Requisitos para ser instructor SENA: Inscríbete en el SENA

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

O National Learning Service (SENA) it offers apprentices a suitable, professional and trained staff to carry out the training of each of them, working as an instructor in their academic career at this institution.

This opportunity Procedures and Requirements brings you an article with everything you need to know about BOARD, the application and hiring process, among other information that will help you if you want to be part of the National Learning Service Instructors.


What is a SENA Instructor?

O National Learning Service counts on a group of instructors, composed of suitable, professional and trained personnel, which is in charge of carrying out the task of guiding students throughout their school process in the BOARD.

The instructors are the ones who lead and promote the development of the institution, because by guaranteeing a good instructor, good training is also guaranteed, which allows the nation to generate quality professionals emanating from BOARD.

An instructor must be able to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in the apprentice and must also put into practice all the skills acquired for his training.

How to be a SENA instructor?

This entity carries out an admission process to all those who intend to graduate as instructors of the BOARD. In order to carry out this process, it is necessary for the candidate to submit his resume in the competition. SENA Instructors.

In this process, at least 20 thousand people are usually hired to be part of the group of instructors in the national territory.


The registration process is an easy and simple task. As this process consists of filling out certain mandatory forms, several personal and professional data are provided. Once this is done, the registration process will be completed.

Throughout the article, we will detail the steps to follow to be admitted as a SENA Instructor.

How to insert the user?

To begin, the first thing to do is to enter on here.

So you need to click «Register as a person» and then you must select «Create user”.

When entering the site for the first time, you should go to the desired services, among which you must dial«job search».


O National Learning Service it offers the population several specializations, post-graduations, technical careers, masters and diplomas for the professional training of Colombian citizens.

The System will ask you to provide some personal, professional, educational and experience data to create your profile, so you must proceed to search the section «Other data» and then you must select “SENA instructor bank”.

Once the call is open, you must access the system with your username and password in the section «My opportunities». The candidate will have the «Outdoor of vacancies» to access the offers.

Apply as an instructor

Once your resume is registered on the SENA Public Employment Agency, you must enter all necessary personal information in «Other data».

The applicant must go to the Office of the Public Employment Agency. You can go to the headquarters nearest to your residence, with all the necessary documentation to validate the information in the system.


Requirements for becoming a SENA instructor

To apply as an instructor in the National Learning Service It is necessary for the applicant to comply with a series of requirements and requirements, which are presented below:

  • Resume registered on the page SENA Public Employment Agency
  • Documents that prove the candidate’s training. You can attach certificates, titles and more.
  • According to the applicable offer, other documents will be requested according to the position.


Registration with SENA

The procedure to be performed for enroll in SENA It is easy and simple, it consists of an open and transparent process to select the professionals with the best performance and the most knowledge. To register, you must register, following the steps expressed in this article.


O National Learning Service issue the best offers and opportunities for candidates registered in the BOARD. You should be aware of the instructor call that usually occurs in the first few months of each year.

Be part of the team of instructors of the BOARD It is necessary to have all the requested requirements and also to be registered in the BOARD with your resume.

Call to form the Bank of Instructors SENA

O National Learning Service carries out a process of hiring the best professionals to become instructors, who must have academic merit and extensive experience. This is a completely transparent and legal procedure.

For the 2020 admission the BOARD the process of recruiting and hiring instructors has changed and improved. Applicants to join the curriculum bank must register between September 25 and October 9, 2019. This is done according to the last digit of the identification document.

That done, the phases of evaluation and selection of the ideal talent will be carried out, for the training of apprentices in the year 2020 of the National Learning Service (SENA).

Bank of resumes

The curriculum bank is a tool created by SENA to receive and manage human resources; that was required by the training centers. This tool is performed by the web SENA Public Employment Agency.

With the curriculum bank, the instructor admission process is much faster. Ensure legality, objectivity and equality in the opportunities offered to candidates.

In short, the process of aspiring to be an instructor in BOARD, is divided into four stages, which are:

  1. Register and / or update the curriculum on the web system in charge of the “Public Employment Agency”, providing all necessary documentation.
  2. Ask the SENA Instructor File Bank, taking into account the date of selection and the number of your Identification Document.
  3. Present the virtual test: This. It is responsible for measuring socio-emotional competences and other theoretical and practical tests, according to the instructions of SENA.
  4. SENA establishes a “Requirements Verification and Selection Committee” for the instructors hired, which performs the selection and hiring of candidates.


BOARD It offers a large number of educational plans for the training of good professionals that promote the development of the country, but this will only be possible if you have the right instructors to help in the academic process of the apprentices.

If you want to be part of this professional team, follow all the steps described in this article, to be successfully admitted.

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