Requisitos para sacar tu auto del Corralón: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Often the lack of responsibility on the part of the inhabitants of a country usually causes them different severe penalties. They can be presented through fines or suspension of use when it is the case of vehicles.

Remember this the norms within a nation They are in charge of providing peace and stability within that territory. Since in this way several regulations will be generated within the legal and constitutional framework of the region.

Mexican Corralón

However, we can see very common that when we fail to comply with some of these traffic laws, for example, a penalty is applied to us. One of the most common It is the suspension of the use of the vehicle.

These vehicles they are usually taken to what Mexicans know as Corralón. Where the owner must cancel a certain fine or penalty to withdraw it correctly.

Therefore, we will share with our readers a complete and practical guide where you will know everything about this subject. In addition, we will give you important and useful tips so that you can get your car out of Corralón.

What is Corralón?

The word corralón comes from the colloquial vocabulary of Mexicans. This is given as meaning for parking where vehicles are out of circulation, if they suffered any type of accident or if they were apprehended by the competent body.


These spaces are usually they are selected by the State to carry out the aforementioned governmental purposes. Turn inside that are done various activities of a legal or governmental nature with respect to the country’s traffic laws.

This means that within these enclosures there are also checks or tests of direction for the processing of driving licenses. It should be noted that it goes through different periods of decongesting older vehicles and with the prior authorization of their owners.

Requirements for taking a car from Corralón

As the title of this article expresses very well, today we will teach you how to get your car out of Corralón. Remember that, like all legal procedures, this involves a number of requirements for its execution.

Necessary documents

Below, we will detail all the requirements you need to remove your vehicle from Corralón:

  • Current driver’s license.
  • Valid Mexican identification document.
  • Withholdings or fines canceled within the established period.
  • In the event of a fine or violation, you must pay it and present proof
  • Current and valid vehicle circulation card.
  • Proof or invoice of purchase of the vehicle.
  • Motor insurance policy with current coverage for damages to third parties.

Steps to follow

Mexican Corralón

The process of return or delivery of vehicles with permanence inside a corralón it’s usually a little bit of work. In addition to being a bit complicated if you don’t have the information you need to do it.

Therefore, we will show you, through several steps, the fastest and safest way to remove it. Remember to comply with the documents or requirements mentioned above.

  1. First of all, it is necessary that you know or look for which warehouse or corral they took your vehicle to. To do this, there are different ways, including calling the Vehicle Control Directorate of the Ministry of Public Security from Mexico.
  2. Obtain the original and copy all the documents or requirements mentioned above. They must be presented together to verify their veracity and authenticity.
  3. Cancel or pay the stay process, in addition to the fine imposed for non-compliance. Within this character, the following items must be paid:
    1. Dragging or transferring the vehicle to the corral (varies between 635 to 1,423 pesos)
    2. The infraction or fine imposed by the competent body (already mentioned above, but is estimated from the 700 pesos)
    3. Vehicle stay fee (calculated depending on the number of days or time period, but daily varies between 65 and 75 pesos)

Mexican Corralón

It is extremely important that you comply with all the requirements and documents necessary to be able to remove the vehicle. Since they can be presented impediments or inconveniences at the time of processing.

We want we encourage our readers to make the respective predictions regarding the use of the insurance policy. Since it is one of the most important requirements within the required documentation.

Traffic violations in Mexico that deserve sending your car to the corralón

While it is true that, under Mexican traffic laws, it is specified that for a car to be confiscated or transferred to a corralón, it must violate certain rules.

According to these, the main reasons or infractions that justify the transfer of a vehicle to a corralón are the following:

  • Park within the pedestrian use line, lane for bicycles, motorcycles or exclusively for the transport public or in the opposite direction channel.
  • Parking in places that are not permitted or prohibited by traffic signs, such as benches, pedestrian ramps, Departures emergency vehicles, among others.
  • Failure to comply with the program or notice of «Do not circulate».
  • Public transit without a license plate, circulation card, as well as mandatory car insurance.
  • Positive breathalyzer test.

Mexican Corralón

Keep in mind that this deserves certain charges or fines if you violate Mexican traffic rules. In addition to a possible lawsuit by the owners of the front of the space where I park.

How much to pay

As mentioned above, the payment for removing a car from the yard will be established according to some parameters. These adapting to time, vehicle size, among others.

  1. Dragging or transferring the vehicle to the corral (varies between 635 to 1,423 pesos)
  2. The infraction or fine imposed by the competent body (already mentioned above but is estimated from the 700 pesos)
  3. Vehicle stay tax cost (calculated depending on the number of days or time period, but daily varies between 65 and 75 pesos)

We remember our readers take the necessary measures imposed by the government agencies responsible for this aspect. In turn, we recommend that you avoid violating these laws as little as possible.

Ways to locate the corral where the unit is located

Although we mentioned earlier how to locate the corral where the vehicle is located, this method is the most common, in addition there are other ways to do it.

Mexican Corralón

As mentioned, the main thing is to call the Vehicle Control Directorate of the Ministry of Public Security from Mexico. Their service numbers are as follows: (57 09 36 00 and 57 09 31 04).

Another option is to call Citizen Attention Center, your service number is as follows: (52 42 50 04). And finally you can get in touch Locatel (56 58 11 11), remember to have your identification document and license plate number, model and make of the car.


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