Requisitos para ser Diputado en México

In order to know the Requirements to be congressperson It should be noted that a deputy is one who was elected by popular vote to be part of a Legislative Assembly, in which the laws associated with the nation are reformed, modified and regulated to ensure that the citizen develops daily. in the best possible conditions.

Requirements to be a member of Mexico

In Mexico there are 3 public powers: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, they carry out each of their functions in an articulated manner, the deputy (whether federal or local) belongs to the Legislative Power and represents citizens before the legislative chamber, serving as support for corresponding state.

What are the requirements to be a Mexican federal deputy?

To represent the corresponding state before the legislative chamber, a person must meet each of the above requirements Next:

  • Be a citizen born in Mexico.
  • Be 21 years old on election day.
  • Be resident in the State where the election has taken place since birth or have had an effective and official residence for more than six months before the date of the election.
  • They belong to any federative entity that makes up the constituency in which the election is held.
  • Not being active in the military.
  • Do not occupy any post in the police less than 90 days before the election.
  • Do not act as secretary or undersecretary of state or minister of the SCJN (Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation)
  • Governors from different states cannot be elected from organizations within their jurisdictions, even if their positions are separate.
  • Not being a minister of a religious cult or holding any position in a particular church.
  • Not having the deficiencies established in article 59 of the Mexican constitution.
  • Senators and deputies to the union congress will not be elected for the immediate term.
  • Substitutes can be elected for the next term as incumbents, as long as they do not hold office.
  • Current senators and deputies cannot be elected for immediate term or as alternates, according to the specific law “Effective suffrage, without reelection”, which prevents the deputy from continuing with the next term of representation in the chamber. legislative.

To prove that you are a Mexican citizen, you may need to present your personal documents, such as the CURP or Birth Certificate.

What are the powers of a deputy in Mexico?

Being a deputy you must have a number of colleges that are related to the ability to:Requirements to be a reduced deputy

lead, represent, serve and make appropriate decisions on behalf of a province or state; the responsibility that person has is considerable.

Therefore, we highlight some of the powers that a deputy must have to effectively assume his office:

  • Manage the Solemn Side to disseminate throughout the Republic the Declaration of the President-elect of the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation.
  • Validate the Federation Expense Budget, through a previous study and analysis and making certain modifications, extensions or reductions in budget concepts.
  • Indicate whether or not there was a place to criminal form against public servants who do not comply with the principle of legality with the crimes provided for in article 111 of the Constitution.
  • Review the Public Account previous year to evaluate the results obtained.
  • Decide, together with all members of the legislative chamber, the approval or not of law initiatives that the Executive Branch proposes.
  • Propose, analyze, approve or reject laws that are considered important to care for and protect the nation.
  • Supervise the Executive power to work in search of a stable quality of life in the population.
  • Determine and run the resource control which are public at the various federal agencies.
  • Manage the process grant resources whose purpose is to carry out public and social works for the corresponding district.

Functions of Mexican deputies

In addition to the powers that a Mexican deputy must have A number of functions are assigned which have the responsibility to assume When accepting the said position, they are:

  • Legislative function: It has the objective of joining efforts in the Congress of the Union regarding the issues related to compliance with the Mexican Constitution.
  • Representative function: They are assigned the role of being those who represent the nation in terms of certain territorial aspects or criteria.
  • Deliberative function: It serves to guarantee the fulfillment of the rights related to democracy that the population must present as a fundamental pillar of progress as a nation.
  • Administrative control function: The deputy has the responsibility of supervising and supervising the nation’s Public Administration and the acts that concern the National Executive (President).
  • National budget and revenue function: They must comply with the preparation of the different economic and budget plans of the country, on an annual basis, in addition to the collection and management of national taxes.

What does it take to be a deputy?

To be a deputy in Mexico, it is not enough to fulfill the requirements explained above.

It’s necRequirements for membership

They are a series of qualities and characteristicsAlthough it does not constitute an exact or specific profile of the empirical qualities that it should have, it is essential that it develops in the social, political and legislative sphere.

In this way, he will perform an appropriate job and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations that a deputy deserves for the benefit of the nation.

exist four (4) qualities of great importance that a deputy must have, which are:

  • That person who wants to choose to be a deputy in Mexico must have adequate academic preparationThis will facilitate the execution of your work in complex environments and strengthen the basis for decision making.

academic representatives

Then, by including a recognized academic profile in your project, you would increase your performance, credibility and hierarchy, establishing great competitive advantages in certain areas, specifically in terms of legislation and the development of new legislation.

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  • An individual who aspires to obtain the position of Mexican deputy must legislate to benefit the nation above your personal interests. The political environment in Mexico was characterized and stands out strongly for the economic influence it represents and not for the interests of the population.

This isMexican deputies

The objective is to change and make this profession not only a way of generating income, it is desirable that each deputy works constantly with passion and a sense of belonging through a vocation at work and in service to his country.

  • If a person wants to be a deputy in Mexico must have contact and empathy with the community or district that you will represent, feel the bond and the feeling that keeps you focused on generating continuous improvement in the land where you were born and gave you the fundamental values ​​and principles for ownership.

Mexican deputies

It must be a viable channel of communication with other government powers to generate constant feedback from the top management of the country, where good ideas are complemented and the positive is taken from the mistakes made previously.

  • A deputy who constantly ignores the needs of the people who elected him does not represent a solution, is part of the problem, because, a close relationship must be established and generated with them and act as an intermediary between these people and the government.

montage from mexico

It should be noted that it has a moral duty or obligation to maintain constant communication with the citizens located in the State that it intends to represent, in order to solve the various problems that arise during its exercise.

How much does a congressman earn in Mexico?

How much does a congressman earn in Mexico

This issue has been questioned by several citizens, who demand that each of their deputies perform quality work that is reflected in the economic and social conditions of the country, according to the data administered by the Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

Currently Federal Deputies earn the following:

  • Base salary approximately 74,000 Mexican pesos, equivalent to US $ 3,900.
  • By concept of legislative assistance, a deputy generates an income of approximately 45,800 Mexican pesos, equivalent to US $ 2,400.
  • Finally, it obtains a revenue of 28,772 Mexican pesos of citizen’s attention, which is equivalent to approximately US $ 1,500.

In total, a federal deputy would generate a monthly income of approximately 148,600 Mexican pesos, which represents 74 times the established minimum wage and is equivalent to US $ 7,800.

Knowing this, each Mexican citizen can be encouraged to meet and fulfill the Requirements for membership and to assume the responsibility of, once elected by the popular vote, being a deputy and carrying out his work in an appropriate and optimized manner for the benefit of the entire Mexican State.

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