Requisitos para sacar certificado de estudios secundarios

Do you need to know the requirements to obtain a high school certificate? many students need to know how to obtain a high school certificate.

Requirements to withdraw the compensation from Porvenir

High school is a knowledge base that every human needs to acquire in order to improve and advance in their academic studies.

Read on to find all the information you need!

What is the study certificate

It is worth mentioning that, although it is true in some cases, not concomitant to attest to the studies carried out in a university course

When we refer to a study certificate, it is that document that certifies the interested party of the person who completed an academic level


To give an example, a study certificate is used when opting for a job position or advancing to an academic level at which you want to continue your studies

It is worth mentioning that it will be very advantageous for you to send an academic certificate of studies if you have not yet entered higher education.

There are cases where many people were unable to continue with high school and decided to freeze, when they want to continue with high school this case will appear reflected in the certificate

Types of study certificates:

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Higher level
  • Technical Institutes
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Preschool (kindergarten)

note: It is important to clarify that a university degree is not the same as a study certificate, nor in any educational area.

What is the duplicate study certificate

studies in chile

After the time set for the issue of any security, the student can request a duplicate study certificate

Sometimes, due to carelessness, change or even theft, it ends lose the official title.

If the educational title is lost for any justifiable reason, the procedures for requesting a duplicate of the study certificate can be initiated

What I need

Having a high school certificate leads to a number of benefits that will serve you at work and in the educational period

Gendarmería checklist requirements

At the end of elementary or high school, it is time to request the study certificate that must be processed by the Ministry of Education (MINEDU) of Peru

The requirements for carrying out this process are as follows:

  • To apply for your duplicate study certificate by 1985 at MINEDU, you must submit the following:
  • Original national identity document and copy.
  • Fill in the registration form
  • If you are a third party, you must send a letter of permission to request that document
  • For the applicant who is abroad, once the third party has completed the procedures, the certificate may be withdrawn at that country’s Peruvian consulate.
  • Copy and original of Former certificate (INIDE)
  • If you have approved extracurricular activities, you must present proof of the course for which you must have (name institution, address and name of the course taken)

note: High school or non-university certificates cost 16.10 suns meanwhile The Primary and Secondary Education Certificate costs 16.20 soles

However, and especially in the case of diplomas, this title may take several months or even years to be issued.

Steps to follow

Remember that once the time set for the issue of any title, the student can pick it up

Below, we’ll show you the steps to follow to obtain your duplicate study certificate

  • Contact the Ministry of Education MINEDU

    Come to the Ministry of Education, at Calle Del Comercio 193, San Borja, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please note that this procedure can only be done in Lima.

Now you will have to go to the OACIGED user service center, where you will be provided with the registration form that you must fill in with a black pen.

As a summary of the request, you must make your request to issue the Official Certificate of Studies, indicating the respective level of education (initial, primary, secondary or non-university higher education)

  • The student’s full names and surnames
  • The name and number of the institution where you studied (indicating whether it is national or private)
  • Educational institution level (primary, secondary or non-university)
  • Geographic location (department, province, district and locality)
  • Degree of studies and years completed (first to sixth)
  • Shift (day, afternoon or night)
  • They will provide a processing code.
  • Find your study certificate

To collect your certificate, you must estimate the execution time of eight (8) days after

The study certificate is collected thanks to the management code they give you when completing the process

For more information you can call the phone (016155877), you can also go to the official website and check if your certificate is ready

When the day comes to collect the document in advance, a payment of 17 soles must be made at the cash register of the Ministry of Education. Once the payment has been made, the document can be withdrawn.


cost studies

The fees are estimated by the Ministry of Education, and must be quoted according to the efforts of the following certifications:

  • The non-university certificate (educational and technological institutes): This certificate must be quoted by students who studied at a technological institute, the current price is S / 16.10
  • Secondary and primary education certificate: The secondary and primary education certificate costs S / 16.10
  • Ex-INIDE Certificate: It is very important to quote this certificate issued by INIDE, if you want you will have to pay S / 16.50

note: Each applicant must quote these costs in order to start the process of his certificate, once these costs have been paid, the document can be withdrawn.

What is MINEDU

The Ministry of Education is the governing body of national educational policies and exercises its leadership through intergovernmental coordination and articulation with Regional and Local Governments, fostering mechanisms for dialogue and participation.

The functions of the Ministry of Education are as follows:

  • Generate educational opportunities and results of equal quality for all
  • Ensure that students and educational institutions achieve their relevant and quality learning
  • Achieve quality higher education as a factor favorable to national development and competitiveness
  • Promote a society that educates its citizens and involves them with its community
  • Strengthen the capacities of teachers to practice teaching professionally
  • Evaluate, in coordination with the Regional Governments, the national educational and pedagogical policy
  • Establish specific equity policies
  • Formulate, approve, execute and evaluate, in a concerted manner, the National Education Project


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