Requisitos para ser Personero Estudiantil: Todo lo que no te han contado

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

As a student, you may have heard him talk about the Student representative, you can see that it is one of the important figures.

And in turn, they are a great example, if you want to exercise like a Student representative Here you can read the requirements. In addition to its real meaning, functions you own and more.

Student representative

What is a student lawyer

It is known as the Student representative to any student who is already in the last grade which is 11. This is the student who is in charge of being able promote the exercise of the rights and duties of colleagues. Just as it is contemplated throughout the Constitution politics found in the democratically elected country.

The way it is exposed in your coexistence manual. All of it functions they are very different from what the representatives present to the board. You have to take care of watching all the time with respect be totally mutual according to the students and their teachers.

Presenting in this way any petition this is respective and can be considered relevant at the moment. Here we will also point out what are the functions that you have to be able to fulfill.

What are the functions of a student lawyer

Among the functions that a personero student are the ones that we will put below:

You have to promote the fulfillment of the rights and duties that you have with your colleagues pupils. To achieve this, you can use the different means of internal communication that the establishmentYou can also request collaboration.

In any case, on the advice of the pupils be able to organize forums or other ways of deliberating and solving problems.

Receive and conduct assessments for claims or the claims that other students may make.

About injuries that could have their rights or any others that may be formulated by teachers, for example.

Regarding the pupils are not fulfilling their dutiesstudent representative 1

You must also present in front of the Dean of the institution like all that business request.

Or requests that the pupils in order to protect all your rights and also facilitate the fulfillment of the duties imposed

As long as it is considered required, appeal to the board of directors or any similar body for the reason.

Introduce him Dean requests submitted as an intermediary.

Exercising the position of personero of students is not compatible with being the student’s representative in front of their board of directors.

That’s why you mainly need a intermediate be able to address the board of directors

What are the requirements for being a student lawyer

It is in article number 93, where the requirements that must be fulfilled by the candidate for representative, they are:

  1. Must have antique at the institution for less than a year.
  2. Must be a student who is active and a senior student (11)
  3. Be a student that stands out with discipline and academics
  4. You must send the format to subscription already complete, but attaching to it 2 of the photos that are recent.
  5. To support your application, you must also submit a list signed by 30 of your colleagues to be considered.
  6. It must include, in addition to the signature, the document number identity.
  7. In writing, it must be submitted at least Minimum 3 proposals that may be good for your educational community.
  8. In front of his peers, he has to be the model of responsibility, overcoming and leadership in front of everyone.
  9. But in the article number 94 also explains what can be the causes for the aspiration to be disabled for this position:
  10. That had areas of performance that were low or equivalent the previous year.
  11. If you have a certificate of commitment which is established in the academic or disciplinary commitment.
  12. That your record is in Note for any circumstance.

What should be the profile of a student lawyer

As we already told you Representative Student It has to be a student who is studying the last year or the diploma at your institution, it will be mainly the 11th.

This student is usually the only one in charge to promote all students’ rights and duties.

It’s Tstudent representative 2

they will be consecrated to you with your Constitution Policy, with regulations, laws and its coexistence manual.

That’s why it must be the one who to possess the following qualities in your profile:

  1. Owning a Performance academic considered satisfactory
  2. Have a great capacity for you Leadership and management time.
  3. That there is, if possible, no such process disciplinary or academics.

How the student’s lawyer is chosen

O personero student He will be elected within the corresponding 30 calendar days.

At the beginning of classes about your period electives per year. For this purpose, the rector will be responsible for summoning the pupils that are on the plates. For the reason that you can choose using system majority with a totally secret vote.

Also in article number 97 it is said that it is also required for the election that this process is accomplished:

  • That the Dean is responsible for indicating who will be the guarantee court.
  • Applicants must be registered and nominated for Software relating to the court of guarantees.
  • There has to be a debate like political among those who will be contenders, so that they will be known.
  • With your respective proposals and objectives of your candidates
  • Closing the Bell, which can be established with prior notice to avoid pressure from candidates.
  • That’s what will bring the community to an end student the election of representatives through secret and popular vote.
  • This has to be introduced in the surveys previously provided.


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