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Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

To take control of a country’s administration, it is necessary to establish Ministries, controlled by ministers, for the proper functioning of each sector of the country.

This opportunity Procedures and requirements brings content with everything you need to know about the ministers in Colombia, the requirements you need to meet to be one of them and other information that will certainly interest you.


What is a minister?

AN Minister He is considered the person who was elected to hold public office, where he must be in charge of some of the administrative areas owned by the government. It may be in the fields of health, education, economics, culture, among others. He is in charge of running a ministry or department assigned to him by a higher authority.

The end «Minister» Comes from Latin «Minister», whose meaning is «At the service of». Accordingly, then we can say that a minister is subject to a higher authority, in this case the government.

What are the functions of a minister?

The function of the ministers is to be in charge of activating the decisions and instructions that the superiors indicate. They usually meet continuously with the Chief Executive and with the governors, in order to clarify what the government’s plans and objectives are and, thus, to be able to define the strategies and measures necessary for their preparation.

The elected minister must report to the governor or chief executive on his work activity, detailing the result of the works started.

Next, we will mention some of the specific functions of a minister:

  • The minister is responsible for preparing a public project, where he must dictate the rules for its elaboration and control it.
  • Invest in national and international commercial and financial agreements and treaties.
  • Control the administration of the financial resources of the designated state.
  • Coordinate all financial actions that are carried out in each project.
  • Propose legislation on the administration of public personnel.
  • Participate in policy making.
  • According to the ministry, the minister has some even more specific functions.

What is a ministry?

It is considered a Ministry, each of the bodies or areas into which the public administration of a country is divided, which is responsible for implementing the policies established by the government in each area.

Requirements to be Minister in Colombia

O ministries They are organized on the basis of a hierarchy, where everyone depends on the President. They are organized in a pyramidal way, dividing progressively, according to the competence of increasingly specific bodies, ranging from political positions to lower-ranking officials.

There are also religious ministers, who are in charge of controlling and executing the administration of the church, in all religions.

Types of ministries

There are some types of ministries, which are>

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

This body is in charge of controlling and implementing all agricultural, fisheries and forestry policies and all those that promote the development of Colombian rural society.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

It is an official entity that directs the foreign trade policy for goods, services and technological aspects, based on the development of the Colombian nation.

Ministry of Communications

This official body has the function of controlling the entire communications sector in Colombia.

Ministry of Culture

It is an organization that takes charge of all Colombian cultural policy, promoting the country’s development.

Ministry of Defense

It is an official entity, responsible for the development and execution of the country’s defense and security policies.

Ministry of Education

This is an organization whose function is to guarantee the quality of education in Colombia, in order to generate professionals of excellence, who favor the development of Colombian society.


Ministry of Mines and Energy

In this body, the administration of the mining and energy sector is carried out.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sen is responsible for all policies established for international relations.

Ministry of Transport

Official entity charged with controlling the policies of the transport sector in Colombia.

Ministry of the Environment

It is an organization responsible for ensuring the care and well-being of the environment, establishing policies for its protection.

What are the requirements of a minister?

O requirements needed to be a minister, vary depending on the country you are in. In Colombia, the requirements are based on Article 207 of the Constitution, which establishes that to be a minister, it is necessary to meet the same requirements as to be a representative of the Chamber.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

It is mainly based on the fact of being a Colombian citizen by birth, over 25 years old and having no disability or incompatibility for the position.

What are the ministries that exist in Colombia?

O Colombian Ministries They are offices corresponding to government departments, whose main objective is to be able to contribute and promote the sustainable and sustainable development of Colombian territory. This is done through the formulation or adoption of certain policies, strategies, plans that are executed to achieve this objective.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Colombian government is divided into 17 ministries, namely: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Ministry of Justice and Law, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Labor ,.

There are also: Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Housing, City and Territory; Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Sports.

Ministry of COLOMBIA

What is the importance of ministers?

Every country needs to be controlled and managed efficiently, for its development, but this is not possible only with the president and governors, but it is necessary to establish ministries and secretariats so that the country’s control is more functional and can generate better results.

Colombian Ministry

Ministries are important, because thanks to them, the administration of the country is much more viable, since each of them is in charge of a specific sector and area, but always maintaining the same sense and objective in general.

Accordingly, we can say that ministers are necessary and important entities, since they are in charge of controlling each of the ministries, which implies a great responsibility, which undoubtedly affects the country’s development and society.

Procedures and Requirements wishes you success in your process.

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