Requisitos para ser Gobernador: Todo lo que no te han contado

The governor exercises his office with the help of a cabinet composed of secretaries and decentralized bodies, among others. Would you like to be a ruler? Find out everything they didn’t tell you here! Keep reading.


What is a governor?

He holds the Executive Branch, in all that refers to the thirty-one (31) states and in Mexico City itself, it should be noted that the re-election of governors is not provided for in the laws, since the mandate of each of them is for six ( 06) years.

The way to be chosen is by direct and universal vote. And once elected, they begin their duties on the date stipulated by the local constitution.

If it were the case of the governor’s death, Immediately, the secretary of government assumes the position on a provisional basis and, anticipating what the constitution establishes, Congress will have the obligation to appoint an interim or substitute.

Who establishes the requirements, powers, obligations and restrictions on the position; are the state constitutions, that is, the ownership of economic policies, the command of the public force: state police and designated national guard, development of social and public security, disclosure and enforcement of laws formulated by the Legislative Power and many other privileges conceived in various articles of the constitution and laws locations.

In the State Public Administration, the Governor exercises his position with the help of a cabinet composed of secretaries, decentralized bodies, state bodies, directorates-general, among others, and these in turn are responsible for many public interest functions.

Requirements to be governor

The following is required if you want to be governor in any federal dependency in Mexico:


  • Firstly be mexican by birth, that is, being a native of the state, or in its defects, residing in it for a period of not less than 5 years before the election date.
  • As be a citizen of the state with full enjoyment of their political rights.
  • Have performed 30 years on election day.
  • To elect this position, you must not be or belong to any other public office or as an officer or be an active military officer, unless you resign from the position at least ninety (90) days before the election date. .
  • And finally not be a minister of any religion.

How long does a governor’s term last?


Every October 4th of each year in which any election is held, the governor-elect, will take office. Whether he was elected by direct, extraordinary or ordinary popular vote, in neither case can he be reelected again since the constitutional laws establish it.

For example, they cannot be chosen immediately:

  • The governor who was proclaimed by the State Congress to complete the constitutional period.
  • An acting governor, the citizen who compensates for the governor’s temporary absences while in office for two years.

Functions of a governor in Mexico

governor's duties

At the Article 77. of the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Mexico defines the functions of the Governor, which we mention below:

  • Fulfill and enforce the laws of Congress and the Federal Constitution.
  • Pray for fulfillment of laws
  • Do the respective accountability before Congress in relation to the budget.
  • Issue and make observations to the decrees and laws that emerge.
  • Before the State Legislature, submit new proposals for laws and / or decrees.
  • Create agreements between States and neighbors as to territorial limits.
  • Provide the Judiciary the support you need to carry out your duties.
  • Maintain direct relationships with the Federation, with regard to advice on public services in economic and social matters.
  • Performance of permanently with the municipalities and the Federation, the obligations and duties in relation to the environment (Protection of the environment, preservation and restoration of the environmental balance), as well as the territorial ordering of the settlements and urban development, according to the attributions established by federal legislation.
  • Share and explain the reasons for extraordinary sessions whereby the Legislature is convened through a Permanent Delegation.
  • Be the representative of the State, within the legal framework established by the Constitution of the State, responding to the attributions conferred on it or determined by the Law or by Congress, and may in turn appoint prosecutors.

In other words, the governor-elect has a duty to:

  • Plan, develop, expand, enact and supervise the State Development Plan, as well as the micro to macro plans (from sectoral to regional) and all that this entails. Regarding the regional, you will always have to rely on the City Halls.
  • In terms of the law, coordinate with the Federation and the Municipalities if it is necessary to send the public force personally to preserve and maintain public order throughout the state.
  • According to what established in laws and regulations States, watch over the National Guard in the State.
  • According to what is established by the Legislative or Permanent Council, appoint the magistrates of the Court of the State’s Administrative Litigation.
  • Nominate and remove people who hold positions of public servants, whose appointment does not have any other condition than that provided for in the constitution.
  • Dismiss Court magistrates for misconduct administrative litigation of the State, upon request before the Legislative or in this case of the Permanent Delegation.

What is an interim governor?

Mexican Congress

The Interim Governor He is the one who supersedes the governor when he must be absent, or for reasons beyond his control he has to withdraw, and it is then that he takes office is the interim who will be appointed by Congress or in his shortcomings by the permanent Council.

Thus, the interim governor must be appointed second three years of the period which corresponds to the continuity of the exit, this is done when the Congress is called for extraordinary sessions so that the governor is elected by secret ballot and by majority of votes.

What steps cannot the governor take?


According article 86 of the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Mexico, the Governor may not:

  • Without prior authorization from Congress or the Permanent Council, cannot leave their activities for a month or more.
  • Paralyzing popular elections nor the deliberation of Congress.
  • Submit changes constitutional laws.
  • Demand some contribution that is not established in the laws.
  • During the campaign, order the National Guard and the entire public force without having the approval of the Legislature.

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