community, together with his family.

3-All documents you must bring must be originals and a photocopy.

When to obtain the community card

The exact time to apply for a community card order is only within a maximum period of 3 months, once you arrive in Spain.

When to obtain the community card

Once accepted, you will also pay all required fees and can obtain them in about 3 months.

If my license has expired, can I renew it?

First of all, you should not wait for your card to expire to renew it.

The deadline for renewing it starts from three months, before the expiry date.

If my license has expired, can I renew it?

This is found in the document itself. Before the three months mentioned above, it will be impossible to renew.

Is it possible to renew my card with a criminal record?

Having a criminal record is complicated, which puts people in difficult situations to renew not only the community card, but also any type of document that it requires.

Is it possible to renew my card with a criminal record?

In some cases, when you already have a community card, there are cases where you already had a criminal record, and that document was not necessarily denied.

The first thing they must determine in order to agree to give them this document or to renew it is the magnitude of the danger to public order of that record.

In addition to the time the crime was committed.

In conclusion, you can apply for renewal of that card, but you must follow the investigation process and accept if it is denied.

How to obtain a permanent community card

Below, we will mention the steps they must follow to obtain the permanent community card:

How to obtain a permanent community card

  • Legitimate person to be able to submit the said request: family member of a citizen of the Union or other States, either permanently or through representation.
  • Place of presentation: you have the possibility to appear in any public register, which must be forwarded to the immigration services corresponding to the province where the application resides.

For more information, such as phone and addresses, you can enter this page

  • If the card is about to expire, you must submit the order one month in advance, but there is no problem if it is presented three months after it expires.
  • Fee: must be paid well in advance of the issue of the family card of the citizen of the Union.
  • This expedition must be carried out three months after sending the registration.
  • This card is valid for 10 years and will be automatically renewed.


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