Requisitos para ser comerciante: Todo lo que no han contado

The requirements to be a merchant They are not one of the most difficult points to find when a person wants to start this type of work. And in fact, being a trader is one of the oldest jobs of which is known in human history.

However, it is one of the jobs in which until today more people are interested due to its great economic opportunity. Do you want to know more about the requirements to be a merchant? Are you interested in knowing what is behind what it means to be a trader?

So keep reading because here we are going to tell you everything!

Requirements to be an active merchant

What it means to be a merchant

Before you start saying the requirements for being a merchant, it is important that you know yourself what it means to be a merchant today all over the world.

And is that, in very general terms, traders are all those people who doing business as your main source of income to be able to live.

In fact, this is one of the main points for a person to be considered a trader, because you must live on that.

In this sense, it must be clarified that there are many types of business activities that are taken by law as part of normal business.

At least according to what is established in the rules and laws that govern international trade law dictate that they are commercial activities.

However, this is a broad concept that has been tried to limit the people who buy and resell products to third parties at a higher price.

This does what the list is much shorter activities that are considered part of the economy of the country’s traders.

In fact, all those people who have places where they don’t manufacture the product instead, they buy and then sell, they are generally considered merchants.

Despite this, traders are also considered to be those who, on a frequent basis, sell or exchange goods or services with other people.

In this sense, it is important to take into account that only those who sell consistently or frequently they are considered to be traders under the law.

In this way, it aims to distinguish people whose business activity is limited to one-time purchase of a manufactured product.

It is noteworthy to mention that traders are some of the richest people that exist throughout the Republic of Guatemala today.

The truth is that the legal requirements to be a merchant Not many Because you want more people to trade every day.

The reason for this is that Guatemala’s economy is be competitive compared to other neighboring countries.

As soon as you want there are more jobs and, consequently, that fewer people are unemployed or subsidized.

If you don’t know what the state’s current requirements are to be considered a legal merchant here’s a list:

  • First, the person must have judicial capacity be a merchant, which means you can’t have sentences.
  • The interested person must act in a common and daily way trade acts that fall under current legislation.
  • It is important to say that anyone who wants to be considered a merchant must make trade your main source of income and your normal occupation.
  • Likewise, interested parties should complete legal requirements which are required according to the type of commercial activity they carry out.
  • For a citizen to be considered a trader, he must be registered with the Public Registry of Commerce of the city where you are currently working.
  • In case of declaration of bankruptcy or bankruptcy of the interested party, he must demonstrate that is legally rehabilitated to be a trader today.
  • Any citizen interested in being legally recognized as a trader cannot be under any kind of ban at the present moment.
  • For all people who are not Guatemalan nationals, they must have a legal license to be able to work properly in the commercial area.

Requirements for being a merchant checklist

Trade Code

Another issue that often comes up when we talk about the requirements to be a trader is which is the commercial code of Guatemala.

And the truth is that this is a good question, because it is about the fundamental pillar on which it is based.

In fact, this code is what has all legal stipulations in which trade across Guatemala has its current legal basis.

The reason for this is that something was needed to serve as a legal reference on issues that govern national commercial economic activity.

This was something that was observed from universalization of the economy and the idea of ​​the globalization of commerce in the 18th century.

However, it was not until the early 19th century, with Napoleon Bonaparte that the commercial code starts to become standard by nation.

So, from the year 1877 the first commercial code is born which is now used by all national entities.

Of course this code has advanced over the years, increasingly modern and sophisticated by national trade standards.

In this way, a book was obtained in which they have all current rules and regulations about the commercial act itself.

In this sense, it is the commercial code from which emanate all current commercial and commercial laws of the Republic of Guatemala.

It has regulations that vary from what is considered a commercial activity even the type of companies that can be founded.

Likewise, it also has a complete section in which everything related to foreign companies is explained and its economic activity.

Difference between skill and ability to trade

Another very common issue when talking about the requirements to be a trader is what is skill and business skill.

And the truth is that this is a good question, because are two totally different concepts and that they can never be confused.

In fact, one of them talks about one abstract idea, while the other is a legal and political idea which currently has its own ties.

At the same time, there are also two elements that are personal and political, which is why they cannot be linked together.

The first of the elements to be mentioned is that of business exercise ability, which is the most technical of them.

And is that talking about capacity within trade is to refer for what can be done with the resources what have.

In this sense, the reference is not only made to the resources that the person currently has, but existing national resources.

It is important to place special emphasis on this because there are many factors that influence commercial capacity, including country legislation.

Countries that have softer legislation have been shown to increase the ability to generate trade than the others with laws considered more rigid.

On the other hand, you have the idea of the ability to do business which is basically something innate to each individual trader.

This concept refers to the facilities that a person has to get the best performance and production to the business resources available to you.

It is important to note that business capacity in theory has no limit in addition to the person’s own ease in negotiating.

Obligations and duties of traders

Trader doing accounts

Once you have all the requirements to be a trader, it is normal for you to start asking yourself what are the current obligations:

  • First, traders must be registered with the Public Trade Registry.
  • In addition, they must also make your merchant quality data public every certain time.
  • Likewise, it is also important that they carry the accounts and their reasons operations with the greatest possible precision.
  • At the same time, it must have Accounting books where all your business’s accounting accounts are kept.
  • It is also important that properly preserve all business correspondence, as well as having them carry it when needed.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that all traders have a duty to be part of one of the chambers of commerce.

As you can see the requirements to be a merchant they are very few and easy to find.

And with this guide you can start trading easily!

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