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Have you ever imagined walking through the terminals of the most important airports in the world with a VIP pass, traveling anywhere in the world and also being paid for it?

travel to spain

Well, read on and find out how to get a job as an assistant or flight attendant.

What are flight attendants?

Flight attendants (also known and known as flight attendants) lead a glamorous life meeting many people and places.

With a smile always on their lips, these aviation professionals make our trip a breeze.

Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring our safety and meeting our demands.

They are also the eyes of the pilot in the passenger cabin.
But not everything that glitters is gold.

Hostesses from Spain

These angels in heaven usually sleep little, work long hours and are always on call.

His is, without a doubt, a true vocation.

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a commissioner and don’t know what to do or what steps to follow, we’ve prepared a practical guide for you with everything you need to know to start your career on the air.

Requirements to be a flight attendant

Here we leave you the main requirements to fulfill your dream and become a flight attendant or flight attendant:

To be a flight attendant, you need to meet a few minimum requirements: you don’t have to be a top model to work as a flight attendant.

But this job requires good looks and a clean, clean personal image.

No visible piercings or tattoos.

They also don’t like colored dyes very much.

Many airlines also require that you have a certain height.

Therefore, if you are less than five feet tall, it will be difficult for you to work as a flight attendant.

Weight can also be an obstacle.

physical conditioning

If you want to fly as a flight attendant, you must first pass your bachelor’s degree.

Some airlines also positively value having a university degree, especially in the area of ​​Communication and Public Relations.

This point is very important and is one of the topics that you should be more dedicated to if you really want to be a commissioner.

It is not mandatory to take the course, as some schools even offer a small aeronautical English course, but if you want to work you must have a good level of English.

Linguistic diversity

They are also an advantage when applying for flight attendant.

A good level of spoken and written English will literally open the doors of heaven for you.

If you also speak another language, such as Russian or German, do not hesitate to include it in the curriculum.

This type of knowledge is highly valued in the personnel selection process.

If, in addition to languages, you have a basic first aid diploma or certification, tell me you’re ready. You don’t need to have a paramedic license, but with the basics, to help you resolve any type of situation or emergency. This is presented inside the plane, it’s perfect.

No airline is a requirement, but it is well considered when hiring you.

If it is an essential requirement, you should know how to swim and, if possible, if you have taken a Socorro course for la Bahia, it is better.

There may be a situation where you need to help one of the passengers if the plane ends up at sea for some reason.

If you intend to study and take the Stewardess course in Spain and are not a national, you will need to have your immigration documents in order or present your resident card.

To be a flight attendant, you need to be healthier than an apple.

And to prove it, you will need to present a class 2 medical certificate that costs about 100 euros, depending on the authorized center you are going to.

There they will measure your vision, hearing, order a urine and blood test and do an electrocardiogram.

If you have more than 3 diopters, you will not be able to pass this stage of the process.

You have to be of legal age. The fork moves between 21 and 32 years without previous experience and up to 35 years with experience.

What duties do flight attendants fulfill?

Being a flight attendant does not consist only of friendly attention to the passenger, taking him to the seat he should occupy and the attention of offering a sandwich or a drink during the flight.

work as a stewardess

The flight attendant’s job involves more than all of that, which is presumed to be included in his service as such, the training that these crew members must have goes far beyond.

Generally speaking, a flight attendant is responsible for:

  1. Check emergency supplies.
  2. Check that the doors, lights, ramps, stairs and seat belts are in perfect condition.
  3. Communicate with passengers using the megaphone.
  4. Demonstrate emergency exits for passengers.
  5. Make sure that passengers follow safety instructions.
  6. Attend with affection, serving drinks and meals to passengers.
  7. They are responsible for providing first aid when accidents occur.
  8. Of course, she is responsible for answering questions from passengers.

In critical situations, they are responsible for ensuring that passengers are taken off the plane as quickly and safely as possible.

Which means that you must open exits, help passengers to use rescue equipment, instruct passengers on how to prepare for forced landings, fight potential fires, etc.

And it is a job of great importance, the functions well performed by these crew members are of great responsibility.

hostess responsibility

Because they directly influence the complete and correct development of a safe and comfortable flight for all passengers.

Benefits received by flight attendants

If you still have doubts about this profession and wonder what life will be like as a flight attendant or flight attendant, here we show the advantages if you decide to study to become one or prepare for interviews on several airlines in the country:

  1. It allows to know the world, this is the dream of many people.
  2. It has a flexible schedule and hours, as long as you decide which routes you want to follow.
  3. Different work teams each day will meet new colleagues.
  4. Various discounts, some companies have agreements with hotels, sports centers, spas, gyms, clinics, other airlines, etc., in which the cabin crew benefits from exorbitant discounts.
  5. Average high salary, although it also depends on where you work.
  6. Free flights, in some companies give you the possibility to travel as an extra and in others you have free tickets, in which you only pay airport taxes.

How much does a flight attendant earn?

It is difficult to estimate, as there is a big difference between salaries in large companies that is around 35,000 euros per year.

While low-cost companies, wages can fall by half, about 15 thousand euros a year.

We must also be aware that working on a lower category line can be more demanding than normal.

The remuneration and even the demand, depends on the company to which you belong, hence the importance in choosing a good formation.


Hostess Academies in Spain

To apply for a job as a flight attendant or hostess, it is advisable to have a TCP certificate issued by the State Agency for Air Safety.

This qualification is valid for working on any European airline and is obtained after passing a course at a center approved by the Ministry of Development:

  • The official TCP title is obtained at an aeronautical school approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency and the Ministry of Development.

You can find a list of these approved centers on the official website of the Ministry of Public Works.

How long does training for flight attendants last?

The duration of the TCP course is approximately 300 and 350 hours. These hours usually cover 4 months of the course, 16-18 weeks. More than enough time to be ready to be a flight attendant.

Typically, the number of hours is divided into 25% of practical hours and 75% of theoretical hours.

stewardess studio

How much does flight attendant training cost?

It is difficult to say exactly how much the flight attendant course costs because factors such as the training center and the city where the course takes place can cause the course to vary.

But to get an idea, the price of the flight attendant course is usually around € 2,500 and € 3,500.

This price usually includes all didactic and pedagogical material for all training, travel required for training, professional guidance, among others.

In some schools, they even include a uniform that can be worn when presenting for interviews or taking pictures for your resume.


We hope this article has been helpful to you and provided you with all the information you need to choose the flight attendant role. If you liked it, share and comment!

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